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Scene 1

Rishi, Manpreet and Yuvraj hug each other and dance. Ahna thinks how to know the relation of Saloni with Pawan.
Rishi and Manpreet go to Ahna and asks her if she has planned anything? Ahna says no. Manpreet says why dont we four Yuvraj, Rishi ,Manpreet and Ahna go in a cafe and plan? Ahna says fine but now one should know that we are there.

Ahna goes to her room. Tanu goes to Raj uncle and asks if Pawan is a good guy? Raj uncle says do you doubt on him? Tanu says because Ahna, Rishi sais that he is not good and plus engagement is tomorrow. Raj says i feel he is good and what do you feel? Tany says i too feel he is good. Raj says that somewhere i feel that we are connected. Tanu remembers her childhood days and moments when her father says that mera yaar hai na.

Scene 2

At afternoon Rishi ,Manpreet, Ahna and Yuvraj meet in a cafe shop. All sit and order cold coffee. They all think. Manpreet and Ahna lovingly eye each other. Rishi notices and coughs. Ahna says i have a plan and tells them. Plan is muted. Manpreet says what a plan. Awesome. Their cold coffee arrives. While drinking the cold coffee Manpreet and Ahna have an eyelock. Rishi sees this and goes in thoughts.

All finish their cold coffee and then Yuvraj says lets go. Rishi pays the bill and move towards the car but just then Ahna falls but Manpreet catches her. They have an eyelock. They reach to the car. Rishi sits on the driving seat and Yuvraj besides him. Manpreet and Ahna on the back seat. Ahna feels very sleepy. They get stuck in traffic. Ahna leans on Manpreet shoulders. Manpreet sees her lovingly.

Scene 3

They reach home by evening.Manpreet makes Ahna awake. Ahna says All The Best to Rishi. They go to their respective rooms. Tanu asks Ahna where was she? Ahna says she just went out. Ahna asks Tanu why is she tensed? Tanu says nothing and says Pawan is a good guy.

Rishi calls Pawan and says that i know that Saloni is your girlfriend. Pawan is shocked. He says oh so you know now. So listen ya she is my girlfriend and we love each other a lot but you cant proove it so u better keep quite. Rishi says waqt hi batayga kon chup rahega.

Precap- Manpreet says love you to Ahna.

Credit to: tanu

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