Tu Aashiqui 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: JD injures Pankti

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The Episode starts with Pankti telling Anita that she ended Ahaan’s love and all of her problems. Anita asks did you tell JD’s name. Pankti says I m not so foolish, I told him that I love money and luxuries. Anita gets glad and goes to get sweets. Purva asks Pankti why did she do this, she should have run away with Ahaan. Pankti says Ahaan would have always loved me and got burnt, so I had this way to free him, I burnt his love. Purva says and your love too. JD comes and asks whose love. They get shocked.

Ahaan burns things and ruins his room in anger. He gets Pankti’s pics. He recalls her words. Kaira comes and stops him. He tears the pics and throws in fire. Kaira goes to Sheetal and Aparna, and tells about Ahaan.

JD stops Anita and asks Pankti again. He shouts on her when she

refuses to say. He asks won’t you tell me. She says I won’t. Anita says forgive her. JD says she got stubborn. He hurts her and shouts say the name. She refuses. Aparna stops Ahaan. He cries. He breaks the guitar. He sees Pankti’s dupatta. He throws that in fire too. He shouts Pankti and cries.

JD slaps Pankti. Anita and Purva worry. Aparna consoles Ahaan. She sees the bleeding in his hand. She asks Kaira to get first aid box. Pankti says no one will come between us today, I also want to see who will win, I m ready to die, but I won’t say the name. JD gets shocked. He holds her face and says great, you fell in love and got courage, I want to hear his name from you, then your courage will break, I m also ready to kill you. He throws Pankti on a mirror. She faints. Anita and Purva hold her and ask her to open eyes. JD looks on. Purva holds his collar and calls him an animal. She scolds him. She asks Anita to be quiet. She asks JD to leave, else she will call neighbors and police. JD scolds her. Purva says we have nothing to lose, if anyone comes, your respect, name and money will be finished. He raises hand. She shouts for help. Anita stops Purva. She asks JD to leave, Purva is getting mad, its imp to take Pankti to hospital, else it will be police case, I m on your side, please go, when she gets conscious, I will try to know the name. He goes. Purva asks Anita to get car fast.

Aparna asks Ahaan not to lose courage, what did Pankti say, did she refuse. Ahaan says I lost, I can’t live in this city. She asks him to listen. He packs his bag. Aparna asks Sheetal to stop Ahaan. Sheetal asks Ahaan to go and do anything he wants, she will organize his tickets. JD calls Anita. She says she didn’t get conscious, we are going hospital. Purva says we couldn’t do anything. Anita says JD is powerful. Purva says people say mum’s love is powerful, but its weak. Anita says I tried to stop JD, why did Pankti hide name, JD would have seen Ahaan, am I saying wrong. Purva says you don’t find anything wrong, this thing is wrong. The driver says car broke down.

Ahaan and Uday are on the way. Ahaan recalls Pankti’s words. Anita says I will call ambulance. Purva takes care of Pankti. Ahaan thinks of Pankti and says so much happened, I feel she is around me, like she needs me. The car passes by. Ahaan sees Pankti injured. Tu aashiqui….plays……… He asks Uday to stop the car. He goes to Pankti. He asks Purva what happened to her. Purva says please take her to hospital. Anita comes and shouts on him. She asks him to leave Pankti. Ahaan says don’t come in my way, else I will forget you are Pankti’s mum. Pankti says Ahaan….. you have come. He says yes, nothing will happen to you.

Ahaan tells Anita that he will find out who did this with Pankti. He threatens her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Antara

    This JD is so aggressive poor pankti yeh jd ne hadh hi par ki
    so dangerous epi

  2. I have to say wasn’t watching this program properly and I thought Ahaan was terrible casting but really enjoying the show now, have caught up from the beginning. Usually it’s step mums and mother in law’s that are horrible but this mum is so vile, Everytime I think she’s going to show some humanity to her daughter’s she disappoints me. Felt Ahaans pain, loved Pankti and Purvas bravery today and JD what a character, the actor who plays him plays him so well, he’s scarily good in the role and he plays the creepiness bang on

    1. So true, Even Ahaan’s acting have got better with time.

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Now the story has become amazing. Ritvik is nailing every bit of his scene. Eager to watch next episode!

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