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Raglak os

Truth or Dare = Love

Hi guys:) I’m back with another weird os. See, normally I put depressing love stories for Raglak which includes heartbreak, dramatic proposals, emotional talks, blah blah blah. And tho those ideas r nice, I wanted to try a new idea. A bold one, not those shy ones. It’s new for me coz I’ve never written these ideas for Raglak. It’s about how Raglak have feelings for each other but have never expressed it. They’re best friends and have a huge gang and are very popular. And the whole college knows that they love each other. But for some reason they’ve never told each other that they like each other. So their friends arrange a game of truth or dare. Read on to find out what happens between them through that one game. Hope u guys like it:) and don’t worry, it won’t be depressing at all:)


The sun shone brightly inside a room. And in the room, on a bed, was a beautiful girl sleeping. She looked really cute. Suddenly her phone started ringing.

Main daalun taal pe Bhangra
Tu bhi gidda paa le
Chal aisa rang jamaa de hum
Ke bane sabhi matwaale

That was her ringtone. It disturbed her sleep. She was half asleep and half angry when she received the call.

Girl: Abbhay! Who the hell is this? Who’s disturbing my sleep early morning?!!??

Person on phone: OI! Wake up Jhansi Ki Rani!

Girl: Stop disturbing my sleep early morning Laksh! Or I’ll break ur face!

Yes. The person on phone was Laksh Maheshwari.

Laksh laughed: Yo Ragini! Wake up fatty! Or I’ll call Shomi Aunty and ask her to pour cold water on ur face. And u know she won’t say no to me.

Yes. The girl was Ragini Gadoddia.

Ragini got up with a shock.

Ragini: U won’t dare to do that! I’ll break ur bones if u do!

Laksh laughing: U can break my face after giving practical exams today.

Ragini hit her head: Oh god! I forgot. But it’s still 5:30am Laksh!

Laksh: And v planned on meeting at this time and practicing before v give our exams at ur house. Forgot already?

Ragini: Shit!

Laksh: Do u plan on making me stand outside ur house at ur doorstep all day or will u come and open the door now?

Ragini: Coming coming. Gosh! Y r u so timely?

She got out, quickly brushed and went and opened the door. Laksh was standing rite there. He came in and both hugged. (Friendly)

Ragini: I’ll make coffee for both of us, u go and get the apparatus set up on the terrace. And DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING THERE. Or else maa will kill me.

Laksh: Chillax. Nothing will happen.

Ragini quickly went and got coffee. By the time she came, with coffee. They started practicing. After some time, Laksh changed into proper clothes which he had in his bag and so did Ragini. They both got ready and went down for breakfast. (They’re childhood bff’s). They greeted everyone and sat for breakfast.

Dadi: I knew that Laksh will be here today so I made ur fav poha.

Laksh: Ur the best Dadi:)

They all laughed. After breakfast, both went to college on his bike. This was their routine everyday. They reached college and got down. They held hands and walked in. Laksh was wearing a random t-shirt and jeans. She was wearing a crop top and shorts. They went and greeted their whole gang. The gang had all their friends- Swara, Sanskar, Kavya, Kavitha, Kartik and Rahul. Swasan were dating already (as its a Raglak os, I’m slightly including Swasan but not expanding it). (And none of the other friends will cause problems).

Raglak: Hi guys:)

All except Swasan: Hey!

Swasan were lost in their own world.

Laksh: Ahem ahem! Sanky! Bro!

They jerked and looked.

Swasan: Oh hi Ragini, Laksh.

Ragini: If u two are done acting Romeo and Juliet then can v go for practicals?

Swara: Ya ya:) sorry:) Come lets go:)

They started walking and talking and having fun. Suddenly a guy came to Ragini. He was good looking.

Guy: Hi Rags:)

Laksh whispered to her: See, ur admirer is here. Go on. Enjoy;)

Ragini: Shut up. (To Guy) hi Tarun…

Tarun: U wanna go for a movie tnite?

Ragini decided to put on her swag attitude.

Ragini: Tell me how it was…

Her gang laughed and they walked away.

