hola guys i know im quite late but i couldn’t help it these few days have been bad infact pathetic my condition turned quite bad but anyways after pleading my mum a lot she gave me my lappy but just for an hour i wrote as much i could i could not go through the part so it there are any typos please bear with it i hope i have not spoiled the story do let me know if you guys like the part
Mehra group of companies

Sanskar along with the others walk in only to many reputed businessmen of india already present there some seated while some on their cell phones and some busy discussing or speaking to people around them right then a man in his early 60s comes near the maheshwaris and call sanskar
Man: sanskar beta
Sanskar turns and looks at the man they all walk towards him sanskar gives him a professional smile and shakes hand with him
San: hello sinha uncle

Sinha: hello beta thank god you came we have been waiting for you since a long time
San: oh we were stuck in the traffic hence late
Sinha: thats okay beta i understand advay (pointing at a man in his 20s) is there you go and discuss the project with him once and discuss all the points i just got to know that Sammie will be here in an hour or so

Sanskar nods at him and walks up to the man while laksh along with atul and rahul follow him
(mr arun sinha or sinha uncle as sanksar said is the owner of sinha industries which a few years back combined with maheshwaris in a deal and are equal partners now the company is also know as ‘S & M INDUSTRIES’ while sanskar after swara’s departure had separated karma from maheshwari industries but the minute he did that the company had started facing loses due to which durga Prasad maheshwari’s health deteriorated and sanskar was emotionally blackmailed by his mom dad and bade ma along with the other family member to get back to maheshwari industries and he does work in the company but did not combine karma with it)

It has been 45 minutes since all the businessmen have been waiting when outside the building a maybach 62 s stops in front of the building swara comes out and the minute she does that all her bodyguards again surround her she starts walking him with a stern look with john and the bodyguards by her side the minute she steps in all the employs stand while she walks looking straight people try looking at her but could not due to her giants
A lady in her late 30s comes and greets swara
Lady: hello ma’am im shilpa welcome to india i hope you had no problem reaching here
Swara just nods at her

John: we dint shall we proceed
Shil: yes sir they all are waiting for you in the conference room this way please come
Shilpa leads the way while the rest follow her
While swara was walking towards the conference room she passes by where sanskar was standing she stops for a minute looking down and then makes a fist in her hand and walks away
While here on the other side when swara reaches near sanskar his heart starts beating fast he had different emotions and feeling within him he was feeling different but he just was not able to understand why what is happening to him and when swara started walking away to him it looked like something something very precious to him was going away from him
Swara reaches the conference room on entering she finds five men in their 40s and 50s seated the minute they see her they stand and welcome her
Swara walks in and gets seated on her chair

Swa: please be seated
They comply and then john introduces all the men and swara
John: good afternoon to you all this (pointing at swara) is Sammie the ceo of the company and im john ma’am pa and ma’am (pointing at each man) this is mr rathore the chief operating officer mr khan chief financial officer mr murti chief marketing officer mr bedi chief information officer and mr singh the production manager
Rath: glad to meet you ma’am

Swa: same here so how far have you people gone
Rath: ma’am these are a few files (passing a few) the quotations and the ideas giver here are quite interesting and we find them quite beneficial
Khan: i have gone through each quotation personally ma’am but the three companies that is sunshine company , s & m industries , and SPOI have given the best one it clearly looks like they understand what exactly the project is about
Swa: hmm then i’ll just go through them once and you can call them after that
Rath: sure ma’am

Swara goes through the files and after a few minute
Swa: okay mr rathore then all the three companies i find them good to go and the others can leave and i hope all the presentations are ready
Rath: they are ma’am we’ll just call them shilpa let the three companies know and get them here the rest can leave

A few minutes later

Shilpa along with the maheshwari’s sinha’s and a few other people walks in all the members take their respective places when mr rathore starts addressing them
Rath: welcome gentlemen i know we took time a little longer than expected but there had been many good onces and to choose only the top three was a serious issue hence time was consumed and congratulations to all the three companies to have made till here this will be the last round and Sammie is here along with us (points towards swara who is seated on the chair but the chair is turned hence her face isn’t visible and she is speaking to john) so we will be shortly beginning with the presentation and the best once will be collaborating with mehra group of companies for this project

