Im sorry if there are any typos my head is paining really bad and i could not read it and dont know how good or bad it is but only hope you guys enjoy reading it

A place is shown wid alot of hustle bustle people moving here and there and continuos annocements being made outside a big board read ‘NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT’ ……..Welcome to Kolkata right then an announcement was made of an aeroplane from Australia landing a few minutes later one could see people moving out with their luggage right then a lady in her mid 20’s wearing a black leather pants teamed with a white shirt grey sweater and a beige jacket long with a pair of black leathered boots with a simple pair of studs and watch as her only accessory walks out side her was a man in his early 30’s walking continuously talking while she was humming to very thing he said and only occasionally speaking a word or two the duo continued walking towards the exit with a no of giant bodyguard dressed in black surrounding her She reaches the exit taking a deep breath she finally steps out and looks around her eyes deep black big dowed shaped showed no emotions her face quite too seriously with a total different aura once the bubbly girl was no more the same (yup I know you all guessed it it’s none other than swara)
Her attention was drawn back by the person speaking to her her PA John

John- ma’am do you want to go back to the hostel and then to S & M industries

Swara looks at her watch

Swa- no John that would be taking alot of time and swara mehra aka sammie is never late

John- but ma’am

Swa- just get there on time and do inform then we’ll be reaching in about an hour I want no delay

John- yes ma’am the car is ready

Swara nods putting on her glares she gets into the car and there the zooms off Swara leads on to the seat and closes her eyes a small tear rolls down her eye which she immediately wipes she looks outside the window leaning on the seat and gets lost in her own thoughts

Swara’s pov

6 years it’s been six long years and back again to the place which I hate the most the place which gave me my everything and also the place which took away everything which left me a living dead

Facing all those people yet again after years who destroyed me the reason of my existence the real me I forgave each person everytime but all dey did was taking advantage but not this time cause now they are facing sammie who never forgives or forgets anyone’s mistake beware cause now there is no forgiveness I want be repeating the same mistake I did 6 years back

Swara’s pov ends

Swara eyes had turned red but what was it that they showed anger hatred abhorrence malice or anything else who knew there was one person in her life who just look at her eyes once and read them telling exactly what she felt without a word but today she was all alone and hence was the case that her eyes could not be read she leans back closing her eyes recalling the event that changed her total life


Finally after a long long wait laksh was back home back to his family with all problems solved at present the entire maheshwari family along with the gadodias were at the gadadia house where all had smile on their faces except for two yup they are none other then swara and sanskar once swasan they dint have smile on their faces dint mean they were not happy it was just that both were engrossed in their own world in deep thoughts when anapurna maheshwari breaks the silence

Ap: i cant thank you both enough swara sanskar for getting laksh back home

San: ma there is no need of thanks it was my duty

Swa: yes bade ma sanskar is right

Sanskar looks at swara and they have a small eye lock

Ap:(smiles) bless you both okay so lets get back home and rest im sure all must be tried after all it was a long day ragini swara go get you bags

Both nod and were to move when

San: only ragini ma swara is coming no where

Swara turns and looks at sanskar here eyes were glassy but she wasn’t shocked because it did expect something like this to happen while the others looked at sanskar shocked except for one who had a smile on her face

Dp: sanskar what are you even speaking we know you both have misunderstandings but you both can speak and solve it

San: there is no misunderstanding bade papa

Suj: sanskar is right bhaisa with which right do you all want to take her home sanskar had clearly told her 6 months back that if she steps out of the house then she can never return and she went against then why does she want to come

Ap: but sujata…………..

Suj: no jiji i don’t want to hear anything this girl (pointing at swara who was just looking at sanskar with glassy eyes) has spoiled my sons life enough i will never let her come in to his life again only because of her i would have lost my son yet again and let me make one thing clear to you all and specially you sanskar (sanskar looks at sujata) if at all this girl come back in your life or in that house you’ll find me dead the very next moment

All look on shocked at sujata swara who was not reacting to anything till now stubbles a little and looks on at sujata and sanskar

San: thats not going to happen mom…………….(shouts) atul

A man in his mid twenties comes and gives sanskar papers sanskar takes them and nods at the man

Sanskar walks upto swara and forwards the papers to her swara looks at him and then the papers