Laksh: Swag huh?

Ragini winked at him. He squeezed her shoulders in a friendly way and all went.

after practicals

All except Raglak were there.

Kavya: Hey dude! Where’s Ragini and Laksh?

Rahul: Romancing behind walls?

Sanskar laughed: no chance. Both are shy to tell each other. It’s hard to believe that coz in front of everyone they show attitude but they’re so shy.

Swara: Ya:)

Kavitha: Guys, I have an idea to bring them together.

Sanskar: Don’t tell me ur gonna try the same idea u tried with Swara and me. Locking them in a deserted classroom won’t work on them.

Kavitha: Arrey no! I have a better idea.

Kartik: Then tell us!

Kavitha: ok see, y not play a game which will bring them closer? For example: Never Have I Ever…

Kavya: No dude… That game is dumb…

Kartik: Ya, I agree with Sis. I hate that game…

Rahul: U have a better idea bro?

Swara: I do actually. Instead of Never Have I Ever, y not play Truth or Dare?

Sanskar: with all the students of first year. During break time?

Kavitha: OH MY GOD! That’s a gud idea:)

SwaKavi gave hi five.

Rahul: Guys, their approaching. Shut ur mouths about it.

Sanskar: Ok, but mission unite Raglak starts now.

Raglak came and sat.

Laksh: What u guys talking?

Rahul: Nothing bro, discussing the practicals. How did urs go?

Laksh: It went Well. Ragu helped a lot when khadoos Ravi Sir wasn’t seeing.

Kartik: Uff! U guys! Stop cheating!

Ragini: Abbhay ghonchu! If u hadn’t cheated then u wouldn’t have been so popular today.

Kartik: True that:)

They all laughed and continued chatting and having fun.

/in the night/

Swara came to Ragz in the night. (They’re Gadoddia sisters)

Ragini: Hey Swara:)

Swara: Hi Ragz:) What u doin?

Ragini: Fighting death eaters… (I’m a HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN)

Swara: Offo! Harry Potter again? What’s so great in that weird thing?

Ragz: U insulted Harry Potter? AVADA KEDAVRA!

Swara: And I died… Yay (very unenthusiastically). Ragz, do u love Harry Potter more than Laksh?

Ragini: I love them both equally… In fact Lucky only introduced me to Harry Potter! (I love anyone who loves Harry Potter)

Swara: u both r maaaaad with a BIG M. Anyways, listen, I have some news for u…

Ragini sat up interested on her bed.

Ragini: What news? Interesting gossip? Tell me!

Swara laughed. She got a naughty idea in her head.

Swara: It’s rather shocking actually. Sure u wanna hear?

Ragini: TELL ME!!!

Swara: Fine… Laksh is pregnant!

Ragini: WHAT?

Swara: With ur child…

Ragini realised it was a joke. They often joked on such matters. It was something only Swaragini did.

Ragini: Really? But if a child of Laksh and me was going to be born, then I shud have been the one pregnant… R u trying to tell me Laksh and me are seahorses? (Male seahorses produce babies not female)

Swaragini laughed at the stupidness of their convo.

Swara: I was joking.

Ragini: I know.

Swara: Ok listen, the actual news here is that we r going to be having a party in the college hall. Principal sir gave our gang permission and whole college is invited.

Ragini: WHAAAATTTTTT? But suddenly? Oh rite! End of year party! Shit! What the hell dude! When is the party?

Swara: One week.

Ragini: Dammit! There is so much to do! How will v manage???? Oh god! Holy crap! Swaraaaaaa!

Swara laughed: Calm down tigress! It’s all planned out. Sanky and me will manage all the decorations. Kartik and Kavitha will manage all the fun and games. Kavya and Rahul will manage guest invites, dress code, and drinks. U and Laksh handle the DJ and food. Ok?

Ragini sighed in relief: ok. Gud nite:)

Swara: gud night:)

Swara went to sleep and Ragini immediately called Laksh.

Ragini: Laksh for the party we r handling food and DJ.

Laksh: I know…

@shopping mall

Raglak and gang went to mall to buy clothes for party.

