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He was never like other males of the village. He always was aspirant and believed in equality. He liked her always because of her bold nature but he was naive then to think she will remain the same forever.

He so badly wanted to meet her after he went to the city. He missed her there, not because he loved her but he slowly understood that she will not remain same till his return.

He knew that she was forced to change, forced to stay quiet, forced to submit herself but he was determined to bring his SWAN back, determined to encourage her to live her own life…

She was blank within her thoughts when Ajay spoke pulling her out of her reverie.

“Hello! Swan. Why are you standing at the doorstep?”

(Mina couldn’t decipher what actually he meant so he continued watching her confused)

“This is OUR room you don’t need to hesitate to come here.”

She nodded absent minded but the very moment his words register in her head, she widens her eyes as if they are elastic. She could not believe her ears. This was the first time she had heard a husband naming the room not only his, and she was all still realizing that husband is hers.

All her life she had heard that the room only belonging to husbands’. She till yesterday was living in HIS room but now… it was her too… She entered the room which was THEIR since today. Yes, it became THEIR ROOM today as it was his before her arrival and then after she started living it was her husband’s.

Her eyes welled threatening to fall. He had a warming aura around himself, still, how can she neglect what she has been watching since her childhood? Her steps shivered with the different possibilities she could think in the short span. She was unsure why did he call her. Somewhere in her heart a new hope wanted to pulp out but she squeezed it back to its place.

(Within her thoughts she didn’t even notice that he called her SWAN)

She was not sure how to react. She had no hopes from him and her wishes are buried deep inside her heart. But she neither was sad nor happy infact she had no words to describe what actually was she feeling…

Liked??? Guys because of some issues I am unable to post really long chappies… Next chappy will probably be on Wednesday or Thursday because I might not be in the range of lappy (laptop)…I have completed half but half is still there to write… hope I can post ASAP… Keep loving and encouraging me like this…

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  1. Nice update.. So innocent Mina

    1. Amore

      Yeah she is… Thank you

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    Lovely dear

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      Thank You

  3. Arti viswanathan

    Amore darling superb, excellent, outstanding, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic, good episode. . . . I loved it to the core. . . I liked all the scenes. . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. ……m

    1. Amore

      Thank you so much Arti… keep loving…

  4. Too good

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  5. awesome…….s

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    amazing dear…?

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  8. Arshaanya

    Nyc bt short ??…
    N no need of thnx..
    M likin ur work n jus told my frnds to read okay not only told bt thrtnd also ??

    1. Amore

      WHATTTTT???? woman you are a ganster… hahaha I’ll call you gangster from now on… hehehehe and don’t worry next one will be long one…. just keep loving me like this and keep threatening too 😉

  9. nice dear…

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      Thank you dear

  10. May be due to the domination she has been facing since years stopped her from believing her husband… lovely update amore

    1. Amore

      Yes Rupa, you are right but lets see where these take her?

  11. Jhanvi14

    Hi! I m jhanvi and just today joined telly updates.
    I have been following manmarziyan page since two years but coz I did not have an Android phone,i could not join and comment.
    Amore!!! I just love your this story…
    I will make sure I will comment in the ff’s I read.

    1. Amore

      Thank you dear… please do read and keep loving me like this

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