The truth of love Episode 6


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The story continues…
Scene 1
Maheshwari mansion
While ragini is sitting on the floor looking at the glass pieces,she suddenly hears commotion outside the room nd den suddenly the door opens nd den closes quite fast
Ragini doesn’t see who came inside d room or may b she didn’t want to see
Laksh comes at the other side of the bed nd is shocked to see the shattered pieces of glass nd ragini’s condition
Laksh:ye sab kya hai ragini?
Ragini:kuch nehi
While getting up she hurts her hand with some of the glass pieces
Laksh:hav u lost it ragini,wat ha v u done to yourself.

He holds her hand to do the first aid but she moves her hand
Ragini:mujhe aap k hamdardi Ki koi zarurat nehi hai Laksh
Laksh: i know that,per Abhi tumhai first aid Ki zarurat hai
He forcefully held ragini’s hand nd did the dressing,ragini was quite surprised to see his concern for her but after he is done she shakes off his hand,laksh gets tensed to see ragini’s behaviour

Ragini:aap yahapar soo jayii…il go nd sleep in d hall
Laksh:hav u lost it ragini everyone will get to knw
At dis ragini thinks for a while nd den says
Ragini:then Il sleep on d floor
Laksh:not needed Il sleep
Ragini:nehi laksh ye aap ka kamra hai aap bed pai soyi
Laksh:ragini plzz stop arguing for everything
Ragini:fine den u sleep on those glass pieces

Nd so she takes her pillow nd lies down on one side of the bed
Late at night ragini wakes up as she hears laksh calling her
Laksh:(almost whispering) ragini,ragini utho
Ragini:what is it?
Laksh:ragini can i sleep with you?
Ragini:(shocked) kyaaah?
Laksh: i mean can u share d bed with me…i swear Il b on d other side not disturbing you…
Ragini gets up nd brings two to three pillows nd keeps them in the middle of the bed
Ragini:yes now u can sleep without disturbing me
Laksh:thank u
While laksh feels relived ragini smiles at laksh’s condition

Scene 2
Next day morning
Swara nd ragini’s house
Swara comes inside nisha’s room nd sees her sleeping while still sitting on the chair
Swara:Nisha di get up…maa is calling u for breakfast
Nisha:agaye tum sab
Swara sees Nisha nd understands dat she had been crying for long
Swara:di aap ragini ko mi… But Nisha did not allow swara to finish her sentence
Nisha:uss ladki ka naam bhi maat Lena
Swara:but di it was not her fault…she did not wish to marry him…the day before yesterday he spoke to her nd convinced her to marry him for Annapurna aunty’s sake
Nisha: i knw dese all swara but ragini could have denied for the wedding…nd how can she marry that b****y hell…dat useless creature
Swara:i can understand di dat u hate him for ruining ragini’s life but do u knw how bad ragini felt when she heard dat u will not attend her wedding
Nisha:(to herself) i wish i could tell you for whom he ruined ragini’s life

They hear Sumi calling them for breakfast
Swara:chaliye di aab ghuse ko thopia or nashta karne chaliye
Nisha:u leave Il catch up with u guys a little later
As swara goes downstairs nd have’s her breakfast when Sumi informs her to go to maheshwari mansion nd give some of ragini’s belonging she might need there
Swara:theek maa den Il take Nisha di with me
Nisha:nehi swara i won’t b able to come with u
Swara:but y di plzz…ragini will be soo happy to see u there
Nisha:(angrily)swaraaa…i hav got some important works to do nd so Il go dere some other day…nd as she speaks all dis she puts two breads inside her mouth nd leaves

Scene 3
At maheshwari mansion
Swara comes dere to give the things to ragini nd also comes with some important things for the upcoming rituals
Suddenly while working with her mobile phone she bangs her head with someone nd gets hurt
That person:ouch,dekh nehi chal sakti kya
Swara:(while looking down nd rubbing her forehead it) sorry m so…
As she looks up she suddenly finds dat irritating face
Sanskar:oh…its u…tab to ye hoona he Tha…tum aandhi ho ye Mai kaise bhul sakta hu
Swara:xcuse me…how dare u speak like dat to a me
Sanskar:(sarcastically)ooo…m sooo sorry jhansi Ki rani…maate hume maaf kardeejia plzz
Swara thinks of answering him but leaves when suddenly she slips on the stairs but fortunately sanskar holds her…they have a cute eyelock (while tere bin song frm wazir plays)but not for long as suddenly some one shouts sanskar’s name frm the door step…swara nd sanskar compose them selves nd sees that lady coming nd hugging him…swara gets confused nd thinks
Swara(in her mind)aise kharus sai koi pyar bhi karta hai?strange
The girl looks at her nd introduces herself to swara
‘Hi I m Kavita,Sanskar’s girlfriend’

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Credit to: Nisha

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