tryst with destiny–KaYu [a kaala teeka tale] episode 4

yes so finally i got the 4th part for u to read..sorry for being so late..n also i wont write much this time as i have an exam on sunday..wish me luck!

frankly i dont even remember what exactly i wrote at last n i m too sleepy as it is 3 am…bt yes..i will..since i m taking a break of half n hr…

so last was, yug n kali were both looking forward to go to aeina industries…..
i frgt the name of kali frnd also so let it be eshaan for a while..n sorry for being so unproffesional
kali was sitting in the car busy doing nothing but playing candy crush while eshaan recieved a call n he had to go urgently to her daughter
eshaan:kaira i have to go to her school i guess u would hve to go to aeina industries alone
kali:what happened to her?
eshaan:teacher told she slapped a guy hard..
kali: haha..she is naughty, bt i dont want to go there, maybe u could go for the deal n…
eshaan:n i will tke an auto n go to her school…
kali: u n an auto??u cannot even book a taxi correctly..u take this car n i ll go in a taxi
eshaan:so much confidence..
kali:if i stand out n give a wave for lift..amost each n every taxi and auto will stop…but in ur case,u ll stand here for hrs n u lll not even get a rikshaw
eshaan:ahaan over-confidence..then proove urself..

kali stepped out and called out for a an instance she got a line of taxis for her to sit in…meanwhile yug was reviewing the papers when he felt her presence…by the time he could see her face,she was intaxi and wasnt visible

@aeina industries…
kali had reached before yug n was talking to someone when yug entered..he walked through the corridor n was turning left when he stopped,he couldnt believe his eyes,the lady of his dreams had again appeared in front of him…she was laughing..he was mesmerized but….a man came from behind and asked “sir why r u standing wont mind atten the youngest bussiness tycoon,mr.yug chou..”…yug any how stopped the man from completing his name as he knew kali would know..n she did..her eyes enlarged listening to yug’s name n she glanced the place…yug had hid…

yug said to himself thank god! she didnt see me..look at her,she is so happy..n if seeing my face causes her grief or takes away her dreams n happiness,,then nothing would be left..n he somehow managed to stop his devil feelings over ruling the unjust..he left the place
n they didnt meet…

gauri was so happy to be in mumbai..n the first thing she did was to throw the saris n get back to her normal be “miss gauri jha” again…hen the next thing she did was walking down the streets

eshaan was walking on road to take a gift for her cutie pie when he collapsed .gauri lost her balance n was about to fall when eshaan grabbed he..*eyelock*..
gauri:cant u walk n see..uh..i mean see n walk?
eshaan:hello madam!? it was u who was looking somewhere n walking somewhere..n u r shouting on me instead of being thankful tht i saved u from falling..
gauri: see listen whomsoever u r, mr.arrogant…u dont deserve a thanku cuz u r responsible for my falling..n now topic close
eshaan..haww ms.nachadi
huh-huh n they went their ways

{the reason behind creating a story b/w gauri n eshaan was tht gauri cn happily move oonn leaving kayu peacefully..n no1 pointing tht yug also di wrong..this is the only reason to introduce eshaan}

a few days passed..yug used to see kali each day..n he couldnt control his demon he just wanted to make the most beautiful lady his’s..n so he planned a big game plan…
he talked to his frnd…to arange an award function in july where yug be the organiser who invested money n kali….
it ook him longer bt within 5 days he was able to …
precap: yug n kali r staring each oyher
thts it this has noyhing much…its a lil bore bcuz the main theme of this ff is,yug trying to please her..

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  1. Actually I didn’t knew how to proceed any further…this won’t make u excited or happy…its a normal episode…I will write the next probably on Sunday when Kali n yug will meet..nt by fate but by planning……..n tht is bcuz I guess I have dragged enough.
    N I couldn’t even add a wow factor in this part so I m sorry. …. I broke my promise I feel….
    BT thanku for being wonderful…

  2. Saasha123

    Di it is wonderful. Don’t feel sad u broke ur promise. Infact i love this epi. And di ur second epi was damn tooo good. I used to keep on tellin my friends and they would reply oh god for some time stop talking about that ff. 🙂

    1. Saasha u r luvely…frankly speaking,reading ur comments and ur ff gets me the biggest smile on face…n mom asks y do u smile seeing some message….
      BTW don’t call me ‘di’..u might be elder to me

  3. Hi di why r u sending Ur episode so late. Di iam waiting for Ur episode. Di this episode is so nice.

  4. plz post d next part asap…….plz waiting for…..

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