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Scene 1

Ahna goes out of her room and hits manpreet.Manpreet calls her fatty.They both have an argument.Manpreets feels as if he has started loving Ahna but at the next moment he thinks what rubbish.

Ahna passes by Bani ‘s room but stops.She hears them.Bani says that Rishi has now fallen in the trap.Ahna thinks which trap?What rishi? She decides to investigate.She says i have to tell this to di but then stops and says no she wont believe me without knowing the whole truth.

Scene 2

Raj and Rano have ronantic talks.Then Rano leaves from the room.She sees Tanu and Rishi together and she thinks what we are doig ir wrong?Rano calls tanu and asks what is her fathers name?Tanu is tensed.

Ahna comes there and says aapke viru ji.Rano is shocked Bani comes there and says that they loved viru ji as much they loved their father and takes them aside and warns them to stay away from Rishi and rishi ‘s family.

Scene 3

Ahna again doubts on Bani that she is going to trap us.Ahna thinks who can help her? She thinks Manpreet but she feels that was not corect time to talk about it.

Rishi says to Pavan that they should go for a night party and then says that he will ask Neha. Pawan says okay. Rishi goes to Neha and says that let’s go for a night party. Neha happily agrees.

Scene 4
Ahna go to Rishi is room and asks where is Manpreet? Just then Manpreet comes. Rishi says that Ahna wants to talk with you and teases. Manpreet then tells that oh finally you accepted he looks handsome.

Ahna says shut up and say it’s very important. Manpreet then says okay tell. Ahna says Rishi to go out. Rishi goes but teases them.Ahna says listen carefully it’s a big doubt and a truth.

Precap- Manpreet is shocked.

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Credit to: tanu

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  1. Great job with the episode! I cant wait for the next one!!!

  2. What a classic story.Amazing job tanu

  3. Nicely written. Eagerly waiting for the next part . Pls write it soon

  4. If this is correct then its really fantastic. But I am worried sick to see the result of the quiz competition at the dinner party that Pawan Tanu Rishi and Neha had after their shopping. Who will be those wonderful couples. Please reply if anyone know. Otherwise I have to stay tuned until Monday

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