tu ααtα hєín вч ѕídrαt (episode 1)

Hi guys sry for being late ? don’t get angry with me ..

1)happy Rose??? day belated to all..
2)happy chocolate???day belated to all….
3) happy teddy bear??? day belated to all
4) happy promise day ??..

And thank you so much for your 24 yes ?? I’m very happy as I thought I will get 1-2 comment but 24 was unexpected ☺ …

Ohk now enough of my buk buk …let’s start ….

A girl is seen sleeping she is smiling in dream! She is dreaming about a small girl of 6-7 year and a boy of 10-11 year playing.. They r promising each other never to leave their hand …
Again a boy of 21 year is seen proposing a 17 year old girl and the girl happily agreed …

Then it is seen a hotel room the boy of 21 year is sleeping with another girl and the 17 year girl is standing outside and shouting u have cheat me sanky ..u have cheat me ….??.

The sleeping girl woke up with jerk and start crying …??.. Then her room mate who was in washroom come running to her and console her …then both got ready in their uniform and they have their breakfast ..then they leave to their office their they meet their senior aman .. A man called both of then he said swara (yes guys the girl dreaming was our dear swara) and ragini you both have to go to Mumbai..

Both swaragini said what !!!!! Sir u know na I hate that city..that city took my everything..spoke swara..

Ragini was consoling her again…

A man said that matter have passed many year …. You should forgot that swara and move on….

They said …(mute) ….!!!!!…..!!.

?bye guys wait for next part ….!!!!!

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  2. Seebu_s

    nice dear..

  3. hope raglak is main lead bcoz looking good

  4. Awesome dear

  5. Niku

    Hey why u left in suspense…too bad….update soon now….I m angry wid u…khatti..??

  6. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

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