Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 8


Hai guys here my next episode .Plz plz plz ignore my Grammatical mistakes. If i did any error mention me plz. I hope everyone like it and thanks a lot my readers.

Previous Epi: Rumya confess their love. Shivaay drops his new deal.

In morning

Shivaay came to the commissioner’s office.

Shivaay met commissioner. He needs to know the whole truth of ranveer. Only commissioner can answer.

Commisner: yes Mr. shivaay. I know u trying to know about ranveer and priyanga

Shi: yse I want whole truth. Why did ranveer go to Kolkata? What is a reason? dnt lie me plz? I lost my sister because of him. I know his suspension order canceled. Then wat happened

Com: yes mr.shivaay we canceled his suspension order instead we gave spying work to him.
Shi: so he has gone for spying on someone. He couldn’t believe it yet.

Com: exactly. He get long breath and starts voh actually mr.shivaay I think u got to know raathore.he is an most wanted criminal of Kolkata. We tried to catch him every time he escaped and He destroyed all evidence against him. We tried so many ways finally we decide to spy on him. Raneer also accept to going to Kolkata. He collects evidence against him. But it’s not enough for ours. So ranveer trying to find his secrets, unfortunately somehow he knew. so we informed him. I dnt know what happened after that. He didn’t come back. So I get doubts and tried to reach ranveer, his phone switched off finally Kolkata police got this things near accident place.
He shows ranveer’s wallet, pinku’s chain. We checked the traffic cameras, we found this. He shows the video, they saw ranveer and prinku in car.itz recorded few minutes before the accident. After we found a dead body at accident place. According to the pharmacy report it is a woman. So we made sure that it is your sister.

Shivaay checked the video and asks where is ranveer?. Commissioner looks and said i don’t know him alive or not. We are searching, if i get to know I will inform.i suspect mr.Rathore. Shivaay signed and received PriVeer things. He came to car and called Misra.

Shi: misra confirm the deal with Mr.Rathore. After he called someone and informed everything. shivaay told “no, I want this deal. This is the only way to get close to him.No changes in our plan, now i early waiting to meet him”.

In AniRi’s place

Annika feeds food to mannu. AnuRi(Anuj+Gouri) discussed their designs. After they finished our work. Anuj request gouri to go for shopping. She refused but Annika forced gouri “come on Gouri dnt think about Om. Go out spend some time. That’s good for u”. Finally she agreed. Mahi came there. He said he had important work so he get late at night.

Anuj and gouri came to shopping, She does not want to buy anything so they came to park. They sat on bench and enjoyed that atmosphere. She went to play with kids. Omru comes to the same park. They came to meet mahi. Om saw gouri. Om feels she seemed to be beautiful today than ever before.Gouri tied her eyes and played withkids. she searched for kids ,she comes to near om and touched him. they feels current. She removes the cloth in her eyes. She saw om. Om also looked her she turn to move back her foot stumbled, om try to hold her,but they fell down. GouriKara have an eyelock. They 2 lost their worlds, stare each other. Kids are stood around and laughed.

Ru: Ahm ahm ahmm this is public guys look around

They both got up and say sry to each other. Rudra enjoys their acts he teased them. Gouri searched anuj he is on call. She went to car and sat down. Anuj comes to asks gouri,” shall we go, we prepare some designs”. Gouri nodded and they moved that place. Rudra messaged sowmya “our plan super hit”.

After some time

Mahi comes to meet OmRu. Mahi says hai to OmRu. They don’t know how to start. Atlast mahi starts rudra y u call me hear.rudra stumbled to talk. Om says We know who r u. You are shivaay’s twin brother. We want to know about kamini where is she?

Mahi: Y r u searching for her
Om:We want know about someone. She only the person answer our question
Mahi: whose that person.
Om showed One womens sketch and told “her name is Bhavani. We want to know about her”
He spread his eyes wide and says Her name is bhavani.
He whispread bhavani . meri maaa. He touched her picture and cried at the same time he smiled. He hugged that picture.
Ru:Bhaiyya uknow it.
Mahi:How could I deny truth? kamini told me .Who told this to u. she says no one did u know.
OmRu:Daima told us
Om: 4 months before we went to meet daima that day she told about bhavani. I drew her picture what she said.
Ru: Have you seen your mother?

Mahi: no, kamini told me, she died when I was born. now only I see her face. But I see her picture somewhere.
OmRu: wat she said about Ur mom.

Flash back:

Both mahi and kamini were fighting. Mahi asks about his father. Kamini refused to the answer, but he stubborn to know about his father. Kamini called magi as illignmate. Mahi gets angry he hold kamini’s neck and warn her dnt call me like that am ur son. She scolded him and tell he is not her son. He is in schock . he asks wat u saying urn at my mother . she told am not ur other she someone else.
Kamini: am not ur mother. I want take revenge of oberoi family so I’ve used u. I love sakthi but he didn’t love me. He humiliated me in front of everyone. He called me begger. Tej also insulted me lot. They sent my father to prison. That’s why we left the city. We settled in kolkatta.
Didi and me saved ur mother from accident. After we get to know about her pregnancy. We ask about ur father’s but She refused to tell me about your father. We brought her here because there was a danger around your mother. She gave birth to a twins u and shivaay. But she was died in her delivery. My di does not have a baby so she wanted to adaopt u. that time old lady comes to ask help she listen our conversation. She told us her malik’s child dead in pregnancy so she asked the child. She offered money. We sold sivaay. After I got to know who is her malik. I wanted to blackmail him. I get money from sakthi. I used pink’s innocence I fooled her . She thought that we had a close relationship.
I accepted ur responsibility after ranveer birth.I used to you to destroy them.but u refused.

FB end

OmRu stood in the shock. Mahi get clue Kolkata and he called someone. He gets some images and checked the pictures and told she is Mr.Rathore’s sister Bhavani Rathore. The trio decided to go to Kolkata


Misra informed tej and sakthi, shivaay confirmed the deal. Tej and sakthi decided to talk about this to Om.

PRECAP: Om decides to join family business.
I know guys itz boring sry for this. mujse maaf karthoo.

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