The split in pairs. Swasan went 2gether. Kartik and Rahul went 2gether. Kavya and Kavitha went leaving Raglak 2 go 2gether. They went happily but were feeling weird coz even if they were friends they had a crush on each other.

Ragini POV

Oh god! What do I do now? Lucky and me r bff’s but I feel so weird around him. And now we have to help each other? Oh god! What do I do? Calm Ragz calm! Just because u have a stupid crush on him that doesn’t mean he likes u back. He’s had many girlfriends before and I’m pretty sure he’s looking for a new relationship with someone else.and anyways, It’s not like you’ve never gone shopping with Lucky. Calm.

Laksh POV

Shit! I’m here shopping with my bff who I secretly crush on and I’m nervous? How can Lucky, Laksh Maheshwari be nervous? This nervousness is an insult to my rep. I can’t be nervous. This is Ragu for gods sake. I’ve known her ever since she was born! Then y am I so scared? You’ve gone shopping with her b4 dude! And just becoz u like her, that doesn’t mean she likes u back. She’s had many boyfriends b4 and I’m pretty sure there r others she likes much better than me. But y am I getting so confused? Chill out Lucky! Be a man and don’t get nervous. Remember Sanky’s advice. If u like a girl, tell her. Otherwise forget it! But don’t be nervous. Yeahhhh! I’m normal! Completely fine! Normal. Normal. Normal.


Laksh was so into his thought that he didn’t realise he what he was doing.

Laksh: Normal. Normal. I’m normal. Cool. Fine. Normal. Normal.

Ragini shook him.

Ragini: What normal normal? What r u blabbering?

Laksh realised and blushed.

Ragini: What happened? Ur blushing now!

Laksh: No! Not at all! CONCENTRATE! We’ve come for shopping! Let’s go! (Mumbles to himself) Normal. Calm. Cool. Normal.

He walked away. Ragini laughed.

Ragini: Crazy guy. Cute crazy guy.

She followed him.

after some time

All finished shopping and went home. They started doing their part for party.

time forward

Whole gang were there in party hall and enjoying with all students. Raglak wasn’t there.

Kavya: Dude! Where are our Majnu and Laila?

Rahul: God knows. Kavi, u sure plan will work?

Kavitha: Ya bro. Don’t worry. It’s a full proof plan planned by Kavitha Roy. Obviously it’ll work.

Kartik murmurs: We’re all scared Becoz it’s planned by Kavitha Roy.

Kavitha hit him in the stomach.

Kavitha: I heard that Kartik! And shut up! Last time I planned a love uniting mission, it worked damn well and if u want prof then pls take note of how well Swasan r doing in their relationship! My idea for mission unite Swasan worked well and now my idea for mission unite Raglak will work! U have a better plan? Pls state it!

Kartik raises his hands in surrender: Ok ok! Sorry. U win I lose.

Raglak came just then.

Kavya: Guys, shut ur mouths about this now! They’re here.

Raglak came and Ragini hugged everyone and Laksh gave fist bumps to everyone. Ragini was wearing a backless, black gown and diamond jewellery. Laksh was wearing a green casual top, brown classy jacket and light brown pants. (I’m horrible at fashion so pls excuse me). They were looking extremely cute together.

Raglak: Hey:)

All: Hi:)

Raglak: What happened?

All: N-nothing!

Laksh: so y r u standing here like this and being a bunch of boring hosts? Kavi, Kartik, ur the entertainment masters. Go do something!

Kavi: Like what?

Ragini: why don’t u start with some games?

Kartik: Good idea. Let’s go!

Raglak put entertaining music in BG. KarKavi organised some games which everyone enjoyed. Soon it was time to eat so all went and ate. After that KarKavi went on stage.

Kartik: So my dear friends, I know that these games are getting boring, so to spice it up, we have another idea.

Kavitha: y not v play truth or dare?

All hooted.

Kavi: But the rule here is that u cannot lie if u choose truth and u have to complete the dare if u choose dare.

Kar: and to make things interesting, v have option of truth with a dare…

Everyone: ooooo!

