tryst with destiny–KaYu [a kaala teeka tale] episode 3

guys u might be thinking that i took ur update soon so seriously tht i updates it very next day..well tht is due to my holidays going on n i wanted to get soon to the major plot of the story..should i make it very short or should i make it longer(i mean the no. of parts in this ff)..
n the most important thing is thanku so much ayesha, anu, saasha n sam for such an means alot,thank uh so much! lots of luv to u all..
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part1 Episode 1
part2 Episode 2

now coming to the story………i believe what i wrote after the leap of 1 year was just an intro abt what they r doing then…n just to tell i didnt take a leap of less than one yr bcuz being n doing someone great is never served to anyone on the plate..n moving on is also not tht easy…also i didnt take a leap more than one yr cuz then luv fades away..

kaira was singing n the whole crowd was chearing her loudly..finishing two of her song she went to the backstage until the next singer finishes his singing…

rehaan:wow kali!you were amazing!!
kali gave him a look..
rehaan:sorry :p
kali:only you know about this but if u speak so loudly the whole world will come to know n u know i dont want my past memories to shadow my future
rehaan:what r u planning to sing next?which of ur rock songs?
kali:i ll sing jal rahi hai…..
rehaan:what? are u joking? this would lead to loss?
kali:no i m not joking i m very serious, singing about my ramji wont bring any losses to this concert…
rehaan: you n your ramji…only god is ur maalik

she went on the stage n started singing………….jal rahi hai raha ka bann kar diya…aaoge tum aaoge ek din kabhi..sunlo meri iltejaah o raamji….

listening to the voice yug heart started to pounder again…
yug:excuse me!
n he left his cabin n clients to answer the unknown call ..(it was his ringtone-if anyone isint able to get my ixing of the two scenec)
yug:hello! whom am i speaking to?
mr.khurana: is that mr.yug choudhary,the vice chairman of kali industries speaking on the other end ?
yug: whom m i talking to?
mr.khurana:this is mr.khurana from aeina industries,mumbai
yug:yes mr.khurana..what have you brought in for me this time?
mr.khurana:there is a big international deal..will give you crores.n we wont be able to do this alone..
yug:send me the bussinees proposal then on my email
mr.khurana:no that cannot be need to come to mumbai

flashbacks start in yug’s mind..kali’s each n evry stage performance videos their old memories..

yug:sorry mumbai is not possible
mr.khurana:bt u need to cuz this venture cannot be leaked..n this venture might make our compaanies the best in india
yug:i ll let u know if i further if thts possible…please give me some time..i ll let u know by tommorow
mr.khurana:ohk yug..waiting for u in mumbai

yug gave a short slant smile.. n went to the cabing to continue his meeting….

kaira had sung the song n was leaving with rehaan…people were asking her out for selfies autograph and what seeing kali teray eyed rehaan asked everyone tht they might do this next time n they left…
kaali hoped tht yug wud come on day..

(at delhi)
{NOTE: i said yug used to sleep in kali’s room which i actually meant tht he used to sleep in the romm in which kali bed n other things left by her were kept..tht room was full of kali pics n yug n his family have shifted to delhi n vishwa n his family r living there(mithila) only}

yug was restless,he couldnt decide what should be done,he was hesitating to go there n stay near kali vuz he didnt wanted her to stop..he knew he was her gunhegaar who need to be if she saw him she would get sad and maybe annoyed too..he couldnt decide,
he asked manjhi maa telling her tht he needed to go to mumbai for a very important deal bt was hesitant due to the past that might overshadow the future of both the lives..
manjhi told him “yug u should go, u know whaat kali has moved onn in her life n she told the last time we met that she is ok…you should crack this deal..else no1 can stop the destiny to happen..not even the greatest power..if something is going to happen,it will”
yug:thanku pishima…


yug:good morning mr.khurana
mr.khurana:i knew u r disciplined bt at this height,i didnt knew that..look at the time its 5;30 clock
yug:sorry i didnt realise
mr.khurana:coming to mumbai ,right?
yug:tommorow 10 am sharp.send a driver n book a hotel please.
mr.khurana:your work will be done
yug:so will be yours

