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Scene 1

Ahna is about to say to Manpreet but Bani comes in between and pushes Ahna.Ahna gets hurt on forehead. Blood drips from her forehead. Manpreet shouts. . . . . . Tanu and everyone gather there. Tanu says call the doctor. Rishi says okay one minute. Pawan says I will call as tanvi is my wife and calls.

Doctor arrives. He tells that it is minute and not serious. But she shd take care. Someone be there. . With her and gives medicine and leaves. Manpreet asks Bani why did she push her? Tanu is shocked and asks chachi why did she do this? Bani tells Tanu do u think I will do this and starts her emotional aatyachar.

Scene 2
Bani tells to Manpreet that she slipped and fell on Ahna. Manpreet thinks and sees Ahna opening her eyes and goes to her and asks if she is fine? Tanu also goes to her and says nothing will happen to you. You are my sherni.Ahna tries to say Manpreet… but Bani says u shd not talk and take rest and tells everyone to go out. Ahna sees Manpreet concerned for her and thinks does Manpreet loves me but then feels what’s wrong with her?

Manpreet worries for Ahna and thinks what did she want to tell me which was so important ? Rishi comes there and sees Manpreet and says what happened to him and is lost in thoughts and Manpreet says nothing and leaves.

Scene 3
Rishi says that something is fishy or else Manpreet is never like this and goes behind him. He holds Manpreet and asks what’s wrong. Manpreet says nothing is wrong I full fit and fine . Rishi asks Manpreet now will he not tell his brother?

Manpreet says okay bhai and I want to ask you that actually. .. What is love? Rishi says when did u start thinking about love? Manpreet says okay don’t tell bye and goes. Rishi goes behind him and catches him. Manpreet tells Rishi to leave him alone.

Guys how is it? I know I hv written after a very long time and story and moved on but I will try as fast as I can to come to current track.

Credit to: tanu

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  1. it is really nice……………………

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  5. Thank u all next part will get published by today night or tomorrow morning

  6. It is amazing! I hope this happens in the drama. Keep it up! It’s great. Love Ahna-Manpreet and Tanu-Rishi?

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      And ya it’s Tanshi and Ahman

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