The truth of love Episode 5


Thank you ppl for your opinions and comments…i m happy that you ppl are really reading my ff with soo much interest…thank you again…nd i m sure dat in dis episode you’ll get to knw the pairs?

Scene 1
Maheshwari mansion
There are many guest’s in the house. The house is decorated with flowers and lights. There’s a beautiful mandap in the middle of the hall…while everybody is praising Durga Prasad for this beautiful arrangement ,in one of the rooms of the house a person sits appalled nd in another room someone else curses the fate for doing all dis…these two get back to the present as Annapurna calls both of them to come down to fulfill the rituals of this auspicious day
Swara comes inside the room nd sees her sitting like a stone without any expression on her face…she was not crying but she was not happy
Swara:Ragini aunty bularahi hai
There was no reply,swara got scared as the thought came to her mind dat if ragini has…ragini has committed su…suicide
Swara:Ragini,plzz don’t sit like dis…plzz say something
At last ragini replied
Ragini:what shall i say swara…life has been playing with me since my childhood. Why swara Why?
Swara saw the tears rolling down from ragini’s eyes nd she couldn’t take it…even she started crying
Ragini:you know what swara,i feel as if I m a puppet for him. When he doesn’t like me he’ll leave and say no nd when he feels like playing with me he’ll say yes…

Swara couldn’t take it anymore,she hugged ragini while ragini broke down…but they were suddenly interrupted by Sumi
Sumi:re ragini tu roo kiu rahi hai?
Ragini:kuch nehi maa vo
Sumi:i know you are crying because you’ll miss us right?
Ragini nod’s at this ,even if she was actually crying for some other reason but this thought was also there in one corner of her heart
Sumi:see dear its d game of life…if u are a girl then you will hav to make two families…haa uske baad ke family ka to tum jaan ti hi ho…
Sumi smiles at her small joke but ragini was already in some other world thinking about the consequences she’ll hav to face next
Sumi:chalo beta mauhrat ka samay nikla ja raha hai
Ragini gets up and goes downstairs while swara thinks how strong her sister is to still go on with all his drama
Ragini comes down wearing her red wedding dress while everyone speaks about how lucky the maheshwari ‘s r to get such a sanskary bahu
Ragini does not speak to anyone and as if possessed by some unnatural powers, straight away goes nd sits in the mandap…over there she could feel laksh looking at her but she did not turn…she was too disgusted and angry to look at his face…nd soo the rituals started

Scene 2
Maheshwari mansion(after the wedding)
Ragini is sitting in a room which is decorated beutifully with red roses and flowers nd the bed is too decorated…but she didn’t feel like looking at them…she wanted to ruin all these decorations nd scream…she wanted to slap him for ruining her life…why did she even listened to him for the second time…

Flash back–
The Bhardwaj family comes to the hospital to see Annapurna after her stroke…while Shekhar speaks to Durga Prasad,Ragini enters ap’s room unaware about the presence of Laksh
Ragini:(still not knowing that Laksh is dere)Aunty
She see’s a person sitting beside ap,as he turns ragini starts thinking that if these all happened as he told them about his denial for the marriage
AP:re Ragini beta ao ao…
With Annapurna’s gesture ragini understood dat he had not said anything yet
Ragini: aunty ye sab kaise Hua?
AP:aunty nehi beta maa…after all u will be the daughter in law of our house day after tomorrow…
AP smiles…but laksh nd ragini look at each other not knowing wat to say
Ragini:maa ye sab kaise?
Laksh:actually maa never took her medicines nd she has got high b.p sooo…
AP:re ragini actually i was soo busy with the preparations dat i forgot to take the medicines
It seemed as if the words like preparations and wedding had started hurting ragini a lot
Ragini: but maa you hav to take care of ur health right…if u fall sick den how will we be happy
Ragini now sat beside Annapurna…she felt a little awkward to do it now as laksh had already broken there….
AP:(while caressing ragini’s hands) now as my daughter-in-law will come Il be tension free…
nd so gives ragini a sweet smile
Ragini gets up to leave while suddenly laksh stops her
Laksh: ragini wait,Il come with you,i need to talk to you
Ragini found herself dumb at that time,she had no idea abt wat he wanted to talk or abt wat will be his next step
As soon as they came out from ap’s room…before ragini could speak anything laksh grabbed ragini’s hand nd took her to a dark corner of the hospital
Ragini:ye sab kya hai laksh…what do u want now
Laksh: plzz don’t get angry but i cant find any other way in dis kind of situation xcept.(he stops) except marrying you
Ragini opens her mouth to speak but laksh keeps his hand on her mouth and doesn’t allow her
Laksh:see ragini maa’s already ill nd now if she gets to no dat i hav denied for dis marriage den her health will deteriorate soo plzz understand…mai ye maa k liye karna chahta hu
As he says dis he removes his hand frm ragini’s mouth
Ragini looks at him nd starts crying
Ragini:nd wat abt me laksh…day before yesterday u said u wont marry me coz u luv someone else…den wat abt your love…over there she might be waiting for you that when u will go and marry her…nd will you b able to give me the position of a wife in your heart?
Laksh doesn’t reply
Ragini: laksh ye putle ya guriya ka khel nehi hai…ye shadi hai…isme do loog ak janam k liye ak dorri se bandh jate hai…its not that you will marry me whenever you wish nd den leave when u r bored…
Laksh doesn’t reply nd dis makes ragini mad…she shakes him
Ragini:(while shaking laksh) hamara jawab deejeeye laksh
Laksh:(shouts) then tell me what shall i do…if i inform dis to my family then maa might hav another stroke…i cant loose her can i?…oor jahatak baat rahi shadi Ki den Il compromise…there r many ppl who compromise nd live a happy life in d future…
They both look at each other appalled nd so laksh leaves ragini nd goes back to his family
While ragini continues crying
Flash Back ends–

Now as ragini remembers all dis she throws the small statue she had once gifted to Laksh after there engagement on the mirror which shatters the glass…watching the shattered glass pieces she feels her shattered heart while cursing laksh for ruining her life…

Plzzz comment ppl…coz ur comments grow my confidence to write the next episode?

Credit to: Nisha

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