San: i don’t have the entire day miss gadodia please take then and sign them fast i need to submit them

Swara takes the papers with shivering hands and looks at them the ground below her feet just pulls off reading them

Swa:(crying) sanskar please i know i made a mistake a huge one indeed but divoce is not a solution you wanted to punish me na then go ahead give me whatever punishment you want but not this please i’ll die please

For sanskar looking at swara like this was nothing less than a torture he wanted to hug her and cry out as well but the pain he endured for six months anger and even a little of his ego dint let him do so

San:(making his heart a stone along with his face) don’t waste my time miss gadodia i do not want you in my life just free me and then you can go along doing your social service

Swa:(crying and stammering) i…….i……i know you telling all…..all this because of what mom said i’ll…….i’ll speak to her sanskar i’ll con……convince here

Sanskar turns his face swara runs to sujata

Swa:(still crying) mom please i know i hurt sanskar but please mom i love him alot please take your swear back i cant live without him please don’t separate us please i’ll do everything to make it up to him please

Suj: you know what swara you are a cure on my son no matter what happens i’ll never let him come back to you ever again so don’t even think about convincing me and sign those papers and let my son live in peace

Swa:(crying) mom please

Suj:(pushes swara) stop creating a drama for once i now think i would have been better if sanskar and kavita would have been married atleast that girl love my son unlike you now sign those papers fast

Swara looks around and runs up to her mum

Swa: ma you told me right that i should reunite the family and when i told you about sanskar you told that he will be angry but later understand me tell him na ma not to do this (crying inconsolably) you know na how much i love him tell him please

Sho: i agree swara i did tell you but when you left him dint i tell you not to do it go back to him but you dint listen to me that is why all this is happening now

She: your mother is right swara we both told you earlier not to do this so stop blaming us

Swa:(tired) im not blaming anyone baba i agree i made a mistake i ready to apologise my whole life i’ll take any punishment but this please tell him

She sees her parents standing there all mum

Swa:(crying shouts) someone please tell him not to do this (runs from one person to the other) ragini laksh bade papa badi ma dadi dadu please please

Runs back to sanskar and hold his hand tightly

Swa:(crying) sanskat please give me any other punishment but this don’t seprate me from your self slap me hit me don’t speak to me (folds her hand in front of him)(begs) but not this please

She falls on the floor crying holding onto sanskars one leg

Sujata come and pulls them apart

Suj: i have had enough of your drama just sign them

Swa: mom………..

Suj: i am not your mom so don’t call me that and if you ever loved sanskar then just sign those papers

Swara looks all aroung to see everyone standing quite not speaking a word in her favour she finally picks the papers and pen with shivering hands and giving one last pleading look to sanskar she signs them

Her sign contained her entire name ‘SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI’ which she might be calling herself last time now

The minute she is done signing she sits right there on the floor all lifeless while sujata pulls the papers from her and give them to atul to submit it asap

All present in the hall look at swara with pity her hair all messed dupata hanging lossely off her shoulder pale tired face when sujata notices something else as well she walks up to swara

Suj: when the relation is no more you don’t need them as well

with that she pulls of swaras mangalsutra which was quite visible now which swara had been hiding from long and also wipes off her vermilion

swara looks at sujata once with her tired eyes and then kneels on the ground picking up all the black beads that were scattered giving one final last look to sanskar she walks off the house lifelessly

she enters her dida’s house closing the door behind her she sits there all drained off energy and few minutes later loses her conscious going into deep slumber

A week had passed since the incident swara looked all the more pale and she stilled with a hope that sanskar who come and just engulf her in a tight embrace not letting go she imagined him every where around herself but when she would walk upto him he would just disappear she cry cry alot not finding him near her but there was none to console her to wipe her tears not even her mum minute after minute she just kept going into darkness

It was another dark day or say evening in swaras life swara was seated on the floor in the living area resting her head and back against the couch once a bubbly full of life girl was now all pale and lifelessly staring at one dark corner of the house aimlessly but now there was not a single tear in her eye

Right then there was knock at the door taking baby step swara moves towards it and open them to reveal atul standing she moves a little aside letting him step in

