TS – By Amore (Shot 1)

Hello Allies!!! I am here with the first shot… and thank you for such an overwhelming response… new readers, here is the link to prologue…

This story revolves around Mina – a girl from Manargunj village, who was married to Ajay Singh – son of the head of the village. Ajay and Mina got tied together at a tender age of Six and Four respectively, when they had no idea about the word marriage. Although, they were married, they were staying separately. It was the rule of the village that the girls should stay with her family till she turns 18. But due to Mina’s parents’ death she was brought back by her in-laws when she was 16 .

Girls from Manargunj were not allowed to study after they come to their in-laws. So they were taught all household since their childhood as they would have been married. Now when she have come to her in-laws, she have to fulfill her responsibilities of being a daughter-in-law and according to the village rules she had to leave her studies too.

Ajay was in the city for his studies and she was still in the village with her in-laws so they had not met since long years. Time flew as an air and 3 years went by that is when Ajay returned during a festival and met Mina after 11 years.

He was well aware of his marriage and Mina being his wife but had not met her since he was 10 because he had been to the city. He was welcomed grandly. He rolled his eyeballs which got stuck realizing the beautiful swan standing beside his mother was his wife.

He twinkled like a star when her lips broke into a wide smile as their eyes met. He was happy to know that she was so happy to finally get him here. But still he felt there is some sadness prevailing in them. Although he chose to brush his thoughts for now he made a mental note to know what HIS SWAN was going through later for sure. He wanted to hug her but he controlled himself as there were many people who had come to meet him. He met every relative of his and then finally got time to meet her after their dinner when everyone were gone.

Mina finished all her households and entered her room. She felt a soothing warmth as this was the first time in years when she was feeling so good in this room. Yes, she was familiar to this space as she was living here since 3 years but the warmth she felt now was never before. Years back when she entered in this room it was all empty and she was alone. She was feeling really emotional watching her husband waiting for her with such a warm smile as she was never welcomed so beautifully and to be true she never expected too.

On the other side Ajay had a hard time controlling his emotions as he had something else in his mind.

Did you guys like it???
What kind of person is Ajay?
Why his eyes twinkled watching Mina?
What is going to be next???

I have posted a single shot story for the competition… it is actually on Ishqbaaz… if you have not read it then here is the link…


And yeah if you like my works please visit me on wattpad.. my username is… amoremarine… you will find my poems there… and will soon start posting my stories too…

I am pretty busy now a days… so will update soon but the frequency depends on your response …

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  1. Rockleon

    yup i read the os itssssss amazinggg!!!!!

    1. Amore

      Thank you… M so energized with your response..

  2. Phoniex

    Nice dear its amazing

    1. Amore

      Thank you

  3. AMkideewani


    1. Amore

      Thank You!

  4. Kojagorimalik

    Awesome beautiful start so its about childhood love and marriage

    1. Amore

      LOVE??? hummm!!! Lets see… if it is or not…

  5. Jnana

    Hey dear….!! It was beautiful…. Eager to see what Ajay is…. Post soon…

    1. Amore

      Sure dear…

  6. Amber_Tufail3

    Its Amazingggggg…???plzz update next one soon

    1. Amore

      Sure Amber…

  7. Arti viswanathan

    Superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, nice, good, outstanding, fantastic, fabulous episode…… I loved it to the core….. i liked all the scenes….. I liked the way mina welcomes ajay and in the same way ajay welcomes his wife mina….. Why is he controlling his emotions towards mina and what is going on his mind… i think he might have girl friend or he might loved somebody from his college……tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you…… i will be waiting for next episode. …..

    1. Amore

      Arti… u r so sweet… thank you for such an energizing encouragement… will surely post asap

  8. awesome…………

    1. Amore

      Thank you

  9. Arshaanya

    Liked it…
    Bt same que wat kind of person is ajay??
    M lil cnfsd abt his chrctr… it was luk hez gud n like he fnd some sadness in her eyez n was lyk he wil fulfill her evry wish by dan d last line somethin else was on his mind ??
    Wud love to read nxt part
    Continue soon

    1. Amore

      Wow… u noticed… thanks for reading… u will know in the next shot… what actually Ajay is…

  10. Kakali

    Awesome Amore..!! Loved it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Amore

      Thank u kakali… glad to see one of the finest author in TU liking the story… and I’m sure you guys will help me improve…

  11. nice dear

    1. Amore

      Thanks ritu dear

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