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Her eyes welled threatening to fall. He had a warming aura around himself, still, how can she neglect what she has been watching since her childhood? Her steps shivered with the different possibilities she could think in the short span. She was unsure why did he call her.
Did she do any mistake? Was he going to punish her? Somewhere in her heart, a new hope wanted to pulp out but she squeezed it back to its place. Suddenly she went across a faint memory.


“Come on sweetheart… why are you asking me? This is your room too” said a man sitting with a smile looking at his wife who was standing beside the bed with her daughter of 7.

“Go Mina, go to your room, and sleep now,” said the man. “Okay dad,” said the girl (young Mina) and she left. The moment Mina left the room; her father shut the door aloud. Hearing which, little Mina flinched who was almost 10 feet away.

Then suddenly, she heard a terrifying shriek of her mother that shook her bad. Curiously, she went towards the room and what she saw made her tremble with fear. Her father was beating her mother. “HOW DARE YOU ENTER THE ROOM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?” roared her father’s voice through the semi-opened door, which her father probably forgot to lock.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!! ITS PAINING PLEASE” wailed her mother.

“THEN WHAT SHOULD I DO? LEAVE YOU FOR INSULTING ME?” spat her father with venom, without stopping his hands that were tearing her skin.

“I’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN, I’LL NEVER BRING MINA INSIDE YOUR ROOM WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION” said her mother with difficulty. Her body was all red with beatings but there was no use of it.

“A WIFE IS NOT SUPPOSE EVEN TO TALK WITHOUT HER HUSBAND’S PERMISSION, GET IT?” her father pulled her mother’s hair who nodded her head in affirmation, then her mother was thrown on the bed and punished again… for??? JUST FOR DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT HER HUSBAND’S PERMISSION.

Flashback ends

She was not sure how to react. She had no hopes from him and her wishes were buried deep inside her heart. Nevertheless, she was neither sad nor happy in fact; she had no words to describe what actually she was feeling…

She stepped her shivering steps knitting all her courage. Her heart was palpitating as if it is in The Olympics. Her palms fisted in a ball were making her knuckles all white. She was all pale. Her hands were so stiff that Ajay could see lines of her veins.

“MINA?” called Ajay bringing her out of her memory lane. Her flashback broke and she found herself sweating hard. Ajay felt someone pinching him because he was seeing the same thing again, which he never wanted to see “FEAR IN HER EYES”. He very well knew what she was thinking.


It was the day Ajay was visiting Mina. The moment his family entered her home, she welcomed his family like a daughter-in-law, but did not speak with him. He was restless, why is he behaving like this? Yeah they would not fight in front of family, but she is all-quiet even when nobody was around.
He was sad with her ignorance. IGNORANCE? No, it was not that she ignored him, she waas replying him for whatever he said. She made sure that he has his meals on time but … she was not same.

3 days passed, yet she was not like before. He did not like this. He wanted her back. The Mina who fights with him, and the Mina for whom he will fight with the world. THIS WAS NOT HIS MINA… So he was determined to bring her back before he go.
Ajay and his parents would come to Mina’s home and stay for 5 days every month. He wanted to see his Mina, so he went to talk to Mina and know what exactly happened. He knew where she was. He was in her favorite place – Their mini Library.

Yes, THEIR library. Mina loves books so Ajay use to bring books for her every time he came. They had secretly made Library in Ajay’s room, which no one was aware of because only Mina would clean the room. Ajay was son-in-law of the house and in his absence, only Mina could enter the room that too only for cleaning.

He went inside, only to find her all pale and dried out. “MINA”, he calls out all scared but what he saw was AN NEVER EXPECTING THING for him.
Mina flinched and got up all jerked. She hurriedly set the book in the table and stood trembling bowing her head. Ajay was shocked with such reaction and what he never expected to see was FEAR IN HER EYES.

He motioned towards her but with every step he would take; he could see her shivering more and more. When he was a meter away, she tremblingly spoke “I… I am… S… or… sor… sorry”. I… will… not… enter… this… room… again… please do not beat me.

Ajay was dumbstruck watching her. He stood where he was and asked her to see him. “Look at me Mina” and when she did she could see his eyes all red.

“Are you okay Donkey?” was the only thing she spoke and this made him smile. He knew that His Duck was bothered but not changed.

“What happened Duck? Why are you behaving like this?” he asked making her sit tenderly. She crying-ly narrated all what happened and he listened her patiently. He then told her that he had seen this happening at his home too. To which she asked, “Will you scold me too?”

“Why?” asked Ajay with confusion to which she replied, “Because I entered your room without your permission?” for which Ajay smiled and said, “No, you are allowed to do whatever you want. I’ll always be your Donkey and you are my Duck forever”

Flashback ends

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