Atul: im sorry to disturb you ma’am but i just came to tell you that the papers have been filed and the divorce has been accepted (a lone tear escapes swaras eyes) you are no longer mrs sanskar maheshwari

Swara just nods with no emotions looking only at the floor atul had met swara a few times now and felt extremely bad for this lady who was so full of life and ever so loving who never differentiated between people now standing here all alone

Atul: im sorry ma’am i dint want to tell you this but sujata ma’am asked me to let you know

Swara yet again only nods her head

Atul: i’ll take your leave then ma’am take care

He turns to leave when

Swa:(a little louder than a whisper) atul

Atul: yes ma’am

Swa: will you be going to maheshwari mansion tomorrow

Atul: yes ma’am i will be going in the morning to tell sanskar sir actually he is out of town so he has no idea and his cell is switched off

Swa: can you please do me a small favour

Atul: ya sure ma’am

Swa:(giving him a card) just before you leave tomorrow give this number a call and tell him that i told you to do it and please don’t tell anyone about this until tomorrow please

Atul: i’ll do it ma’am

Swa: thank you

Atul: your welcome i’ll take your leave now ma’am

Swara nods and he leaves closing the door swara rests her back against it finally her world had indeed come crashing down

At midnight when almost the entire city was asleep swara moves out and then she disappeared into the darkness leaving no clue of hers behind

Flashblack ends

Right then the car stops with a jerk getting swara out of her thoughts

Swa:(to the driver) what happen

Dri: ma’am there is a little traffic ahead it might take 5 to 10 minutes

Swara nods and takes her lappy out from her bag beside and starts working on it with full concentration seriousness and attitude

On the other side

Sanskar along with laksh ram and durga Prasad were going together for a meeting an important one indeed

While ram and dp came in one car sanskar along with laksh atul and rahul (laksh’s pa) came in one car

Sanskar was going through the project and discussing a few point every now and then when out of bloom he remembered her his life his world who left him 6 years back

Sanskar’s thoughts

Where are you swara 6 years its been 6 dam years you left me leaving no clue as to where you went i know i made a mistake a huge blunder or even a sin but jaan you could have make me understand fight with me slap me but you just left you know today to this world im the arrogant heartless sanskar maheshwari but how will i have a heart when you took it away along with you back then not only the outsiders even the people in the house fear to speak to me and i curse myself everyday that i was not able to understand you i still remember the day i realised what blunder i made

6 years back

The next day after swara left

It was a Sunday and hence all were home sanskar had arrived late at night and was now resting in his room sharmista shekher along with dadi and dadaji were all at MM

The ladies were in the kitchen talking and laughing while the men were in the hall right then sanskar come down tha stairs wearing black tracks with blue shirt everyone from GF and MF were present except for one all werehaving fun fully engrossed while sanskar just hummed in between

A few minutes later atul arrives at MM and as said by swara before coming he calls on the number while atul was descending the stairs the ladies come out of the kitchen

Sanskar was the first to notice atul

San: atul you here early morning what happen

Atul: sir i actually came to tell you that the count has accepted the divorce and you are swara ma’am are no longer husband and wife

Now that came like a shock to sanskar who dint think things will happen that fast it completly shook him thing swara was no longer his to be called

Suj: thank god that curse went away from our lifes did you inform her about it

Sanskar so prayed in his heart that this news must not have reached swara because he knew how much it could break but alas

Atul: i did ma’am swara ma’am knows about it i met her yesterday evening and told her

San: did she tell anything

Suj: why should we care if she said anything or not good that she know and will not interfere in our life any longer

Voice: you are right she will no longer interfere in anyones life

All look up to find and man in his mid 30s walking down the stairs

Man: im vidvan das swara………………..actually leave that who is mr sanskar maheshwari

San: i am why

Vid: there a few things my client miss swara wanted me to personally hand over to you so i am here

Sanskar and others look at him confused

Vid:(giving a file) this has papers of all the properly or any saving that you have done of swaras name she had given or surrendered them back to you (giving a bag) this has all the jewellery and the other expensive things you have given her

Sanskar takes those this all shocked thinking why is she doing this

Vid: mrs sharmista gadodia miss swara has given all here properly which her maternal grand parents have given to her on her brother name and she has given a few to the ngos the ngos papers will be given to them and these are the papers on ayushs name (gives a file)

