Hi guys here is the next episode.

Scene 1

Tanu says sometimes she calls me tanu. Manpreet says no something is fishy. Tanu goes from there. Manpreet asks Ahna what did she wanted to tell before chachi pushed her ? Ahna says promise me you will not tell this to anyone. Not even Rishi. Manpreet says promise. But tell me. Ahna says i feel chachi wants to destroy my di life and she is greedy as she wants your family’s money.

Manpreet is shocked. Ahna says I have even heard them speaking against my di.
Manpreet says who are those ‘them’ ? Ahna says Chacha chachi and their 2 daughters. Manpreet says i am with you. Ahna thanks him. Manpreet says then we both have to keep an eye on chachi and her family.

Scene 2

Rishi goes to Tanu and says now enough . I am going to tell my dad that i love tanvi and i will marry her and not tanu. Tanu says no. Your dad will not at all listen because they had promised his best friend and he will fulfil it. Rishi says of you support me then i we can do it. Tanu says i will think about it. Rishi says okay take your time and goes.

Raj calls pandit and asks him to take a shubh mahurat for Rishi and Neha ‘s marriage. Pandit says after 6 days there is a shubh mahurat and they can start rituals. Raj and everyone get happy except Rishi , manpreet , yuvraj and somewhere Ahna and tanu also. Pandit goes.

Scene 3

Manpreet goes to Yuvraj. He asks Ahna is cute na? She is fat but beautiful. She gets angry but very loving. She fights with me but somewhere loves me. He says everything in one breath. Yuvraj is stunned. Yuvraj says chill Manpreet. And you are talking abt her who calls us lafentar. Is it that You love her ?

Precap – Manpreet over hears Bani.

Guys how is it . I am gonna end this ff in 4 episodes more. Hmm. Pls comment

Credit to: tanu

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  1. Wow nice 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Fatarajo. Ita good to hear this fron you. Btw do u write ff?

  2. please dont end it .its really nice .

    1. I have to. I am writing a new ff.

  3. Amazing! But plzz try not to end it. I love this ff. When r u going to write the next episode? Plzz tell…??

    1. By friday

  4. It’s nice Tanu I have a request can u write ff on naagin also.

    1. On naagin…. okay but it will be only Rivanya romance. Is it okay ? Becoz i dont like those icchadari bees , etc. And shesha as a negative role. Will u like it??

      1. Yeah of course I will like if you write rivanya romance.

      2. Okay then i will think of it.

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