tryst with destiny–KaYu [a kaala teeka tale] episode 2


guys please do read n reply…evenn if its bad…n those who havent read the first part its link is here: Episode 1

kali had realised yug could walk….she thought it was time,it was time when yug should be told the truth as she thought there was hope that yug wud agree….her luv said her to do so……so kali decided to confront yug again….she told hime whatever happened tht day…..she showed him the message…bt who knew tht leela n gauri were behind listening to whatshe said….gauri said him tht i didnt message and its not my no..yug got confused again..kali went teary…n leela couldnt leave kali like leela told “u have forotten your haisiyat(aukaad/place), u r a kaala teeka n u should continue to be that. dont try to brainwash my son again n again n break their marriage”

kali:which marriage r u talking? the real marriage whose bond u r trying to disrupt or the fake one?
gauri got annoyed. she put his hand on kali’s hair..n pulled them badly n dragged her out of the room..yug screamed on gauri,he too got teary but was helpless as dadi stopped….

kali was being dragged down the stairs by gauri..yug couldnt resist a moment n he went to gauri n shook hi hand to free kali..he was about to slap gauri but the hand was stopped by…by kali…she told
“enough is enough yug,i can take care of myself! n even if i cant then u dont need to worry about tht cuz u have left me…i was rather much more hurt when u left me alone to struggle,when u didnt trust me even after giving u proofs,bt what gauri said was god ultimatum for u wasnt it? u said u luv me n u left me alone on the road of misery n struggle?u believed this shitty face which u even didnt like once,even when u knew how she is? how could u? …”
leela: “ae ladki naukar ho tum still we have placed u above tht..n how dare u talk to my lallaa like this?”
kali: please daadi u dont tell me anything..cuz u know tht i know the truth n i even know who is responsible for this..i have the gavahs n saboot all against two person…bt i wont show them cuz he luvs you all alot..
leela went numb
yug thought what is she trying to say indirectly…bt seeing tears in his daadi eyes
yug:see u have problem with us then why r u hurting my dadi..what has she done to u?i want to hate u bt i cant…
kali: u want to hate me right,then hate me mr.yug choudhary..u wud easily cuz u never luved me..u lied to me, u r not my ramji n i m not ur sita….
now u have given me few reasons to hate u i will always luv u no matter what happens n when u r in trouble i ll come…..
i m leaving forever..wish u a very happy married life oops fake married life mr.yug choudhary with ur so called real wife…
n gauri find urself another kt who could protect yug…i m no longer kaali or kali..bcuz u all never respected i ll be like maa kaali…n one day truth will strive n the wrong will be decieved.. she said giving a look to leela n gauri…
kali:n leela jii will marry anyone else so tht the gud luck of mine which u wanted in this house,will never be urs…tht is why this is my divorce to yug n aryan for samaaj eyes n one for mine…get the unlucky married to yug

she went up packed her bag n came down with luggage…yug was at its worse…last sentence which kaali spoke to him was when the blind’s curtain will rise then the truth will come henceforth in front of every1s eyes..n the day the waves will high rise,there will be rain n the moon and sun will be together to welcome the new life..the day u will get ur sita back……n i wil always luv u nomatter u distrust me n no matter tht my ram has already died…she gave him his mangalsutra washed off the sindur..took out the bangles n went away..

tsunami had arrived in yug’s life..her words slowly pierced him off..he was guilty..he was thinking to himself was kali right? why didnt i trust her…

it had been a month..yug was in depression..he tried to jump off the terrace bt majiri stopped him..leela saw tht from behind…n thus leela made a decision tht yug’s happiness n life is more important than the she decided to ask yug to give gauri a divorce..whic yug disagrreed…

no matter whatever happens in life one day or the other the truth has to rise…kali had gone leaving her memories behind with yug…..


it was one year since the incident happened..yug was the youngest most rising bussinessman…he denoted all of the hrs to bussiness n went bak home n slept where kali slept for the last time…gauri was still his wife…bt there was nothing b/w them..yug had already explained her tht soon kali n he will meet n live happilytogether n he is keeping gauri bcuz of her respect n nothing else….he had stopped talking to daadi…yug was decieved..he could never excuse anyone,even himself for what had happened..

thousands of peoply clapping hooding were heard….it felt like whole mumbai was shouting one name..kaira,kaira,kaira,kaira(sorry fatarjo for taking this name)
a beautiful girl with long hairs n a pinch of sindoor that showed her being married came in front of everyone wearing the most elegant saari yet having a guitar came on stage n sung…yes it was kali,she has changed,she sung more than jal rhi hai,she was a rockstar bt yet she was a wife…..

Credit to: kashi

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  1. Hii kashi very nice keep it up and eagerly waiting for next one and please write precap also and this is one of my favorite show but it current track is going bore and bore but ur ff is superb

  2. Hi kashi di. I just luv ur ff no words to praise u. Pls pls pls update the next soon. I have never became this big fan fr any ff. Love this ff.

  3. Ur episode awesome. Iam waiting for your next episode. Kali character is superb. Definitely u will become good writer

  4. Saasha123

    Pls update the next one tomorrow. Pls pls

  5. Hi kashi your ff was amazing and plz publish the next epi soon and plz how to write a ff plz tell mee coz I am free and for time pass I also want to write a ff

  6. Pls kashi update next episode. I can’t wait. Please

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