The truth of love Episode 7


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Scene 1
Maheshwari mansion
The story continues as Kavita introduces herself to Swara
Swara is stunned to see sanskar having a girlfriend
Kavita:who are you? Sanskar never told me about you?
Sanskar:Kavita,swara is my brother’s wife’s younger sister
Kavita:o hi…tabh to tum iss gharki he family member hui(den even you are our family member)
Swara smiles at dis nd xcuses herself while sanskar smiles remembering about there small argument, while swara thinks how to give Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari a good answer for making fun of her
When swara entered in ragini’s room she gets surprised to see the servants cleaning the glass pieces nd the shattered mirror… swara thinks of asking them who did this all,as she got concerned about ragini suddenly ragini comes out from the washroom at that moment
Swara could see the warm smile on ragini’s face nd so goes and gives her a warm hug
Ragini: swara,what happened?is everything alright there
Swara:(still smiling)yes baba,evrythin is ok…maa said to give u these all nd see what i hav got
She took out one card from her bag and gave it to ragini
Ragini:(surprised and extremely happy) Nisha di’s card? Dat means she has forgiven me,but den where is she?

Swara:she could not come as she had to leave for some important work ,but she send dis card for you
Ragini continues reading the card while swara remembers how she bought a card on her way to maheshwari mansion nd copied Nisha’s handwriting so dat she can bring smile on her sister’s face
Ragini:its ok i m sure she’ll come to meet me some other day…
After dis ragini and swara sit on the bed and chat about there childhood memories. How dey used to tickle there grandpa’s nose with bird feather…den how dey broke there neighbours glass while playing cricket nd den ran away. Due to this swara remembers about those glass pieces she had seen in ragini’s room and asks ragini about it
Ragini:(hesitates)ummm…i did dat
Swara:what?but why?
Ragini: i was angry with myself and laksh forr…
She didn’t need to say anything else as swara knew the rest

Suddenly they heard someone calling swara’s name…she turned to find laksh standing at the door and smiling at her
Laksh:re swara,what a pleasant surprise to see you here
Swara just smiled at him…after whatever he did with her sis it was quite hard for swara to show a friendly gesture towards laksh
Swara:ok ragini,i should leave now…its already quite late
Ragini:but swara u just came
Swara: ragini i came at 11am nd now its 1:30pm…soo no more xcuses i hav to leave
Swara turns to laksh nd says bye when suddenly she suddenly confronts Annapurna
Swara:re namaste aunty
Annapurna: why r u leaving soo fast swara

Swara : no aunty i m already late nd maa will wait for me
Annapurna: call Sumi g nd inform her that today u will hav ur lunch with us
At dis swara tries to protest but ragini accepts dis nd pleads swara to hav the lunch with her
So at last swara informs Sumi nd Shekhar dat she’ll have lunch with ragini

Scene 2
At Maheshwari mansion
After the lunch
Swara hugs ragini while leaving when Ap informs her that Sanskar will give her a lift
Swara looks at Sanskar at dis, while he gives her wicked smile at which she turns around to ignore him
Ragini tells swara to wait as she goes inside to bring something…after sometime she brings a Saraswati maa’s idol nd hands it to swara
Swara: what’s dis for?
Ragini: Nisha di gifted this when i had exams as she believed that it helps you for studies nd also things related to studies so i thought u might need dis as you want to go for the music college
Swara gets teary eyed nd hugs ragini while thanking her for this precious gift nd leaves
Outside maheshwari mansion sanskar goes to bring the car when swara thinks if she should sit in the front seat or back seat…at last she sits’ in the front seat beside sanskar
While going to swara’s hose suddenly sanskar askes
Sanskar:why were you looking soo awkwardly when my girlfriend came nd hugged me,nd also when u got to know dat she’s my gf?(looking at her) jealous?

Swara:huh…plzz why shall i b jealous if you hav a gf,nd for ur kindest information i was not looking at u both ‘Awkwardly’ but ya i was surprised
Sanskar:(confused) surprised? Y?
Swara: coz mujhe nehi laga Tha k tuum jese khadoos se koi pyar bhi kar sakta hai(coz i never thought dat someone can even love a person as irritating as ‘U’)
Sanskar:(surprised) u r d first person who thinks dat i m irritating nd all dose nonsense stuff abt me
Swara:ya dis means dat you really r an irritating creature
Sanskar: no, dis means dat you r a fool as ur d only one who thought all dese things abt me
Swara opens her mouth to protest but suddenly sanskar says
Sanskar: tumhara ghar agaya( ur house has arrived)
Swaralooks at him angrily nd says
Swara:Il take my revenge very soon
Sanskar: Il wait for it Sweety
He gives her a flying kiss which surprises her nd den leaves…

To be continued….

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Credit to: Nisha

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