Tu Aashiqui 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram invites Monty home

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The Episode starts with Pankti and Sheetal serving the brownies to everyone. Reyansh comes there. He asks who made it. She says I have made it and jokes. Reyansh says then I have to eat it, but is there any occasion. Sheetal says I m the occasion. Reyansh gets shocked. Sheetal thanks him for helping children in London. He says I was doing my duty. Sheetal observes Reyansh tapping hands and recalls JD. She says I know everything about you, just stop what you are thinking, you are tapping hands like JD, its because of nerve weakness, you may also get fine by having medicines. He says I will be grateful, sorry I was living in JD’s room, your room, I will shift out. She says its okay, you are Ahaan’s room, we are getting guest room making. He says no, I know, own room gives peace. She says its fine, Ahaan

and Pankti’s friends are our friends too. Aarohi says he got fine, he is able to walk now.

Virat asks who can walk Tara. Deep covers up for Aarohi’s words. Virat asks how did crackers burst in room, what if anything happened to him, he is in trauma, I m taking him. Deep takes Aarohi with him. Pankti says I will keep brownies in fridge. She thinks how to find that man. She calls the shop owner and says I know you are lying, you deleted the recording portion, I m ready to give double money, my life is in risk, you have to help me. He says but, I don’t know his name. She asks will you recognize him if you see him. He says yes. She says I will tell you where to meet and when. Monty recalls Poorva’s pic. Kaira thanks him for lunch. She asks is he fine. Vikram calls him and says Sheetal came back home, we have organized a party, so I called up to invite you, please come, my family will be glad, Poorva is also coming, we all will enjoy. Monty asks what did you say. Vikram says I mean we will have fun. Vikram tells Anita that Monty and Poorva will have a sad ending now. Monty tells Kaira that Sheetal has come back home. She gets glad and hugs him.

Deep scolds Aarohi for putting Dilip’s life in risk. Aarohi says I m not lying, you don’t find this strange, Dilip was not there when I looked for him, Virat is lying. He says I don’t trust anyone, not even you, I just trust myself, Dilip didn’t attack on you. He asks her to stay away from Dilip, else their distance will increase. Her dupatta gets stuck to his coat. She says just fate is saying something else, its signing that we will come close. They have an eyelock. Ishq mein marjawa….plays… Deep goes. Vikram asks Anita to make a drink. He asks don’t you feel hesitant to play with daughter’s life. Anita takes the cheque and says I don’t get hesitant seeing money. He drinks. Poorva comes home. They get shocked. Anita says how did she come so soon. Poorva picks the keys. She comes in. Anita stops her and asks how did you come soon, just go and take rest. Poorva goes to her room. Vikram goes. He calls Richa. She asks where are you.

He says my mood will be double awesome, I arranged a party for mom, no one will forget that party, start preparing for it, I m on the way. She says fine. Ahaan asks Pankti what is she hiding. She says nothing. He says swear on me…… Tere liye…..plays………..She says I feel there is some danger on us, I got this feeling in London too, that someone wants to hurt us, think whatever happened there, I feel the danger is following us. He says just JD used to do such things, but he is no more, is your past fear affecting our present. She says you mean to say its my misunderstanding. He says don’t fall in risk. She says till you are with me, I have no fear.

They hug. Tere liye…..plays….. Aparna comes and says Vikram is organizing a party for Sheetal. Pankti says I will also help. They go. Pankti says if he wants to hurt us, he will come in party, I will invite the bakery owner. She collides with Reyansh. She says sorry. He says its fine, I was finding you, you went to bakery, was there anyone with you. She says no, there was no one seen in CCTV footage, I trouble you for every little thing. He says its fine, after all I m your friend. She says I will go and prepare for party. She goes. He says problem is just one, there is an enemy in friend’s disguise, party will happen, just me and you will go in the party.

Continued in Ishq Mein Marjawa

Update Credit to: Amena

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