tryst with destiny–KaYu [a kaala teeka tale] episode 1

here is a short ff..i hope you all like commentn review even if tis bad(on 5)….here it is…….

kali saw yug lying on the car lifeless….she didnt knew what to do..her brain had stop working….she could feeling yug’s pulse n breathing rate could decreasing….she couldnt drive…she saw no1 to help her to get her life back to life in the hospital…she yelled,yelled it the fullest volume..only thing that was coming in her mind was tht yug need to be saved no matter what happens even if she needs to give her life, yug need to ssaved at any cost…yelling n crying on the road for help..she received call on gauri’s phone..she briefed the situation to manjhi and asked her to send an ambulance asap.manjhi maa further called leela…it was a situation of turmoil for three of them..they had their heart beat racing..specially kali who was sitting there keeping yug’s head on lap..yug was in semi-conscious situation…the accident was a bitter one…it was taking time for the ambulance to arrive…

she knew the only thing at that time could be done was to keep yug in the state of semi consciousness as told by her tacher she waved his head n started chattering..asking yug that he is listening see if he is fine or not…his breathing rate seemed to be reduced..there was no option left othr then her to give him breath..she put her hands on his chest and gave him a heavy blow of pump nothing seemed to work…she was quite unsure that it was right to do that or the devil side in her told her to do so..n the angel side told to save his she gave him a heavy blow of air from her lips to his lips….

the ambulance arrived n soon yug n gauri were taken to the hospital….yug was in ICU…the other family members arrived and they asked the situation…the doctor said he has been badly hurt…his situation is critical..tears rolled down from the eyes of many but the ones who really cared were leela,manjhi,kali n yug’s father,raghu…it was the baddest time..but gauri couldnt keep her gob shut..she kept on lingering on and off…kali ignored…she ws so tensed…
all her emotions,anxieties,fears,dreams, her luv and all the best memories tht were ofcourse with yug flew out of her heart n were rotationg n playing in her mind..seeing her life on the bed lifeless was the worst thing she could ever imagine..she was broken..she was helpless..all she could do was to pray..she wished god to take her life n give it to yug because without yug kali is nothing,she felt bad..also,she blamed herself tht if she hadnt left him with gauri nothing like this would have happened!!..

gauri drama did not stop she blamed kaali saying “u know what kali if you would have reached on time or you would have sat in the car this time wouldnt have arrived …. this is all ur saazish, u wanted to kill me tht is why u didnt gt into the it went upon u n yug got into your cheap track..i wonder why did dad pick you up from road,he should have let u suffer n why did i give u so much of space,if this space wouldnt have been given to u n u were treated like a servant nothing like this would have happened..u have forgotten what u r, yug is in this condition bcuz of ur cheapness” she gave her a slap..

kali couldnt resist her further..when she was going to give her slap she stopped her n gave her two on each side..gauri’s face swelled…kali said “ab dimaag chalne laga tumhaara? ki do aur maare tab samhogi?? n u better not tell me who did this accident? or maybe u should or else i will?gauri it was u bcuz of whom yug is at this condition, it is u who was drunk n drove n put my yug almost in the hands of death today..u know i m his wife,u took him away from me…!! bt whats wrong in tht isisnt it? yehi toh tum bachpan se krti aa rhi ho, dokha!i used to do thingss for u,i used to sing for u, i did everything from cleaning ur toilet to cleaning ur slippers…bt u never cared of me,my feelings…infact u never regarded me even as a human tht is why i suffered, u chained me up,u didnt llet me do what i wanted, u took my life n made me ur kaala teeka..if u would have stopped that from happeneing even after knowing the truth..

wait bt why m i telling u this..u all were insane who did this to me on the name of superstitions..n instead of telling me thanku or being gud with me u took my biggest happiness of life..u took my yug away from me,even when u knew how much we r in luv with each other just bcuz of mere obsession of urs…u made me “marry aryan” though i didnt u know the truth tht i married only n only would have been bettr if u would have asked me b4 marriage n not alleged my character….bt today if nything happens to yug..no1..n tht means no1 will be able to save u from me,not even my ramji!!! so just watch out..

gauri became a bheegi billi n went away…….yug condt. worsen…kali prayed in her sweetest voice…yug condition got bettr..

leela asked kali to do vat savitri the next day as a kt….bt kali denied,she told or rather manjhi told “kali will do vat savitri only as yug’s wife..only when she get her rights of being his true wife ” leela gt irked bt couldnt deny she agreed…

after vat savitri fast they went to hospital..yug didnt open his eyes…days passed,kali continued her was 3 days since she hadnt eaten or drank something n she kept on worshipping,she wud listen to no1……when they went to hospital next..gauri said she wanted to go inside bt looking at manjhi eyes leela denied her n sent kali..kali sat down near yug….she held his hand n told him truth…she told him i hope u will believe me after this..she told i luv u..yug opened his eyes n mumbled kali name…he told he luved her too..

soon every1 came inside…all were happy ……bt gauri had another plans she went inside..she told tht her vat savtri yug could easily find out the truth seeing kali condition…so he then it was time for gauri to worse conditionn..she said kali is now aryan fine, he was also not well naa…yug got angry…he got discharged

it had almost been a week now….things had changed…when kali reaalised tht yug could walk now….she thought that its time…

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  1. Its lovely. I loved it.

    1. thanku sasha…i even luv ur ff..update soon!

  2. actually this was written by me when the accident just happened so there r quite similiarities…..i thought to change it bt i felt the whole thing has less of emotions..n i was so screwed watching this… the next part is going to have changes

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