Tu Aashiqui 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Purva supports Pankti

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The Episode starts with Anita scolding Ahaan. He asks her not to teach him about respect, else he will insult her, he has come seeing Pankti in problem, he can’t party leaving anyone in trouble. She says you don’t know what I can do, so just leave from here else….. He says you will call police, fine I will call. Pankti asks him to just go. He says I m trying to help. She says this is my life and my house, just go, for my sake. He says I have to go now. Anita says she is sensible. He says I m stubborn. He gets his guitar. He says listen to me carefully, if I know anything happened to Pankti, I will ruin your life, don’t think I m threatening, I can do a lot. He sees Pankti and goes.

Purva asks Pankti how did this happen. Anita asks her to get in. Purva sees the messed up house and

gets shocked. Anita scolds Pankti. She asks how did Ahaan come here, what happened behind my back, what did you do here, did he reach your bedroom, answer me. Pankti says you want to beat me right, wait I will come. She goes and sees Purva. Purva checks the house and gets a bracelet and kerchief. She sees JD’s kerchief and says he was here in backyard, these crackers. Pankti asks Anita to take the stick and punish her. Purva runs to Pankti. Anita beats Pankti. Purva says angels come on their own. Anita says JD is the Lord for us.

Purva says you come and see what JD did here, see Pankti’s state, burn marks on her hands, her torn clothes, I have more proof to show you. She shows the house’s state. She asks Anita to see herself. She tells what was done by JD, he wanted to kill Pankti, the Diwali which is celebrated here, its sound has reached out, I don’t know how Ahaan came here, big thing is he managed Pankti on time, else she would have died. Anita asks her to stop it. Purva holds Pankti and asks her to come. They go.

Ahaan comes home and angrily ruins his room. He says what does Anita want. Aparna comes and asks what happened. Ahaan tells everything. She asks him not to be sad, why is he angry. He says Anita came back and acted like Pankti’s enemy, so much hatred and annoyance, its something else, very bad, if her mum is like this, what’s the reason, why does her dad not help her, is he also involved. Anita recalls Ahaan and says what about Ahaan, if JD knows Ahaan is trying to come close to Pankti, no, he will kill us, I have to keep Pankti away from that guy, I have to tell her truth. Aparna says none knows the truth, some parents don’t make a friendly relation with children, they just dominate children.

Ahaan and Pankti think of each other. Anita comes to Pankti and warns her. She says I was controlling you so that you don’t do this mistake, your feelings came on this paper, there will be bloodshed, none will be saved, Ahaan is JD’s nephew. Pankti gets shocked and says no. Anita says so I was stopping you from going close to…. JD asks who? They get shocked seeing him.

JD asks Pankti with whom is she dreaming of love. She shouts Ahaan. He aims the gun at Pankti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have to say this serial makes me sick. There had to be some serious shortage of grey matter for anyone to come up with this grosse concept. In what world is it okay for a man to have a girl who is his daughter’s age as a mistress? In what world is it okay for a mother to pimp out her children to men twice their age for money? In what world is it okay that a man treats a woman the way JD treats Pankti? And then to boot the women folk are portrayed as simple minded fearful animals with no means of helping themselves out of a completely ridiculous situation unless there is a guitar strumming idiot waiting for them. Which century are we living in? With so many women in our society facing injustice the least the story writers could have done was to make this a tale of hope and courage for a woman, instead of a blithering idiot who can’t stand up for her safety let alone her rights. Is this the message that we want young women to receive? Not watching this ever again.

    1. Hi Rads.
      This world has become more worse than what the writer portrays here.
      i think u better aware what happening in outside world.Own Father force s*x own daughter age 5 and many other similar cases.This is nothing compared to that.
      Just pray for better world for women out there.

      1. I agree that there is a lot of wickedness in the world. But it really isn’t a question of more or less. A mother selling her children to sleep with men twice their age is as bad as a father abusing his own daughter. Think about it, is there really a degree of “less” suffering for the victim between the two situations? It is precisely because of all the horrible things that girls – young and old, keep facing everyday that I believe that there needs to be a message of hope and courage rather than passive acceptance of fate.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Dear Rai! The world has become more dangerous than the points you’ve mentioned above!

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