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Scene 1

Pawan is with a girl doing romance. Rishi comes there and is shocked. Pawan notices him and then tells she is just her friend Saloni. (Jhuta). Pawan leaves with Saloni and tells her not to come here again. Saloni goes and gives Pawan a flying kiss. Rishi sees everything and is stunned.

Manpreet says that he is thinking too much about Ahna. Rishi goes to Manpreet. Rishi asks Manpreet now is he okay? Manpreet jumps on bed and says bhai Tanvi ka kya ? Rishi says i need your and Yuvraj help then Tanvi will say no for this marriage. Rishi and Manpreet dance.

Scene 2

Rishi goes to Tanu and says Pawan os not a good guy for you. Tanu says Pawan is a good guy. Chacha chachi has choosed Pawan so he will be best for me and now you go. Rishi says once i get proof then will you stop this marriage. Promise me and holds her hand. Neha sees this. Tanu leaves Rishi hand and goes.

Neha comes to Bani and says that Tanu and Pawan engagement should be done as soon as possible. Bani says okay wait. Bani calls Pawan ‘s father and asks them if they can do engagement tomorrow. They say okay. Bani and Neha are happy and dance. Swati comes there and asks why are they happy? Neha tells them about Tanu and Pawan’s engagement. Swati also dances and is overjoyed.

Scene 3

Bani comes out of the room and tells everyone that tomorrow is Pawan and Tanvi ‘s engagement. Rishi is shocked. Tanu is stunned. Raj asks if she has asked Pawan family. Bani says yes and they are okay. Raj asks Tanu is she is okay if the engagement is tomorrow? Tanu says she is okay but what about Ahna, she is unwell, how can she attend the engagement. Manpeeet says yes engagement cant be tomorrow.

At that moment Ahna comes out of the room and says engagement will happen. She is now fine. If my di is okay i am also okay. Rishi says to Manpreet that this engagement cant happen.

Rishi goes to Ahna and tells her that tou love your sister then listen Pawan is not a good guy. He has an affair with a girl named Saloni. Believe me. I dont want bad or wrong to happen with Tanvi. I care about her. I loved her. She is made for me and i for her. Pls try to understand.

Precap: Ahna thinks about Rishi ‘s words.

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Credit to: tanu

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  1. Its really nice

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  2. Is this what’s going up in the drama or is it made up??? Plzzz reply soon?

    1. Some part is going in the drama some is my addition

  3. It’s nice but most of the scenes are like what in serial plz don’t mind change few topics bcz we already have serial wid same story
    Sorry if it hurtzzz

    1. Thanks for your opinion. I will add my scenes too.

  4. HiTanu…..ur FF is vry gud…..plz update ur FF regularly…..I liked it vry much

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