Tu Aashiqui 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan’s family welcomes Pankti

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The Episode starts with Ahaan reading Pankti’s poetry. Uday praises her lines. Vikram jokes on Ahaan and says they have perfect jodi, like lyrics and music jodi. Ahaan says I don’t think jodi will happen soon. Vikram asks why, so much happened, what’s left now. Ahaan says sharing pain, believing, it still has happen. Vikram says you should go and say I love you, you have four options, mehendi, sangeet, marriage and all. Ahaan says I don’t think she will come, if her mum comes then, I don’t want to take risk. Vikram says these three magical words gives courage, go and tell her I love you Pankti.

Purva asks Pankti did she say I love you. Pankti says no, he came in room at that time. Purva says its Lord sign. Pankti says I m feeling scared, if anything else happens. Vikram and Ahaan

come to Aparna. Aparna jokes on Ahaan. Ahaan asks am I seeing weird dream. Sheetal also treats him as guest. Ahaan says its my house. They all tell her that they have to break relation with him, so that they can make him have relation with Pankti. Sheetal says we know you love Pankti, and her mum doesn’t like you. Aparna says we will welcome Anita by a lie. Kavya says Vikram is just your friend, not brother. Ahaan says sorry, this was not my idea. He jokes and acts to tell Manav about his love. He says Manav will ask me to leave from this house, he will also do drama. Sheetal says don’t worry, I will talk to JD, I m sure he will support us, where is Manav.

Manav comes and says switch on tv, JD is getting businessman of the year award. Anita asks what, why bargaining now when deal is done. Jasmin taunts her. Anita argues. She says JD is giving me 10 crores for Pankti. She argues. She sees JD on tv. JD gives an honest speech. Aparna asks Manav does he not have right on business share, one who talks much about honesty has less of it. She gets angry. Anita says I think I have to break my ethics. Thakur calls her. He says I m your slave, don’t give me much respect, we will wait for you in mehendi, will you come. She says I will. He asks her to get her daughters along. She agrees. He thanks her. Pankti says I won’t come. Anita asks why, do you have any other plans with Ahaan.

Purva says JD won’t know, mum is saying by love, it will be Rajat uncle’s insult, do you think mum is scared of JD. Anita says no, we shouldn’t agree to JD always. Purva says Rajat is knowing mum’s stardom and valuing it. Anita says Pankti is selfish. Purva says we have duty towards mum. Anita gets happy and thanks Purva. Purva takes Pankti. Anita thinks to have Thakur’s contact to put pressure on JD. JD talks to Sheetal with love. She laughs. She asks him to come back home soon. He says one meeting and I will come, you liked the necklace right. She says yes, love you. He says love you too.

Purva asks Pankti to manage, Anita shouldn’t know Ahaan is Vikram’s brother. Pankti says no. Purva says your love made me do this drama. Pankti asks what, my love Ahaan, no, I m scared, he always goes out of limits. Purva asks don’t you wish to go out of limits, don’t you feel anything when he comes close. Pankti smiles. Purva says no need to say anything. Pankti says if anything happens there. Purva says Ahaan is not bad, I trust him, get ready. Pankti recalls Ahaan.

Lady says Sheetal’s necklace is the real shine of the party. Sheetal thanks her. She praises JD. Aparna thinks JD got right partner, but you didn’t. Sheetal says whenever JD makes a design for me, he makes sure no one copies it. Lady jokes. Sheetal says JD won’t wait for me to die to do anything special for me. Manav asks them to welcome Richa’s family. Aparna reminds the drama to Sheetal.

Richa introduces Pankti. Sheetal does tilak to Pankti and welcomes her. She gets shocked seeing same necklace worn by Pankti. Lady sees the same necklace and taunts Sheetal.

Ahaan sees Pankti and smiles. Sheetal gets angry on JD and says someone else has also worn the same necklace in this party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Will JD see pankti in the rituals? will ahaan get to know abt JD is torturing pankti?
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