KarKavi laughed: So let’s begin! Here’s the bottle. Whoever wants to play can play. No force.

They all assembled in circle. Teachers and all went to side to let kids have their own fun and they can have their own:p

Swara: Ragini come! It’ll be fun!

Sanskar: Ya Lucky! Come on!

Raglak smiled: As if we’re going to miss out on fun. Come on!

They all went. Sanskar pulled Swara back.

Sanskar: Inn Becharr and ko toh Pata nahi ki kya Ho raha hai, par Humme Pata hai. Toh jo bhi dare aayega woh mein karunga. Tum bhi. Ok?

Swara laughed: My shameless prince, can v go and start the game so v can do the dares?

Sanskar put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her forward.

Sanskar: Ok my cute princess!:)

They both smiled and went. Everyone had come. They all sat down and Kavya spun the bottle. Game kept going like this. Everyone was having fun. It landed on Sanskar and Kavitha.

Kavitha: Choose ur pick…

Sanskar: Dare.

Kavi: Kiss ur girlfriend in front of all of us. On the lip.

Sanskar: Easy pisy!

He got up and went to Swara and cupped her face and kissed her lips. She kissed back. Everyone hooted. They pulled away and smiled and Sanskar sat in his place. Kavya spun the bottle again. It went around for sometime. It soon landed on Ragz and Rahul.

Rahul: Truth, Dare or Truth with Dare?

Ragz: Truth.

Rahul: Fine. Easy question. It’s well known that you’ve had many boyfriends and broken up with all of them. But what I want to know is if you’ve ever fallen in love with anyone and if yes, who?

Ragz tensed but managed to keep her expression in tact.

Ragz smiled: Ya Rahul. I have fallen in love and I’ll always love him.

All hooted and some cried out cat calls.

Rahul: Then answer the whole question.

Ragz: Um- it’s one of my friends…

All: ooooo!

They all knew who it was. Laksh was shocked. He suddenly got jealous.

Laksh to himself: If I catch hold of that idiot then I’ll kill him. How dare he make my Ragu fall for him?

Rahul: Name?

Rags smiled sweetly: U asked me who it was. I told u. U never asked me the name. Now if u ask me it will be two questions and that’s not fair.

Rahul laughed: Fine. Fine. Kavya. Spin the bottle slowpoke!

Kavya: Shut up!

She spun the bottle. It landed on Sanskar and Laksh.

Sanskar: Bro, what’s ur pick?

Laksh thought for a min.

Laksh to himself: This is a perfect chance for me to propose to Ragz and see who this guy is who she was talking about.

Laksh out loud: Truth with a dare. Give me something intense bro!

All: Oho!

Kavya whispered to Kavi: See, mr Majnu is finally stepping up his act. So much drama tho!

Kavi: Drama is the specialty of Maheshwari bros. that’s y v had to do so much drama for Swasan.

Kavya: True that!

Both laughed.

Kavi: My plan is working!

Sanskar: Oho! Fine. Let me think. OK! We all know u have fallen in love with a girl.

All: Who’s the lucky girl who’s stolen Lucky’s heart?

Ragini was extremely curious and jealous.

Laksh blushed: Ya so?

Sanskar: Fine. Truth is, tell us who it is by going tell her the truth now. And dare part is that u have to propose to her. And see her answer. Intense enough? Oh wait, it’s not. Fine truth is, u tell her the truth in front of us and dare is u kiss her in front of all of us. U can decide where u wanna kiss her coz if u do anything more intense then God knows what principle sir will do to us.

All laughed. Laksh was fidgeting nervously.

Laksh to himself: Y u nervous? U wanted this!

Swara thought to tease him.

Swara: What happened Lucky? Too intense or less intense?

Laksh: Uh- it’s fine. Perfect balance of intensity. Actually-

Ragz: stop ranting and avoiding the situation and do ur task.

Laksh suddenly got courage from no where.

Laksh: u challenging me and my bravery? Fine Ragu. I’ll do it. Just don’t slap me after its done.

Ragz: Why will I slap u?