All the people present in the room nod
Mr murthi moves towards swara
Mur: ma’am they all are here and we are ready so shall we proceed
Swa: sure
With that swara turns her chair and there she comes face to face with her past yet again she wasn’t shocked because she did read the project file and knew now she has had to face them while the maheshwari’s stand in shock looking at swara
Sanskars eyes turn moist looking at his love his life in front of him after six years she was so changed she did not look like his princess and even after looking directly into her eyes he wasn’t able to read them he could not understand what they showed or might be he couldn’t read them because they were nothing but blank

On the other hand swara folds her palm into a tight fist no matter how much she told herself it does not bother her any more but the truth was it does and it always will
Swara monologue

What are you looking at sanskar me my eyes thinking that you can read them again but alas you cannot not anymore you always said my eyes depict my heart but now when there is no heart there are no emotions don’t try reading cause you cant and even if by chance you read them its you whose gonna be hurt and no matter what i still cant see you hurt and i know what all you went through these six years i did want to come back to you seeing your efforts but i couldn’t those days and nights still haunt me and i don’t think i’ll ever be able to overcome them we both were i guess never meant to be and hence we are here standing as total strangers today
While swara was lost in her thoughts and sanskar in swara mr khan and laksh bring them back to the world
Lak:(whispers) swara

Sanskar moves his eyes from swara looks at laksh and back to swara
Khan: shall we begin ma’am
Swara looks at mr khan for a minute and then the surrounding and finally taking a breath releases her fist
Swa: yes

Before the maheshwari’s could move towards her
Swa:(with attitude and stern voice) please be seated we do not have a lot of time
Sanskar looks at swara once again and gets seated while the other as well sit
Swa:(professionally) so lets begin with the introduction i know all of you present here by you names so do not need an introduction about any of you and as far as the companies are concerned i have quite alot of knowledge about those as well atleast as much as i need for this project now coming to me im SWARA MEHRA CEO of ‘MEHRA GROUP OF COMPANIES’ to the world im SAMMIE i guess thats about it and now coming to the project im pretty sure you all know what it is about because none will come and just attend a meeting about it so i hope i do not have to give any introduction about what it is the only thing i would be clearing is that the company which wins here will be partnered till the end of the project and it will be a 60-40 partnership that sums up everything and before we proceed with the presentations you can address me as either SAMMIE or SM nothing else please do keep that in mind mr rathore you can proceed

Swara sits back on her chair
Mr rathore started giving a few key points before the presentation begins and the people presents start listening to them carefully while the maheshwari’s still in shock looking at swara like this try listening to him and sanskar on the other hand was shocked as well as overwhelmed looking at swara like this
Rath: so first SPIO will start followed by sunshine company and finally s & m industries lets begin

The presentations begin
While all present were kneeling looking at the representations our sanskar was busy looking admiring scrutinizing contemplating at swara the way she was writing down points in her node pad to the way she was speaking in between pointing out at something he was totally lost in her
Sanskar’s monologue

My swara my love my life my princess is in front of my eyes today yet again after six years finally after six long years i saw her again but she isn’t like before bubbly naughty full of life who could make any environment around her change today she herself is changed the girl whose eyes depicted her inner soul her heart showed nothing why couldn’t i read her eyes has our separation made such a lot of distance that i cannot even understand her feeling and what is this princess attitude the girl who only knew how to show love has got attitude too im shocked not that i told like it i love looking at you this way but i sure do need that smile which can light up my world someone so use to tease me when i would speak sternly to any of my employs is today speaking with a stern voice hard to believe that my sweet swara could also speak this way i know princess i have made i mistake i big one indeed but i’ll apologise i’ll make it up to you but this time i’ll not let you go i cannot lose you again i’ll do anything to keep you with me now
Sanskar’s monologue ends

Rath: mr sanskar maheshwari its your turn
San: okay
Sanskar stands in the centre taking his position he looks at swara with a lot of love guilt sadness and emotions of seas in his eyes while swara too looks back into sanskars eyes with no emotions with blank eyes which hurts sanskar even more but only she knew what her situation was only she knew how firm her hold on the pen was how firmly she had hold the corner of her jacket in a fist
Swa: you may start mr maheshwari
This hurts him to a higher level his love speaking to him professionally like he is a stranger to her still gaining back his strength he starts presenting his project when in between interrupts him
Swa: how are you so sure mr maheshwari that you plan would get us profit it could also lead to a huge loss
Sanskar looks at swara he does know that his wife is quite good with business because the time they were together many a times she did give him suggestions but this good was something he dint know
San: swara ………….

