The truth of love Episode 2


Hello ppl….thanx a bunch for ur comments…it encouraged me alot…but also confused me about pairing swasank or swalak nd pairing raglak or ragsank…so plzz help me out by giving ur reviews…nd thank u again?

the episode continues as swara cries nd comes inside d room at night after meeting laksh…she closes d door while unaware of Nisha’s presence…
Nisha:(excitedly asks) wat happened? Wat did he say? Did he confess anything? Ragini kuch to baata
with this she turns ragini nd see’s her crying…Nisha gets surprised
Nisha:what happened? Why the hell are u crying? What did laksh say?
Ragini:(still crying) he said dat he does not want to marry me…he’s not happy with the marriage…he loves someone else
After saying these she broke down before her sister…Nisha hugged her to console,while suddenly they heard dere terrace door opening,Nisha turned to see swara coming there
Swara:what happened di? Is everything ok with her?
Nisha: laksh said no for the wedding

Swara:what? Is he out of his mind?
Nisha: i do think so…
swara could see nisha’s irritated expression
Nisha:(shaking ragini) why didn’t you ask him why is he doing this?
Ragini:(still crying) coz he loves someone else
Nisha: how can he leave u just 2 days before the weeding…u r not a napkin dat after usage he’l throw it…how rude
Swara: dats y he did not reply when i asked how it went
Nisha:wait,Il show him tomorrow wat i can do to him for hurting my sister’s emotions
at dis ragini stopped crying
Ragini:no di u r not going to do anything…plzz nothing

scene 2
Maheshwari’s house
laksh is getting ready to go for college…while coming down for his breakfast he finds his house decorated with flowers nd lights
Laksh:maa…anythin special today
Sujata:Ai lo,jiji jiski shadi hai usko hi nehi pata Ki usko shadi hai…re laksh these all decorations are for ur wedding
Ap:but wat laksh? Only one day is left so all the decorations are supposed to be started frm now right? She gives her a sweet smile
Laksh:maa i understand but…
suddenly laksh is interrupted by his elder brother Sanskar
Sanskar:no but’s after all youl change from a bachelor to a gentleman soo hav fun…
laksh starts getting tensed…he hadnot informed them anything about yesterday not even to his bhai…now what to do?

scene 3
At swara and ragini’s house
suddenly simmi nd Shekhar find maheshwari family coming there…tgey greet each other while annapurna informs them that they came to choose the wedding cards…hearing this Swara,Nisha nd Ragini get surprised
Dp:where is ragini? Call her…after all even she has got the right to choose her own wedding card
simi:yes sure…(she asks Nisha to bring Ragini nd orders Swara to close the door)
swara goes to close the door while still confused about day before’s incident when suddenly she hears someone saying
‘ Excuse me i m still there to join my family’
at she looks up to find that rude familiar face
Sujata: re sanskar beta why were you soo late? Do you all know each other?
at dis swara turned back to face him again
Sanskar:not at all maa
swara got confused

Flashback shows —
swara is very happy nd is ina party…she’s getting cold drinks for herself when suddenly she bangs with some one and her cold drinks fall on his shirt
swara:am soo sorry i didn’t see you
(she tries to help him)
sanskar:cant you see and walk you spoiled my shirt now what am i supposed to do?
swara(in her mind) how ruude
swara:come let me help you
sanskar:don’t spoil my day any more

swara:xcuse me ,i m d one spoiling ur day…i dnt even knw u nd i m spoiling ur day
sanskar:ya you did
swara:i had been apologizing to u frm sat time…i m trying to help you out nd you r telling i spoilt your day…don’t you have any manners how to speak to a lady…dis is how speak to ur mom too…how rude u…
but she could not finish her sentence…suddenly she felt a sharp pain at ger back nd days when she realized that sanskar had pinned her to the wall nd was too close…dat is too close
sanskar:listen miss if u felt that i was rude den i m sorry but do not dare to speak anything against my manners or anything related to my family
as he left swara felt a sudden fear moving away

Flashback ends–
suddenly swara looks at sanskar nd finds him staring at her…after a long time ge gives a smirk nd starts working with his phone when swara feels uneasy nd irritated with all the things happening around her…

i would continue dis again…nd plzz decide d pairing…nd again thanx a lotzzz for ur encouraging comments

Credit to: Nisha

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    1. i too agree with u, sindhu.. nisha please, go with the pairs you thought about… this voting and all will hurt both readers and writers…

    2. ya i too agree with u if u ask them to choose then this will create a rift b/w the readers and writers where readers will blackmail to leave the ff so decide this on ur own based on the story u r imaging

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