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Scene 1
Rishi and Ahna call Saloni. Rishi tells her everything and asks her to tell truth. Saloni says I will tell the truth. But not on phone I will come there and then tell and asks where are you? Rishi says that he will SMS the Adress and cuts the call. Rishi SMS’s the adress. After 10 minutes Saloni comes there. She is in tears. Tanu asks what happened? Saloni says hmm. A lot happened. But now nothing wrong will happen.

Pawan says Saloni there is no jabardasti. Saloni says no Pawan. I want to tell. Listen everyone , Pawan is my husband. All are stunned and shocked. Rishi is happy. Raj says what? Saloni says yes Pawan is my husband and he is doing second marriage because i cant get pregnant. Tanvi i did not know abt this marriage or else i would have told you.

Scene 2

Tanvi says no Saloni its not your fault. Pawan i didnt know that you are such a cheap man. She goes towards Rishi and says Thanks Rishi. If you were not there now then my life would get spoiled. Rishi smiles. Raj comes forward and says i the father of Tanvi says that this marriage is broken. Bani and Neha arent happy.

Pawan ‘s family and Saloni go. Manpreet Rishi Yuvraj and Ahna get happy and loudly say plan successful. Tanu asks Ahna you knew this ? Ahna says yes di but we dint have proof. So we did all this. Raj says chalo jo bhi huya aacha huya. Next time i will decide who will marry Tanvi. Okay Tanvi? She says okay. Rishi says now lets go home. I am tired and sleepy. Rano says yaa lets go. Finally this drama finished. Bani sadly says thike chalo.

Scene 3

Its night Rishi is too happy. He goes to Manpreet and asks you were behaving strange past few days right. Talking… abt .. asking me questions. What was that? Manpreet says aare bhai itni khushi hai aur aap ho ki boring sawal karte ho. Rishi says aare ha lets enjoy and celebrate. Rishi dances while Manpreet stays quite.while sleeping Manpreet remembers his moments with Ahna. He thinks what did Ahna wanted to tell him when chachi pushed her? He decides that he will ask in the morning. He sleeps

iIs morning all come down to have breakfast. Manpreet goes to Ahna but bani comes to him and asks to sit. Manpreet and Ahna sit opposite to each other. manpreet tries to kick Ahna. he kicks Ahna. ahna is curt.she stares him angrily but then he makes loving face and stares her. they have aa passionate eyelock. All go. Manpreet and Ahna are left back. manpreet says to Ahna can i ask u something? she says yes but not now and shouts Tanu di. tanu comes out. manpreet says tanvi tum kyu aayi and Ahna tumne usse tanu kyu bulaya?

precap- manpreet asks Ahna what was it you wanted to tell me when chachi pushed you?

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Credit to: tanu

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