Tu Aashiqui 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: JD troubles Pankti

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The Episode starts with JD asking Ahaan to hold his ears. Sinha comes to Pankti and gets some gifts for her. Manav holds his collar. Sinha says you won’t know anything this way, you won’t get Sheetal and Ahaan. Pankti checks the box and gets ghungroos. They all get shocked. Pankti recalls JD. JD calls her and shows Ahaan wounded. Ahaan asks her not to worry for him. JD asks how did you like my gifts, I want Pankti, so are you coming on date. Pankti says yes.

JD says do a rehearsal and come for my entertainment, I will call my friends too, we will have a good evening again, if you please me, then I will leave them. He puts Ahaan in the water. They all get shocked. Pankti agrees and cries. JD says that’s like my good mistress, see you. He asks Pankti to come soon at the same place. Everyone

cry at home. Aparna asks her not to cry. Pankti says no, we have to go there and free Sheetal and Ahaan. Poorva agrees with her. Aparna says Lord is with you. Vikram stops Manav and says I will go with Uday, Manav and Aparna can get police, I will handle dad, I will support Pankti. Aparna smiles. Poorva makes Pankti ready. Pankti recalls JD.

JD’s guests make fun of Pankti and ask JD when is the show starting. JD sees Anita and says very soon… Anita compliments JD. He says you are still the same Anita, the party is special, did you teach something to your daughter. She says I m here to make your evening more special. He asks where is my thing Pankti. Pankti comes there and gets angry thinking of his words. JD smiles and says welcome Babu, did you like my gifts. Anita says Pankti surely liked it, Pankti should do something that you like it. She calls the musicians. Vikram and Uday take disguise and enters with the group. JD looks at Vikram. Anita says party arrangements are classy like you. JD says when you say something, I don’t know if its true or not, even then, thanks, I really want to thank you for bringing Pankti into this world. He asks Pankti to come and see a big surprise.

He shows her Ahaan and Sheetal tied up and sitting on the chairs, close to the acid tank. Anita, Pankti, Uday and Vikram get shocked. Vikram says mom… Uday says this is not the right time, everyone’s life can be in danger. JD threatens Pankti by pulling Ahaan’s chair close to the edge, using a remote control. Pankti shouts no. JD asks what’s the hurry. Pankti says leave them, I will be your mistress all life, let them go. Ahaan says no. JD says relax, you can just save one of them, either my Jaan or your Jaan. JD asks are you not able to decide, I will make your work easy, shall I drop Ahaan. Sheetal shouts JD. Pankti cries.

JD asks her to become his mistress and come with him, forget Ahaan forever, then he will leave both of them. Ahaan says no. JD says this is not a fight, its a love game, I will become the winner. Pankti says love’s enemy can’t win the game of love. JD says love becomes tragedy by fighting people like me, I will show you, any ways my friends are waiting, we shall start the celebration. Ahaan says no Pankti please….. Pankti sees Ahaan and Sheetal. Pankti says today I will dance again, not for you, but for my love, to save my love, to awaken Lord, if Lord exists, then you won’t exist today. JD says I will win the game and even you.

Pankti dances. Vikram saves Ahaan. Ahaan fights with goons. Ahaan beats up JD. Pankti stabs JD in his leg. JD falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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