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Scene 1

Ahna says to Rishi, “Dont intefere in my di’s life and go. I will not believe you untill you bring any proof. Once you bring the proof, i myself will trust and support you.” Ahna goes. Manpreet comes there and asks Rishi what happened? Rishi says she did not believe me. Now we need proof.

Manpreet and Rishi decides to go to Pawan’s house and get some proof. Rishi enters the house and congratulates Pawan’s parents for the engagement. Manpreet says one minute we will meet Pawan, you do tomorrow’s arrangements. Pawan ‘s parents get busy in the arrangements.

Scene 2

Rishi goes inside Pawan’s room and search for his phone. Manpreet also searches and then gets it. He sends all pictures of Saloni and Pawan’s to Rishi. Unfortunately because there was no network. They come out of the room and tell Pawan’s parents that they are going.

They come to their car and saw Rishi’s phone and see that one picture has been sent. They get happy but sad that no one believe with one photo. Rishi says but let us try. Manpreet and Rishi come home. They go to Ahna.

Scene 3

Ahna sees photo of Pawan with Saloni and thinks. Ahna says i will think and then tell you. Ahna goes. Rishi says i just hope she understands. Ahna goes to her room and thinks about Rishi ‘s words. Ahna asks Tanu if she feels Pawan right or good guy? Tanu says yes because chacha chachi have choosen him.

Ahna thinks if chacha chachi have choosed him,so she must have agreed for this marriage without enquiring abour him. She goes to Rishi and tells that she believes him and will support you. We will investigate what relation does Pawan has with Saloni. And once we get to know then i will stop marriage.
Rishi and Manpreet cheer up. Yuvraj also joins them.

Precap: Manpreet says love you to Ahna

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Credit to: tanu

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