Swa: Sammie i would prefer Sammie or SM
San:(hesitates) sam……sammie i know that there is a possibility of loss but looking at the stats we can see that over the year there has been huge demand and it only gone increasing with the passage of time and also someone once told me no matter what deal or business it is it always comes with risks and loses it we who have to think how to make them in our favour
Hearing this swara looks at sanskar and both go into their memories when swara had told these lines to him
It was the time when adrash and parineeta had thrown everyone out of the house and sanskar had joined a company and knowing him the boss of the company had handed him a very important deal which could either make or break the company
Sanskar very badly wanted to win the deal because if he would he get enough money to free durga Prasad and anapurna maheshwari he started woring day and night for it forgetting everything his health his sleep infact even his wife
On the day of his presentation sanskar had stayed awake the entire night going through the project time and again
It was 5 in the morning when he was pacing in the veranda not finding sanskar beside her swara wakes up and looks at the time sighing she goes up the window and looks down finding her husband moving here and there speaking to his ownself covering herself with a scarf she walk out
Reaching near sanskar she keeps her hand on his shoulder he turns back and looks at her
San:(concerned , cups her face) what happen jaan why are you out at this time do you want anything
Swa:(places her hand over his) you
San:(confused) huh

Swa:(hugs him) when you are not next to me how do you expect me to sleep (lifts her head a little and looks at him) you know na i need you
San:(hugs her more tightly) im sorry that i disturbed your sleep come lets go
Sanskar holds swara by her shoulder and starts moving inside when swara stops him and takes him to one corner where a mattress was laid she sits on him making him as well sit beside her resting her back against the wall she gesture him to lay on her lap which he complies
Swara starts moving her fingers through his hair while sanskar closes his eyes feeling peace
Swa: what happen jana why are you taking so much stress what is bothering you so much that you are not even ready to tell me about it
Hearing swara sanskar opens his eye and looks at her and then immediately diverts his gaze
Swara cups his face and makes him look at her
Swa: wont you share it with me amor (love)

San:(looks into her eyes) im scared jaan
Swara cups his face with one hand and caresses his face with her thumb while the other hand was him his hair moving her fingers through them
Swa: scared of what
San: that i’ll ………. i’ll ……….
Swa: that you will lose the deal

Sanskar looks into swaras eyes and nods
Swa: firstly know one thing jana i love you i know how important this deal is to you and i have full confidence in you and second no matter if it is a deal or business it always comes with risk and loses it is we who have to think how to make them in our favour and i know that my love know how to do that
She looks at him into his eyes and nods he too looks back into her eyes smiles and nods his head
Wounds his hands around swara belly and hugs her tight nuzzling his face in her tummy he then give a peck on her tummy and looks at her

San:(looking into her eyes) your the best thing that has happen to me i love soo very much
Swa: and you to me (bends and pecks his lips) and love you to the power infinity
While sanskar chuckles and pulls swara down and captures her lips into a soulful kiss breaking apart after a few minutes he lifts her in his arms and takes her into their room afew minutes later the room was filled with moans and groans while the two lay skin to skin under the comforter
Flashback ends
Swara then breaks the eyes lock and looks here and there getting sanskar back to his sense he has a little happiness that bubbles into him thinking that atleast she remembers the beautiful time we speak together
Swa: impressive……….proceed mr maheshwari
Sanskar looks at her and then continues with his presentation a little while later he gets done with it

San: thats is all as of now thank you
Swara and the other men nod at him sanskar looks at her and takes his place
All the five men move towards swara and get seated sround her and a deep discussion keeps on happening for a couple of minutes after which they finally reach to a decision
Swa: all the presentations have been quite good but we all know some had a few draw backs here and there which obviously needed a little more time and detailing so not going round and round and beating around the bush lets get straight to the point the one presentation which impressed us was by ‘M & S Industries’ so congratulations
Sinha: thank you Sammie

Swa: not needed it was completely the hard work
Swa: john
John passes a few papers to mr sinha
These are the papers regarding the project please go through them and fill in the details and sign them so we could lock the deal
Mr sinha complies and goes through the papers and finally signs them along with him advay sanskar and durga prasad also sign it