mr.khurana n yug both gave a smile while talking on phone

it was 5:30..kali never changed her schedule…she bathed n went to the mandir to pray…
she prayed that give yug long life,happiness n everything he deserves in his bussiness..vbadke papa astrology school n manjiri maa sanskrit classes should also have all ur blessings ramji……n she went….
she ate breakfast n suddenly someone came n frightened was rehaan..
rehaan:hey morning beauty! wassup? prayed to god for aunty uncle n yug?!
kali:yess i did..u tell? how is shanaya?
rehaan:she didnt want to go to school today..she was missing her mo..
kali:sorry! why dont u find urself a girl rehaan? i mean look at shanaya she is 5 now…5 yrs is a long time..
rehaan:kali why do u always pull out this matter if she is dead i ll always luv her..until i find my u shoudnt u know
kali: i just show best frnd concern..u know how difficult my life would have been if i wouldnt have clashed u in the train tht day..i am here just bcuz of ur support
rehaan:ha ha..stop ur melodrama..we have to sign another contract with some business tycooon
kali:ohk wait for a min

n they went..rehan is a producer btw..

gauri:i am really tires…i want to do something..bored of being a so called biwi…i think enough is enough,even i should leave cuz yug will never be happy with me
yug:daadi,papa,chachi,gauri i am going to mumbai,will be back in a week or in 15 days..basically idk when
papa:ohhk beta have a nice trip..i mean crack tht deal
yug:thank u papa(taking blessings)
daadi:lalla please take gauri along
yug ignored…
papa:yug maa kuch keh rahi hai..please take gauri along
yug:ohk fine pack u r bag gauri we r leaving tommorow……..
they were standing in front of aeina industries…

PRECAP:yug is at mumbai in some hotel asking for two rooms saying.. “ek room inn madame ke liye aur ek jo mere liye book hua”
then he is heading towards aeina industries..kali too is going there

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  1. Saasha123

    Hi di. Today’s epi was good. But it didn’t turn out to my expectations. I knw u r a great writer but today’s epi needed some morr entertainment. (I am sorry if my words hurt u)

  2. Hi iam disappointed with today episode. Because there is no any turning point. Sorry. But I feel u will write a awesome episode for me.

  3. even i felt the same after i posted so take it as part-3 A…actually though i have holidays bt since i m not tht big..i had an exam lined my brain didnt work properly :p SORRY
    n there was no turning point bcuz the next part will have the major turnout or will rather form the base
    so the next part would have turning point anu and saasha i am frankly not that good entertainer..i will make the next part upto your expectation i i m not so gud at fitting in some pun..n since this is my first ff….i have 2 questions lined up:
    1.should i go onn with creating a story for gauri too or should i just concentrate on kayu
    2. last time i did much on paragraph..this time i did more on line…what do u guys prefer

    also i m not a gr8 writer u r much better saasha ….

    1. Saasha123

      Please concentrate on kayu. And secondly i would prefer paragraph. Di don’t feel that u r not a good writer but u r a great writer like mariyah di and fatarajo di.

  4. also this part was just to mark the entrance of best frnd of kali-who being a producer set her career n change in gauri’s attitude..n wht all they r doign in their lives..i stretched it a bit…cuz making it totally storyless had no not hurt..m just dissappointed from myself..
    actually i m quite embrassed tht just for the sake of marking the entrance..i didnt fulfill exoectation…
    bt thanku for the genune part i write will surely have mmuch of story n will be hopefully awesome for u to read..THANKU SO MUCH FOR READING! I FEEL LIKE THE MOST BLESSED PERSON OF THIS UNIVERSE! i alwayas thought that whatever i write will never liked or disliked by anyone bcuz no1 will show so much concern.. bt u all be so sweet..thanku again..

    now i wont write such big messages, i promise n will not give u bad part

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow it’s awesome dear loved ur ff a lot and read the previous episode toons nah I don’t mind the name u used for kali 😛

  6. Hi di it was awsm I am waiting for the next epi and thanx for telling mee 🙂

  7. Hi iam waiting for next episode please send fastly

  8. Sorry di. I think iam hurt you sorry. U wrote well but some entertainment is missing. Ur episode 2 is awesome. I really love it

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