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Scene 1

It’s night. All sleep. Manpreet goes to Ahna. Ahna sees him. They eye each other lovingly. Manpreet asks Ahna can I day something? Ahna lovingly says yes. Manpreet says I love you Ahna. Just then Rishi gets up from his sleep. He sees Manpreet besides him and then realises that it was his dream. He goes towards the window. It watches the moon.

Tanu also is in window and watches the moon and remembers moments eith Rishi and smiles. Rishi says to moon that tanvi is made for me and i for her. Rishi says tanvi you will break this marriage. I am sure when u will hear this recording you will break this rishta. Then no one can seperate us. It will be just you and me, no one in between. He goes to sleep. Tanu also goes to sleep.

Scene 2

Its morning Rishi shows the recording Ahna where Pawan confesses that Saloni is his girlfriend. Ahna says good work. Manprert says plan was yours so thanks. Ahna says welcome now just wait and watch and goes. Manpreet says to Rishi that Ahna is smart right? Rishi teases him. Manpreet blushes.aww.

Tanu gets ready and wears the dress which Pawan gave. Rishi comes there and tells that you are not looking good and gives the dress he brought and tells her to wear this dress. Tanu says okay. She wears the dress.( she looks very beautiful). Rishi says wow this dress i brought for our engagement. But wear it now. Fine but this engagement will not happen. He goes out giving her broad smile. Tanu thinks what is he upto?

Scene 3

They go to engagement hall. Rishi stands besides Tanu. Guests think that its Rishi and Tanu’s engagement. Guests say what a jodi! Lovely. This jodi will last forever. No one will break it. There Pawan comes and says i and tanvi are getting married. Guests sayd oh. Your jodi is fine… Rishi smiles at Tanu and then goes. Manpreet asks Rishi as to when to start the drama. Ahna says just before di wears the ring. Manpreet says okay.

Ring ceremony is just about to start but hero Rishi says there is a important announcement to be made. This engagement cant happen. Bani asks Rishi why beta? Rishi says Pawan already has an affair with a girl named Saloni. Am i right Pawan? He says what nonsense? Manpreet says we have proof. Manpreet asks Pawan to give his phone. He says why? Rishisays beacause proof is in your phone. Pawan says he doesnt have his phone. Rishi says nice excuse but i have another proof.

Pawan is shocked. Rishi shows the recording where pawan confesses that saloni is his girlfriend. A fb is shown where Rishi starts voice recording and then call Pawan. Ahna says yes and this is said by you. Pawan says i was just kidding. Guests start gossiping. Manpreet says how many lies will you say. Ahna says lets call Saloni. Rishi says i have number. A fb is shown where Rishi and Manpreet go in Pawan room and note down Saloni number. Fb ends

Precap: Rishi calls Saloni. He tells him everything. Saloni i will come there and tell the truth and what they have done with me.

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Credit to: tanu

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  1. I can’t wait for the next episode Tanu dear! I loved this episode! It was funny when Pawan comes with Tanu and ppl say that they look “okay” together while ppl say tanshi looks amazing.. Awesome job dear! And if you dont mind me asking, how old are you? I just wanted to know.. I am 15

    1. Thanks a lot. I am only 11 years old

      1. Okay so you are like my little sister ??

    2. And actually my real name is Tanishqa

      1. Thats a really pretty name!!! My real name is Bhavreen

  2. OMG! For manpreet and ahana it was just a flashback. I wish it was real. Still can’t wait for the next ff!

    1. Thanks Nida

  3. really a nice one

    1. Thanks Rhimjhim

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