Tu Aashiqui 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pankti fears for Ahaan’s life

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The Episode starts with Pankti running after Ahaan’s car to shout and stop him. Ahaan sees her in the side mirror and stops the car. Pankti falls down. He runs to her and asks what happened, why were you running. He goes to get water. She says don’t know what will Ahaan do if I tell him about JD. He gives her water. She says I m fine, I refuses to kiss you and you left, I thought you got annoyed, I felt I lost you. He asks are you sure this was the reason, tell me. She says no, I was just worried. He says then say yes now. She says never leave me, I don’t want to lose you. He says I won’t go, I will never go even if you make me away, you scared me. She asks him to go home. She kisses on his forehead and asks him to drive carefully. They hug. He says I love you and goes. She gets angry on JD.

JD says its fun to scare you. He messages Pankti that she was scared for no reason, but this fear can be true too. Anita drinks and gets angry that JD was double crossing her. Pankti comes home. Pankti and Poorva try to stop her from drinking. Anita takes her purse to get wine bottle. The purse falls. They get shocked seeing the bundles of notes fallen out. They ask about the money, what did she go, who gave her. Anita says nothing, JD gave me this money, I will get all my money from him, I won’t leave that mean man. They hold Anita.

JD asks Vikram to make a drink for him. Vikram asks Richa to get a sheet for JD. JD does drama in front of them. He acts to sleep there. Aparna looks on. Vikram asks everyone to leave, no one should disturb JD. Pankti asks Poorva does she think JD gave money to mum. Poorva says no, mum changed now. Pankti says but money is mum’s weakness.

JD thinks of doctor’s words. He looks around and goes to Sheetal’s room. He sees the nurse sleeping. Poorva says you mean JD did all this. Pankti says maybe he bribed Anita for doing this, there is one way to think. JD replaces medicines. He gets a call. Nurse wakes up and says sorry, I fell asleep. He asks her to give injection to Sheetal. Ahaan plays music and looks for notation. He says Pankti…. and goes. JD answers Pankti’s call. She asks why did you give money to Anita. JD says I m a buyer and she is seller. Ahaan comes to Sheetal’s room and thinks of old moment. He cries and gets his notations. Pankti says I know why you gave money to mum. JD says then come to me, I paid money for you. She says I know you did all that with Sheetal. JD says forget that, think of what we used to do at your home, I know you are finding your bed lonely without me. She asks him to shut up. He asks her to ask Anita, why he paid her. Pankti says if mum confirms this, I will tell everyone what you tried to do with Sheetal. JD sees Ahaan behind. Pankti disconnects the call. JD continues the talk and says we can meet tomorrow.

Ahaan takes his phone and asks whom are you talking to. JD says one who is second woman for me, and the one for whom you are the other man. He shows the caller list and says see this, she would have spoken to me for long, day and night, our story would have moved ahead, knock and come next time, I have no problem, she gets disturbed. He goes. Ahaan tries calling her. Pankti puts her phone on charging and says I can’t tell this to Ahaan. Ahaan says Pankti may feel bad if I talk to Poorva about this. Pankti says we have to know why JD gave money to Anita, Ahaan may create troubles for himself. Ahaan tries to make the song. He sings Kuch pyaar me………. Pankti imagines him. She says Ahaan…. She turns and gets shocked seeing JD beside.

Pankti says my cash and jewelry are missing. JD laughs. Ahaan sees Pankti singing in chorus.

Update Credit to: Amena

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