The truth of love Episode 1


He ppl…i m new writer in the swaragini ff field…so plzz if i do any mistakes plzz accept it…
so this story starts from the heartbreaking part of swaragini when we find laksh informing ragini day he doesn’t love her
in dis ff we are introduced to a new character named Nisha who happens to be Ragini’s elder sister.

scene 1
in college campus.
swara nd nisha r discussing about the preparations of ragini’s wedding when suddenly swara hears laksh calling her.
swara:what happened laksh?is everything ok?why r u panting?
laksh:(still panting for breathe) swara…swara…can u plzz do me a favour?
Nisha:mere bhai…first calm down nd then speak we are not going anywhere…calm down
Laksh:(now calmed) I m fine nisha di…hey can u plzz do me a favour swara?
swara:pehle batao to kya karna hai?
laksh:i need to meet ragini? Today night i want to meet her…can u plzz arrange it?
At this swara nd nisha look at each other and give a wicked smile
nisha:kya baat hai bhai…it seems like u want to be romantic with her…with Chandni raat nd pleasant weather holding each others hand aaaaannnddd
laksh:no no its nothing like that…its something else…

swara:ooo something else we thought that…
laksh:plzz swara try to understand its very important…its about someone’s life…
laksh holds swara’s hand nd pleads her
swara:ok baba ok…i can help u to go to the terrace but who will bring ragini?
at this laksh looks at nisha
nisha:hmmm…let me think…xams surpe hai ir ragini jaisi paraku ladki…u know its tough buut…(she looks at laksh) not impossible..soo…ok den done..
laksh:thank u thank u soo much (he hugs swara while surprising swara nd nisha) thank u guys thanx a loot…ok by..see u den
swara:by by…raat ko 9o baje…
nisha:hmmm…god knows wat khichdi dey r cooking
swara:chillax di…now lets concentrate on our plan to make this laila majnu meet

scene 2
outside swara’s house
swara:laksh r u ready?
laksh:(confused) haa? ready matlab?
swara:ready matlab ready to meet ragini
laksh:obviously…dats y i came here
swara:ok when nisha di will call den u will go upstairs ok?
dere was silence now…dey could hear the soft sound of the breeze…suddenly swara found laksh staring at her
swara:kya Hua aise kya dekh rage ho?
laksh:swara hav u ever loved someone?

laksh:(heartbroken) o
before laksh could answer suddenly swaras phone started vibrating
swara:laksh jao…nd all d best
as laksh went upstairs he saw ragini nd nisha standing…ragini seemed to be surprised finding him there
ragini:re laksh aap magar didi ne to kaha Tha
ragini did not find nisha dere
laksh:i told didi to bring you here
ragini:why? Is everything ok?
laksh:(hesitantly) see ragini we will get married after two days nd be life partners(he looks at ragini…ragini seems to be listening to him intently) si i want to confess something
a soft smile spreads on ragini’s face
laksh:ragini i want to say that…that…I CANT MARRY U

ragini:(shocked) kyaah?
laksh:yess i cant marry u nd destroy ur life as i love someone else…soo i hope that u will understand,we can be good friends but marriage cannot be a part of it
ragini keeps quite…
after a long silence ragini speaks
ragini:laksh loving someone is not easy but when ur love leaves u den it becomes too painful nd unbearable
laksh:but ragini…
before he could finish his sentence ragini leaves…

so dis was d first episode hope u like it nd plzz comment…plzz


Credit to: Nisha

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  12. Don’t make ragini negative like serial.If you want swalak ragsan then do or if you want swasan raglak then do it’s not problem but not like serial

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