Rath: so who are the onces who will be working with us on the project
Sin: they’ll be sanskar and advay
Swa: alright then i hope to see the two of you in the office tomorrow sharp at 9
Swara starts moving when mr sinha stops swara
Sin: Sammie one minute
Swara turns and looks at mr sinha
Swa: yes mr sinha

Sin: actually my son just got married a few days back we have hosted a reception tonight i’ll be really glad if you will attend it
Swa: im sorry mr sinha but i do not like mixing my professional and personal life i hope you understand
Sin: i do understand but my daughter in law divya takes you to be her icon her role model her inspiration she will be really glad to see you there and also since we have a deal together we could even celebrate that

Adv: yes Sammie please divya will be really happy this could be the best gift we could give her please
Swa: glad to see your love for your daughter in law mr sinha
Hearing this the maheshwaris and sanskar immediately look at swara sanskar keeps looking deeply at her knowing what she meant by her words
Swa: i cannot accord but i’ll try

Sin: that will be okay thank you
Swara then leaves the room along with her body guards and john before the maheshwaris could even speak to her
Swara while walking out gets a call looking at the caller id she has a small smile on her face asking the body guards and john to wait she move towards her cabin which was located at one lonely corner of the office sanskar who was moving out saw swara and followed her
While swara moves towards the balcony of her cabin speaking on the cell sanskar enters her cabin and locks it from inside right then swara comes back into her cabin finishing her call she still dint notice sanskar since she was looking into her cell

Sanskar who saw swara could not longer hold his emotions he moves towards her and with a jerk pulls her into a tight hug starling swara she moves her hand towards the person and tries freeing herself from him and the minute she touches him she understands who it is her sanskar
She too wanted to hug him tight melt in his arms and never let go but the pain she endured and all that she went through did not allow her to putting herself together again she tries pushing him away from herself
Swa: what is wrong with you mr maheshwari leave me (struggles to come out of his grip) i said leave me

While swara struggles to move out of sanskars grip sanskar tightens the hug and buries his face in her shoulder swara could feel her shoulder and nape becoming wet swara fists her palm tightly on either side trying to stay strong sanskar who opened his eyes a little looks at her fists and a small smile makes way on his face

Breaking the hug he looks at her and the next minute he pushes her against a wall and blocks her way
San: what happen jaan wont you wipe my tears today you hated seeing them right
Swara keeps mum trying to look blankly at him only she knew how she was controlling herself
San:(cups her face) im sorry jaan i know i have made a big mistake no a sin i know my sorry cannot undo what i did but you know na i do stupid things in anger you should have hit me slapped me fought with me made me understand that i was wrong but you just left (teary eyes and voice) such a big punishment
Swa:(diverts her eyes struggles tries pushing him) leave me mr maheshwari
San:(touches his forehead with hers) sanskar your jana i have been dying to hear that once from you please call me jaan just once please

Swara finally putting all her strength pushes sanskar shocking him he looks at her with hurt he tries coming towards her again when swara shows her hand asking him to stop
Swa: firstly mr maheshwari i had made myself pretty clear either address me as Sammie or SM nothing else second we are her only for business nothing else to me you are just one of the client and now a partner in a project third i do not leave in past nor do i let my past affect me as i have already destroyed all the memories so expect you as well to live in the present and behave professionally i hope i have made myself loud and clear
Without letting sanskar speak another word looking at her one last time swara storms out of her cabin while sanskar keeps looking at her retreating figure
Sanskar’s monologue

I know jaan im not able to read your eyes now they but its not that im not able to read them cause they are blank and i know im at fault you could have blamed me today taunted me but you dint no matter what you say you still care for me the love you have for me is still within you its just hidden somewhere deep you actions showed you still cant bear tears in my eyes i know i made a mistake and i’ll rectify it i will not let you go away from me now no matter what
Monologue ends

Sanskar too leaves the cabin thinking of some plan to convince his jaan
Thats it for today i don’t know how big or small it is but i cant write any more im kinda feeling dizzy and if my parents or bother know they are gonna kill me i know i said its an os but my health is not allowing me to write more so now its gonna be a fs i hope you guys are okay with it the next part is gonna be the party so what do you think will happen when swara come face to face with all the maheshwaris and gadodias there might be drama might be but there is sure gonna be a lot of twists and turns do let me know how this part is if you like it or not do comment and vote

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