Tu Aashiqui 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan surprises Pankti

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The Episode starts with Ahaan getting Pankti and Purva back. He sees Anita and asks her will she have anything, he will send waiter. He goes. Anita asks Pankti why did she come with Ahaan, does she know who is he. Thakur takes Anita to click pics. Richa calls Pankti. Pankti sits with her. Richa tells her about the initial letter, that would mean about her soul mate name. She asks Pankti to get mehendi applied and see which letter she gets in her hand. She asks Pankti to show her mehendi. Pankti sees mehendi. Lights go. Ahaan says its injustice that girls enjoyed mehendi, its time for men to come, we shall have sangeet now. Ahaan, Vikram and others dance on Rock and roll soniye….. The girls also dance along. Richa takes Pankti. Ahaan dances around. He sees Pankti. He holds her hand. She sees

her mehendi. She recalls JD’s words. She gets back and leaves. Ahaan runs after her.

Pankti comes on terrace and cries. Ahaan comes there. He forwards hand. She scolds him and asks him to please leave. He says I can’t stop myself from coming close to you, I know why. She asks him not to say anything. He asks why, you want me to be quiet. She says please stay away from me. He asks her to ask her heart, what does she want. He says you also have this feeling now, you can lie to yourself. She says its not true. He asks why these tears, pain and sorrow, fine just smile and say leave, I will leave, let me see happiness on your face. She cries and says why don’t I have any control on me, what’s happening to me. She hugs him.

He holds her and kisses on her forehead. Tu aashiqui…plays…….. It starts raining. He covers her with his coat. They get under the coat. He says you know what I remember by this. She asks what, old or new Aashiqui film. He says no, the day we first met, it was raining like this, when I touched you, I felt you are waiting for someone to save you, I have come in this world for you, to support you. She gets away and says no, none can hold my hand, its too late. He holds her hand and says please give me a chance, share your sorrow and see, your happiness is imp for me, if you go today, I will die. She stops him from saying so. He says it means you care for me. He teases her. He asks her to close eyes and come with him.

He gives her a gift and asks her to open the gift. She unwraps it. She sees a tab and asks what’s this. He says now your poetry won’t be torn or fly. She says no, I can’t take this.

Ahaan says I was planning the moment to be perfect when I say I love you. She looks at him. He shouts I love you Pankti Sharma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Antara


  2. Ahan has some kind of innocence on his face..I like his eyes…okay about episode I’m eagerly waiting when ahan got to know about JD’s truth….from than there will be some thrill to watch that am waiting for…

    1. What is JD ‘s truth .. What’s relationship between pankit and JD

      1. Pankti is jd’s mistress sorry for replying late

      2. Pankti is jd’s mistress sorry for late reply

      3. Maha_Aijaz

        Hey Mubi! Well JD is ruining Ahaan’s career than he’s also cheating his wife by having illegal and forceful realtion with Pankti by giving her mother good amount of money.

      4. She is his mistress sorry for late reply

  3. This is total garbage sheeeet show with no story and only morons watch it!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Excuse me! Just because you don’t like the serial doesn’t mean you’ll abuse the one who are watching it. So please mind your language!

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing episode ❤ loved AhaanTi’s scenes a lot, those expressions, dialogue, innocence uffh maza agaya?? also we got to see his dance which was so cool?
    I guess like JD Sheetal is also kind of psycho I mean the way she was acting just because a necklace is weird ?
    Anyways can’t wait for upcoming episodes now?

  5. amazing awesome superb mind blowing

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