Hello I am writing a short FanFiction of Kasam. Please guys comment positive or negative. So that I can write for the episodes.

Scene 1
Tanu ‘s roka is happening. Rishi is crying seeing Tanu. Even Tanu gets teary eyes seeing Rishi. Their childhood memories flash.
Rishi is very upset and angrily goes to his room. His brother Manpreet follows him to his room. Rishi tells Manpreet that Tanvi is made for him. He loves tanvi a alot and cannot live without her. He first time realised what real love is?

Scene 2
Tanu also gets up and goes to her room Ahna follows her to room. Tanu cries. Ahna tells tanu that she knows she doesn’t Pavan and doing it only for sake of marriage. She then tells her that she knows her very well when she smiles or is happy and when she cries or is sad.
Tanu says it is nothing like that. she is happy with the marriage and even Pawan is a good man. Maa and Bauji had the last wish that chacha and chachi will select good husband for her.
Ahna tells tanu that we were wring about Rishi. Rishi really loves her a lot.
A fb is shown where Ahna is outsides Rishi ‘s room and hears his confession.
Tanu tells Ahna that she must be having a misunderstanding and leaves the room.

Scene 3

Ahna says that she knows her di very well and she still loves rishi.And if maa bauji would have been present then they would marry tanu to rishi only.

Manpeeet tells Rishi that Tanvi is his and will only be his.No one in this world will snatch your tanvi from you.You are my brother Rishi Bedi.

Precap- Bani tells Neha that Rishi has fallen in our trap.Ahna hears it and getas a doubt on Bani.

I hope u like it guys

Credit to: tanu

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  1. Nice tanu , keep it up!!

  2. What u think shd I continue

  3. Amazing job Tanu! I am excited about this ff!

    1. Thanks al lot reena

  4. even i m excited about the next episode
    all the best
    tanu u r doing a good job

  5. Guys is have written next part pls read it

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