She: how can she do that give away property without even speaking to us

Vid: have some shame sir she atleast gave you people a little else you dint even deserve it and before i leave this is the letter she asked me to give you sanskar (gives sanskar a letter) i’ll take you leave now my work is done one last thing swara has surrendered her surnames bose ad gadodia she is just swara now and none of you here have any right over her those papers are as well in the file

Vidvan start ascending the stairs when he finds uttara standing there all teary eyed he walks up to her and give a papers to her

Vid: she asked me to give you this and ask you to take care of yourself

Utt: where is she bhai

Vid: i have no idea uttara take care of yourself bye

Vidvan leaves uttara opens her letter and reads it


I know uttara you would be angry no me but no use i have always loved you as my little sister uttara and will always i hope you have a wonderful life ahead and sometime be selfish else you’ll end up like me i want one small help from you please take care of sanskar you know na he does not take his vitamins on time he want have food till forced and he sleeps setting ac extremely low and wake up next day having cold so please take care of him and you take care of yourself as well


Uttara starts crying standing right there at the stairs she was the one person who actually felt her bhabhis pain who knew how much swara suffered

Suj: why the hell are you crying uttara

Utt:(wiping her tears walks and stands in front of sanskar) are you happy now bhai finally you got what you wanted she went away from your life leaving everything

San: what are you telling uttara

Utt:(shouts) couldn’t you see bhai bhabhi was also in pain infact more than you you atleast had some one by your side but she there was no one do you even have an idea when you would be dosing off there due to alcohol bhabhi use to come at night and make you sleep properly stay with you all night and then leave in the morning she never stopped wearing her vermilion and mangalsutra she only use to hide them from all you were so blinded by you anger and ego that you could not understand her look at her and fell her pain you……………..

Suj:(slaps uttara and shout) go to room right now uttara

Utt: but……….

Suj: i said now go

Uttara runs to her roon crying while sanskar stands there shocked finally understanding whaqt blunder he made he slowly walks towards his room while others keep calling him but he gave a dam once entering the room he closes it and sits on the bed with the letter gaining a little courage he opens it and reads it



I hope you are happy now that i did what you wanted me to i hope everything is the way you want it to be i know i have hurt you alot but i never intended to hurt the man i love the most but i did and im sorry love

It just seems like yesterday when you first said i love you the way your lips felt on mine your stubble grazing my cheek you made me fell electric tingly with a single touch you made me feel wanted like i mattered like there was someone who cared if i lived i mattered but did my single mistake take away all all our moments was our love that weak i know i went against you sanskar reunited everyone but i did it for you for us i have seen the pain in your eyes when bade papa and badi ma mistrusted you i know i went away leaving you alone but i was angry sanskar angry that you said our relation was over was it that easy to say living away from you was hell i look around and imagine your arms wound around me holdind me close your heart imagine you next to cuddling went i drift off to sleep but nothing is true

Was my mistake that big that im standing here all alone i never knew what family love actually is not until i married you thats why i tried was it that big fault why am i given this big punishment for being selfless

Im not blaming you love i would never but it hurts when i cry there is no white handkerchief or hand that wipes off my tears telling me everything is going to be alright there is only darkness all around me when i was with you the world was so much more beautiful with spectral explosions that danced across my eyes but now my world has drained devoid of yours and only darkness

I cannot take it anymore you have meant the world to me but now my world has come crashing down shattering me the pain is to much to endure hence I QUIT


Tears flowed down sanskars eyes he could feel his princess pain how could he so blind she pleaded him not to divorce her the way she last signed the paper they still contained his name along with hers and what did i quit in her letter mean no he could not let anything happen to his princess

Sanskar tried every way to find swara but he couldn’t she did not leave a single clue behind

Sanskar’s pov ends

The car stops in front of a building ‘MEHRA GROUP OF COMPANIES’ breaking sanskars chain of thoughts taking a deep breath sanskar along with others enters the office

Okay so thats it for now im sorry stopping at mid but i cant help it like i said i have temperature and part is getting to long so i had to stop the next part would be swasan face to face or face off whatever you say so how is it going to be meeting after 6 years what all has changed will the reunite and the next will be posted but i want comments on this part as well hope you guys like it see ya guys soon


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