Laksh: Becoz-

He got up and moved towards her. She looked nervous. His gang exchanged excited glances. He walked up to her and bent down to her level. He kissed her forehead and bent on his knees.

Laksh: I Love U Ragu. Will u be mine?

Ragz was shocked. Laksh got embarrassed.

Laksh: It’s ok if u don’t want to.

Saying that he walked away. He went behind a pillar and for the first time, a tear drop escaped his eyes regarding a girl.

Laksh POV

Y the hell am I crying for a girl? I’ve never cried b4 for a girl. But she’s no random girl. She’s Ragine. My Ragini. But still dude! Why the hell am I crying? She loves someone else.

Ragz POV

OMGGGGG! HE LOVES ME BACK! I SHUD GO AND TELL HIM I LOVE HIM TO! Or else he might think I love someone else. I’ll go.

-She got up and ran to find Laksh. Kavi hi fived Kartik. –

Kavi: I told u! It’ll work. Kavitha Roy’s plans always work. Now see, our Ram-Leela aka Raglak will unite:)

Gang: Yes:)

-Ragz went searching for Laksh. She finally found him in the college grounds. –

Ragz: Yo! Lucky!

-Laksh turned around. –

Laksh: Ragu, I’m sorry dude. I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry, forget it

Ragini put her hands on her waist and made a cute, fake anger expression.

Ragz: U just proposed to me and I shud forget?

Laksh: I’m sorry-

Ragz: Ur asking me to forget that u just fulfilled my dream? Ur asking me to forget that the person I have fallen in love with just proposed to me? Ur asking me to forget the love of my life?

Laksh: Dude I’m sor- (realised what she said) Wait WHAT?

Ragz smiled: Now don’t expect me to get all dramatic. Yes. I love u. The guy I was talking about was u. I don’t know when u mixed the love portion in my heart, but ur efforts worked and I love u. And I will be urs.

Laksh was thrilled. He jumped in joy. He hugged her tight. Ragz hugged back.

Ragz: How was that for a dramatic proposal reply?

Laksh: Awesome:)

They pulled away and smiled.

Laksh: So we’re steady?

Ragz: Definitely!

Both laughed and went inside.

Kavi saw them and announced: Since our love birds r finally together now v can get on with the party. The dance floor is open now!

Raglak had arranged music already. A romantic song started playing. It was “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars. (I love this singer)

Ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh

Oh, her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shinin’
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday

I know, I know
When I compliment her she won’t believe me
And it’s so, it’s so
Sad to think that she don’t see what I see
But every time she asks me, “Do I look okay?”
I say,

When I see your face (face, face…)
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile (smile, smile…)
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are).

Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she’d let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think it’s so s*xy
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday,

Oh you know, you know, you know
I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searching for
Then just stay the same
So don’t even bother asking if you look okay
You know I’ll say,

When I see your face (face, face…)
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile (smile, smile…)
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)

The way you are
The way you are
Girl, you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are


All couples danced. Raglak danced happily. They were doing a slow romantic and passionate dance. Once the song ended, Laksh leaned towards her.

Laksh: Can I kiss u?

Ragini nodded and closed her eyes. Laksh didn’t waste any time and quickly closed the gap between them. Their lips met and soon they were lost in their kiss. Their gang looked happy.

Kartik: Maana padega Kavi. Ur plan was full proof.

Kavitha: Yes:) And honestly this was my second best uniting plan. First was cupboard locking plan for Swasan. And second was this truth or dare. It brought out their love. See how happy they are. Now v shud focus on Kavya and Rahul.

KavUl blushed: V can also do Kavitha and Kartik.

KarKavi got irked and started chasing KavUl in fun. Swasan laughed and hugged.

Swara: Sach mein Sanky. This was amazing:)

Sanskar: Yea:) Now Truth or dare = love is finally proved!

The end:)

I know the ending was dumb but I couldn’t resist my temptation for a dramatic ending. Sorry:p How was it tho:) I worked da,n hard on it:) Just saying, if anyone is planning on using ideas like this, pls be double sure that it’s full proof:p:) Love y’all:)

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