The truth is out #svetlana #chulkara @dbo (FF) Part 1

Hello guys this is my first TS and I am too nervous well not nervous a kind of michmichi so I am going to write a TS based on svetlana’s truth and this is TS part 1
Firstly there are some points to be noted
Svetlana didn’t burn that photo
Dr dang made an entry in oberoi mansion but once but twice
Sorry for any grammatical errors
Enjoy it

The episode starts with dr. dang treating chulbul, everyone looks tensed
Tej: oh we are wasting our time
Jhanvi: stop it tej he saved my life
Tej: that’s the problem
Jahnvi: u r so mean tej
Omkara: that’s what I was saying
Chulbul opens her eyes
Omkara: chulbul r u fine
Gauri: yes omkara ji

Svetlana comes
Svetlana: who saved her from such a critical condition
Omkara: its no use of talking to u
Svetlana pov: its just beginning u cant even imagine what will happen next
Svetlana: so chulbul u r saved
Omkara: just leave I said just leave
Svetlana: fine
Svetlana goes
Svetlana sees dr.dang
Svetlana: so u were the one who saved chulbul life
Dr dang in shivering tone: yes
Svetlana: then I should present u something
Dr dang: what
Svetlana takes knife and kills him
Svetlana: my secret will be mine

FB starts showing Svetlana and photo wali ladki(krystal)
Svetlana real name is celene(my bff name)
Celene: remember this time we have to get that kit
Krystal: don’t worry everything is going according to our plan
They reach dr dang house
Dr dang had created a machine which centriguges the blood and converts into a chemical by chemical reaction which is used in skin transformation which celene had planned to get it
Bell rings
Dr dang opens the door
Celene: dr my frnd is in critical condition only u can save her
Dr dang: but where is she
Celene brings krystal in his house
Celene: dr may I know where is wash room I want to vomit I cant see my frnd like this
Dr dang: sure and signs a direction
Dr dang checks krystal while celene is busy in finding machine
Dr dang: there is nothing wrong with her
While krystal wakes up and make him smell chloroform
Celene is busy searching the things and does all hulla gulla in dr dangs room
Celene see a locker and goes to check it and goes to open and it ask finger print password
Celene: what to do how to bring him here
While krystal brings him
Krystal: no worries everything is moving smoothly
Celene: great
They open the locker with his fingerprint and removing the machine
Celene: plan A is completed
Krystal: no its not
Celene: what do u mean
Krystal goes to stab celene but she escapes from there and runs
She sees Svetlana driving car
She wantedly comes before her car and gets dashed keeping the machine carefully
Svetlana gets down from her
Svetlana: what nonsense
Celene stabs svetalana and takes her body in car
She then finds everything in detailed about Svetlana
She hits tej car and saves him(how her body gets transformed will be shown in next part)
They enter oberoi mansion
Tia: Svetlana di
Svetalana: nothing happened to me(in svetlanas voice) I will reveal it in next part
FB ends

Svetlana aka celene: I can kill everyone for my mission like how I killed my friend krystal

Fb starts
Celene going to old factory
Krystal will be there and wont recoznise her
They come face to face
Celene skin slowly getting transformed
Krystal gets shocked
Krystal: so u came
Celene takes a knife and stabs her
FB ends

Svetlana: now I have to find out permanent solution of this which dr dang had kept in oberoi mansion
Chulbul enters
Chulbul: sultana madam u r tea
Svetlana: thank u chulbul today I am so happy so I need to celebrate [I don’t want this tea drink it u r self
Chulbul: so strange
Svetlana leaves
Chulbul is about to leave and tea fells down
Chulbul: oh my god ab yeh mujhe nahi chodegi
He bends to clean it and sees krystal photo
Chulbul: it is the same photo which omkaraji is playing tom and jerry with sultana
She picks it up

Svetalana comes
Svetlana: how dare u to take it
She burns it in front of her
Svetlana: next time I will burn u
Chulbul runs and goes to omkaras room
Omkara: what happened chulbul
Chulbul: omkaraji
She falls on omkara and they share an eyelock
Saathiya plays
They come to their normal position
Omkara: what happened chulbl
Chulbul: I saw that…. That photo
Omkara: what? R u sure
Chulbul: ha omkara ji(yes omkara ji)
Omkara: where is that
Chulbul: she burnt it
Omkara: no this cant happen
Chulbul: don’t worry I heard u r a sketch artist I saw that lady
Omkara: u mean I have to do sketch
Chulbul tells everything she saw her eyes etc
Omkara: completed
Chulbul: lets give a look
Omkara looks and gets shocked

Why omkara gets shocked?
Why buamaa is more possessive about omkara
How did Svetlana(celene) changed her voice
Stay stunned for next part
Do read hope u like it
Thanks for reading

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  1. Candy dear, DBO is really disappointed me.Soo I like your ff. And it wii be more interesting. Keep it up.aur plz jaldi jaldi sultana ko nikal do. I don’t want her.mera ye request accept karlo. Plz post next part as soon as possible.

    1. actually this is not ff this ts tu made a mistake here i will soon publish the next and last part
      thnx for reading

    1. thnx for reading

  2. Nice Candy…..keep going and post next part ASAP

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  3. It is nice one dear…

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  4. Abhija17

    wow candy superb…it’s like some suspense thriller…itz really awesome..u have great creativity..keep writing..waiting 4 next part…

    1. thank u so much abhija it is a very big word and it really means a lot

  5. Soumya85

    Awesome candy actually I don’t read ib or dbo ff as I don’t watch them but u have written so I’m reading was nice ts do post the next soon

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  6. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. I loved it….

    1. it is a very big word and it really means a lot

  7. it is a very big word and it really means a lot
    thnx for reading

  8. Chanya

    Awesome u r having a great creativity..keep it up dear..Actually I don’t watch dbo or ib nowadays it’s the first time I am reading a dbo ffthat too in middle night..??..bye..

    1. it is a very big word and it really means a lot
      thnx for reading

  9. Chanya

    If u can plz send me the link of next part..

    1. sure

  10. Superb candy I loved it keep writing and if U write send me link if I’ll cum back then I’ll read if I’ll not then NP Keep writing ?????????

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      1. Neha_Pheonix many kisses….I am blushing baby….But really you TS deserves this appreciation..Dont forget to send me the next link…Love ya too…..??????….??????

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