The truth of love Episode 3


Hello ppl….thank u sooo much for your advice nd really helped me to solve d pairing problem,sorry for the typing mistakes i did in my last update nd thank u again

scene 1
it continuos as swara(irritated) sits in there hall room…when suddenly Nisha comes back with Ragini
Dp:re ye daikho Ragini beta a gayi…
at dis everyone looks up to see Nisha standing with Ragini…
Sanskar:laksh i never knew that your choice was soo good
Sanskar:Ragini looks stunning dude…dis is d first time i saw her…i wish i had found her before u…phir Mai he shadi kar leta
laksh:bhai…plzz don’t irritate me
sanskar:hmmm…jealous (he gives him a wicked smile)
everyone was praising ragini as she was looking stunning with her blue anarkali,but only swara could see those secret tears ragini tried not to show to others while giving a fake smile
everyone settled when Nisha came and sat beside swara

Nisha: I don’t know for how many hours ragini will be able to put on this fake smile on her face
Swara: don’t worry di…i know her…she’s a strong girl…
Nisha: i knw but love
swara could see Nisha’s tensed face…it was normal after all after soo much of hard work dey could make ragini believe in love nd now…
suddenly sumi gave a suggestion of going out nd buy some important things for the wedding when both the families were present, leaving ragini nd laksh
swara:par maa how can ragini stay alone?
Shekhar: swara don’t worry laksh us staying with her
Nisha,Swara,Ragini nd Laksh all shout at the same time:Kyaah?
everyone looks at them
Nisha:maa Mai kya karungi app logo k sath jaa k…so Il stay with them
sumi:no beta…even swara nd u r coming with us…(taking Nisha aside) give Dem some private time
Nisha:(in her mind) vahi to problem hai…kal Diya Tha oor dekh bhi liya
Ap: ok den lets leave now

Everyone leaves Ragini is appalled to see d situation
after everyone has left laksh nd ragini sit in silence for a long time…at laast laksh speaks
laksh: daikho ragini…
ragini: laksh i don’t need any explanations about what happened yesterday or today,u just tell me if u will inform ur family about ur decision of not marrying me or Il hav to do it
laksh: no ragini,Il do it u don’t have to do anything
Ragini:(almost on the verge of crying) fine then i hope dat by tomorrow morning everyone will get to know the truth
laksh saw the tears in her eyes bd tries to console her but she leaves before he could say anything
laksh:(in his mind) why do i feel soo bad when i see her crying,i don’t love her…but then

scene 2
Nisha,Swara nd Sanskar are standing at one of the corners of the shopping mall while the elders are shopping for the wedding
Nisha: yaar swara,i m tensed
Swara: di aap ek kaam karo, go and buy cold drinks for yourself…cold drinks peenai se tension kaam hota hai
Sanskar:achaa…den di can u plzzz buy one for me
Swara:(angrily) Hello mister, my sister won’t buy cold drinks for strangers
Sanskar: stranger?who? Me?
Sanskar:how cum? Ur sister is getting married to my bro after 1 day…den we will be relatives right
Swara: i don’t care…u cant order my sister to bring cold drinks for you…she’s not your waitress okay..huh bada aya order karne wala
Sanskar: excuse me u…
suddenly Nisha stops Sanskar nd says
Nisha:its ok Il bring cold drinks for u too…now don’t fight for this petty thing
ns soo she leaves while she’s surprised at the sudden change of swara’s jesture towards sanskar…nd in dat corner swara glares at sanskar while sanskar smiles at his small success

ok…i hope dat u all will like dis episode too like the last one…nd thanx a lot again

Credit to: Nisha

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