The truth of love Episode 4


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The story continues as everyone comes back after shopping

Scene 1
At night
Swara nd ragini’s house
Swara comes inside ragini’s room by the terrace door nd sees Nisha over dere
Swara:di,where’s ragini?
Nisha:she went to bring water for me
Swara:is everything ok with her?
Nisha:(tired)she had been crying the whole day…kisi tarha samjha bujha k chup karayi hu…patanehi ab vo kya karegi
Swara keeps her hand on Nisha’s shoulder wen suddenly dey hear somebody saying
Ragini:kon kya karega di?

At dis both of them look at her,before they could explain anything ragini says
Ragini: di, swara, i already spoke to laksh nd he said dat he’ll speak to both the families,so there’s no problem…nd don’t bother yourselves about my condition nd sleep
Swara:but ragini…
Ragini:no swara plzz…let me forget this things as a bad dream

Scene 2
Next morning at Maheshwari mansion –
Laksh gets prepared to speak about his step when suddenly sanskar comes dere… With a frightened look on his face
Laksh:re bhai kya Hua?
Sanskar:(panting for breathe)laksh..laksh…vo badi maa…badi maa ko
Laksh: maa ko?maa ko kya?
Sanskar: badi maa ko heart attack aya hai
Laksh:(shocked) kyaah?
Sanskar:come with me as fast as u can
And so they leave for the hospital…even if laksh was worried abt his mother’s condition but at one corner of his mind he was sure dat dis incident is going to create a lot of problems in his and ragini’s life

Scene 3
At hospital
The doctor comes out of the ward after checkin Annapurna
Durga Prasad: hows Annapurna doctor?
Doctor:it seems as if u r not taking care of her at all
Doctor:after knowing dat she’s got such high blood pressure den why you did not give her the medicines…it has affected a lot…i hav given d medicines,she’ll be ok but after dis it might get risky nd plzz don’t give her any tension it may cause problems in her health
Laksh:can i plzz see maa for once
Doctor:yes you may but one by one
Before Durga Prasad could say anything laksh runs nd enters his mother’s room
Laksh:maa r u ok?

Ap:re laksh…mujhe kya Hua?
Laksh:maa plzz don’t speak anything…y didn’t u take your medicines properly
Ap:i was soo busy with the preparations dat i forgot
Laksh:mom how can u be soo reckless

Ap:its ok laksh once ur weeding is done Il feel free before dat it feels like a burden…but when my daughter-in-law will come she’ll take care of me nd even Il be tension free
Hearing this laksh felt shaken from inside…how is he supposed to tell them that he doesn’t want to marry ragini as he loves sw…

Annapurna saw tears on laksh’s eyes
Ap:laksh y r u crying? Dnt cry beta Il b fine don’t worry about me
But he wished she knew dat he was not crying for her but he was crying on his fate…he was crying on his foolishness
If he had said no at the time when ragini nd he were getting engaged den these would never have been the situation

Scene 4
At swara nd ragini’s house
Swara,Ragini nd Nisha were having breakfast when suddenly sumi gets a call nd is shocked to hear the news
Swara:kya Hua maa kiska phone Tha?
Nisha:what did he say?(thinking that laksh might hav informed them about not marrying ragini)
Sumi: he said dat annapurna g has got a mild heart attack and is admitted in the city hospital
Everyone is shocked to hear dis
Daadi:den we should go over there

Sumi:yes,girls get ready as fast as possible
Everyone starts getting ready to leave for hospital except ragini…as she wonders d whole time if laksh had infirmed Dem anything or not…
To be continued…

Credit to: Nisha

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