Tu Aashiqui 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Poorva meets Pankti

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The Episode starts with Anita threatening to ruin everyone. She says I won’t move till I get Pankti. She sits there. Sheetal fumes. The men ask Pankti not to try to run, be comfortable, they are just following their boss’ order. She asks who is their boss. He says you will find when the time comes. Ahaan looks for Pankti. Uday says Pankti is gone, you have to understand this. Ahaan says no, she can’t leave me. He asks more people about her. He says she has to come back hearing my voice. He shouts Pankti. Pankti cries. Uday asks can you see her, she can’t hear your voice, you have to understand this.

Ahaan says I have to make my voice reach her. He makes a video. He passes the message on social media. He asks Pankti to come back and revive him, he is waiting for her, forgive him for the

mistake. The people see his video. Ahaan cries. The servants get food for Pankti. She refuses. Monty comes there. She gets shocked and says you…. He sends the servants. She asks you here… you got me kidnapped. She takes the fruit knife. He comes towards her. She says you did this on JD’s saying, I thought you are a good person. She keeps the knife at his neck.

He says everyone doubts on JD first, you will know soon, I have done this on someone else’s saying. Poorva comes and says on my saying. Pankti drops the knife. Anita sits crying. Sheetal says throw her out, else I will kill her. She asks JD to call her Sheetal. He says you are Jaan for me, I will make Anita out, but if she goes to police or media. She says just shut up. Anita acts. JD says truth is Pankti is missing, she was here, she has gone on someone’s saying. Manav recalls his words. JD says till she comes back, it will be better that Anita stays here, if she is right, if Pankti does something wrong then…..suicide…..They all get shocked.

Aparna says no, this can’t happen. JD says Pankti might have Manav’s words seriously, till she comes back, we should let Anita stay here. Anita cries aloud. Sheetal says I don’t know anything, I don’t want to see her face, throw her out, your turn will come soon. They all leave. JD calls someone. Anita says sorry JD. He asks what are you doing here, go and sit there. She says what could I do, Sheetal was beating me. He says you will have to tolerate when Sheetal gives me divorce. He says you did good to kidnap Pankti, don’t let her come in front of Sheetal till matter is resolved. He asks did I kidnap Pankti…. He asks her to sit there. Kaira shows Ahaan’s video to Aparna. Ahaan calls Aparna and says I didn’t get Pankti anywhere, don’t know my voice will reach her or not. Aparna says calm down, you both won’t get separated, you are connected to her, your voice will reach her, keep calling her. He says you are the best mom, you always show me the way to come out of the problem, thanks. He says my voice will reach Pankti.

Pankti asks why did you do this. Poorva says I did this to save you from JD and mum, I didn’t had any other way to get you here, you would have not come if I called you, this is for your betterment, sit. She asks Pankti to have food. Pankti says no. Poorva says its your fav dish, I will have it if you don’t. Pankti says no, I m tired of fighting, seeing my loved one fighting for me, what’s the use to fight when I know my fate has defeat, I feel I should go in mum and JD’s team, so that their bad time also starts. Poorva and Pankti feed each other. Poorva says Kaira called, she told me what all happened at home, thank God I got you. Pankti hugs her. Monty looks on.

Pankti says there is no use to get scared of all this, Lord finds new ways to upset people, don’t worry. She apologizes to Monty. He says its fine, my personality is such, girls get violent seeing me, I got beaten up too, chill, Ahaan is so lucky. Pankti says don’t know, how is Ahaan. He gives her phone. He signs Poorva to come. They leave. Pankti sees Ahaan’s video and cries. She says I can never get annoyed with you. Ahaan asks Pankti to come back, my mom said….the people who meet with difficulty don’t get separated, come back, I will keep you as close as our love sign. He shows her engagement ring, worn as pendant. Ahaan says we can never get separated, Ahaan is Pankti, and Pankti is Ahaan, friends if you get any info, please post. Everyone sees the video and feel sad for Ahaan. Tere liye…..plays…..

Poorva says I can’t let you go back, forget Ahaan, its time for a new start. Ahaan and Pankti are close. She holds the window glass to touch his hands. She hides her face. They both cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why would they do that, this is the first program I thought they would not separate the lead pair. In every program theres always a misunderstanding then thinks escalate and they separate, here there is no misunderstanding the truth is out there yet the writers are intent on having a separation track ridiculous

  2. thanks for the update Amena

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