Tu Aashiqui 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: JD tortures Sheetal

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The Episode starts with JD threatening Sheetal. He tells her that he has achieved whatever he wanted and how he wants Pankti, he will get her. She jumps down the car. He stops the car and shouts. He takes the car reverse. She runs away. He stops the car before her and runs to catch her. He says why do you force me to behave like this. She says its your nature, I will expose you in front of the world. Her purse falls. She hits him with a pen. He holds his neck. She takes her phone. He makes her fall down. She messages Pankti. He hits on her neck. She faints. Ahaan asks Pankti to relax. Pankti says its Sheetal’s message. She says what’s this message, I don’t understand anything. JD gets Sheetal somewhere and ties her up. He says I didn’t wish to kill you, but I have no other way to shut you up.

She gets conscious. She sees the place. He says you have worked hard, now you need rest, I will hide you here forever, away from the world, you should get punished. He gets a knife and scares her. She cries and asks what do you want. He says I want to separate Ahaan and Pankti, I want to get Pankti again, I want to kill Ahaan. She gets shocked.

He says I want to get good JD’s avatar back and then maybe I free you, you hate me so much, I still love you so much, see the arrangements here. He lights a candle and sings. He says we can have candle light dinner here, there is one problem, once this candle ends, you have to sit here in darkness, this may happen that I end you first. He scares her further by hutting the knife between her fingers. He goes. She cries. Pankti asks Ahaan to check the message once. Aparna asks what happened, did you meet Sheetal. Ahaan says no, she has sent a strange message. Aparna says Sheetal wanted a break. Pankti calls Sheetal. Aparna asks her to calm down. Sheetal shouts for help. She sees her phone. Pankti asks Ahaan to try and check the message. He says I m not more intelligent than you, call the airlines and know about the flight, don’t take much tension.

Ahaan says I have a way to relieve your tension, a massage. Reyansh comes and says I have a way, there is a good news, I will manage this, Ahaan has got a chance to sing in an album, to celebrate the monsoons. Ahaan asks really, wow, I love the rains. Pankti says all the best. Ahaan holds her hand and says you write my song lyrics this time, like earlier.

Ahaan asks her to help. She says I don’t know if I can write the lyrics, how can Sheetal go this way, her phone is not reachable, we can find out about her. Ahaan says enough Pankti, what happened, you worry for everyone and not me. She says you know you are most imp part of my life. Ahaan says I have to concentrate on my career, you are not able to see this, you didn’t come on our date, you can’t see your presence is imp, you didn’t come in Aparna’s birthday party. She says I was locked up in the shop, you know what’s happening, you want me to think for something else, try to understand. He asks why shall I understand always. He throws the tea and goes. Reyansh looks on and gets glad. Pankti cries.

Ahaan plays music. Pankti comes to him and hugs. They smile. Sheetal asks the goon to let her go. She hits him and takes the knife from him. She frees herself and tries to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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