Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 27

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In mumbai

anuj contacted mahi, requested him to send gouri to his office for important meeting. Mahi couldn’t deny him, so he sent Gauri with Saumya. After the meeting, gouri decided to buy the materials what she needs. she stopped car near a store and bought the materials.

Gou: thank god Anuj helped us to come out else we can’t buy any materials. She takes long breath. Somu plz Check if we’ve got everything on the list. Check once, it’s not easy to come out before our marriage. soumya checks the list.

Suddenly Sowmya feels someone followed them. She turns to saw but no one is there. But she continuously feels so She pulled her out of that place immediately and told driver to start the car. she informed gouri someone followed them. gouri decided to inform mahi. soumya remembered her handbag was forgotten in the store.

Som: ohh shit I forgot our bag at store. she hold her head.
Gour: don’t worry somu cool.gouri asks driver to take u turn and get bag but driver denied her request he not listen their words after They realized that was not same driver who brought them there. They try to scream someone puts knife of sowmya’s neck.

In kolkatta

roshini introduced herself to the old couple. She tells them to she want to help them. She ask them to why rathore kidnapped them .
Old lady: without knowing anything how can u help us? u came to spy us??
Rosh: no…. no… no…..aunty not like that really I want help u. Old lady doubts roshini about her intension. She does not ready to believe.
o.lad: Did he send you to get the truth from us?
rosh: plz aunty believe me I want help u both. At the same time I want to know who kept the papers itz very important for us. Roshini try to explain her situations but The old lady was not ready to believe her words, and she was not ready to listen her. but the old man trusted her. he ready to get help from her. he told everything to her
old man: now we not important, you can go and save her.

Roshini pov : wat to do? If I gng to save these old people or them? mahi is there so he managed no plrblm now I want to save the old people. Wat to do . Plz god help me. Show some way plz. . she saw some bundle of wastes she put fire on that waste. she makes call for ambulance and fire service. Finally she saved them and she hides them in some isolated place.

Annika She took the book from where she was hiding. when she turn the pages she saw some photos fell down on the floor.She was shocked to saw the pictures and she checks the diary she found many pictures and read some pages based on the pictures.

Roshini try to call mahi. She should share some important information but she her phone was switched off. She forgets to put charge. she ran to the nearest telephone booth. She dialed mahi’s number itz not connected next she dialed OM’s landline maid takes the call

Maid: hello
Roshi: hello hello am roshini here plz call mahi I want to talk to him immediately plz. she speaks without taking breath
Maid: wait mam I will call him. after couple of minutes mahi takes the phone call
Mahi: hello roshini..
Roshi: mahi please listen. please don’t allow girls to go out and it’s very dangerous. Rathore want to kidnap them so he send goons . Plz make sure them safe. I will u call later. Roshini cuts the call.
Mahi informed oberois and went to check Gouri and soumya. Mahi called Anuj
Mahi: hello anuj, did gouri finished her meeting??
Anuj: haa bhaiyya I thing they had come home. Meeting finished 2 hours before
Mahi: oh ok anuj I will check once again. thank u
Anuj: bhaiyya any prblm
Mahi: no nt yet I will call u later. ShivOmRu cames
Shi: mahi everthing fine
Mahi: Gouri and soumya still not reached home.
Om:I think they are stuck in some office work
Mahi: no om, anuj told me They leave the office 2 hours before
Rudr: wat 1 minitte I will call sowmya
Mahi: There is no use. I already tried. They have forgotten their handbags in the shop

Obro brothers was little scared. They think wat do next that time,They heared some noise in shivaays room.

Rudra open the door they saw broken things everywhere and they found Annika near the door. she was fallen there. Shivaay shouts and run to her. Annika opens her eyes it was full of pain. Shivaay takes Annika from there. He put Annika on the bed. Annika saw him without saying anything.

Shi: Ani…. Ani.. anikkaa wat happen? who did this? wat happen?. Annika showed her childhood pic. She showed the othr pictures too
Anni: wat is this shivaay ?? u told me na my past not affects u? wat is this? How can you hide this from me?? and this is(Annika shows some pages from shivaay dairy) about my family ? itz true shivaay itz true ? rathore killed my parents? I lost my family because of him? how shivaay?say.. Annika shooked shivaay

shivaay dropped his head down and cried. Omru cames to help him.
Om : bhabhi plz bhabhi control ur self we will talk this matter later.we want to search gouri and somu. Rathore kidnapped them.After we will explain everything promise. Om released shivaay from annika’s hand. Annika looked mahi
Anni: that’s y u said no to roshini right. U all knows everything right. Everyone fooled me.
Rud: bhabhi plz we dnt want to fool u we just want ur safety. At the same time we try to shrtout the issues. We planned to give surprise for ur birthday unfortunately u came to know the things. now we want to save gouri bhabhi and sowmya. Plz bhabhi u take rest. They moved from there.

PRECAP: ShivOmRuHi meets Rathore.

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