Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 24

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previous epi: Mahi insults Roshini. Oberois gets engaged

Mahi avoids AnniRiYa he gets busy with his works. He informed them to do some important work so he leaves Ahmadabad. AnniRiYa gets upset. They showed their anger to ShivOmRu
Anni: u oberoi’s never respect women feelings always doing wat u want
Shi: wat happen y u talking like this
Gou: ahh di they never accept they fall in love. Every time try to broke our hearts
Om: gouri wat happen
Sow: they always things themselves only. They never understand how much we get hurt
Rud: sowmya y u talking like this
Shi: Annika wat happen first tell us who is the person u all get angry. who????
GouYa: mahi bhaiyya
Annika: we thought mahi never dng like this but he proved he is oberoi he broke Roshini’s heart. I can’t believe this
ShivOmRu: first tell us wat happen?
Sow: we invite Roshini di for mahi bhaiyya but he broke her heart
Gou: mahi bhaiyya and roshini di love each other.
ShiVOmRu: wat? But no one tell us. Gouri told them mahini’s(Mahi+Roshini) love story.

Anni: we planned surprise. But he surprised us. We saw so many times, when we tell her name, his face get bright. We thought mahi loves Roshini. U know we teased him lot, he never denies, he also enjoyed that moments. But now … ShivOmRu looks each other and understands mahi’s heart.
Shi: dnt worry we will talk to him.ok…..Shivaay hold annika’s hand
Om: hum hai na sub teek karthunga. Om holds Gouri’s hand
Rud: We will do parayathan for Mahi bhaiyya definitely. Rudra hols Sowmya’s hand
Shiv: now we handle it. Plz take rest dnt get tension. u just do arrangements for our marriage
Before the marriage we will bring Roshini here with mahi. Shivaay called khanna and said find out where is mahi?.
They try to find but mahi.khanna searched Ahmadabad his working place. But he did not get any information about him. after 2 days mahi’s phone was on. Khanna traced the location. khanna informedShivaay, mahi in his old house. shivomru went old house. They saw mahi laying in empty floor and played the mouthorgan his eyes literally wed

Shi: mahi
Mahi saw his brothers near door. He wiped his tears and he stood up
Om: waah very good. U try to hide ur tears. Wat u think we never understand ur feelings
Ru: u wants to hide ur love story for us.
Om:U never accept us ur brother’s na. that’s y u hid everything from us. I thought u accept us but no… u never accept us.
Shi: dnt ask om if he heartily accepts he definitely told his love. mahi maintain his silence
Shiv: Mahi plz say something we want to know what kind of relation u have ?
Om: she is one right ,she help us for every situations. Mahi nodes yes.
Ru: Roshini did everything just for u
Mahi: correction she has done for our friendship
Ru: friendship?? Ohhh plz mahi dnt lie more. Do u love her or not?
Mahi: see guys. Om stops him and said we want to know yes or no
Shi: I think u worried for my words right. Mahi we will handle that situation. ShivOmRu convinced mahi finally accepts he loves Roshini
Mahi: I dnt want Annika and gouri suffer. I dnt want give any chance to hurt them
shi: mahi u know na Rathore believes Gupta’s daughters died so nthng happens. next just 5 days is more if he not get property papers everything gose in his hand. already ranveer and his team proceed for his arrest once he gets arrest police will handle him.
Om: shivaay is right mahi dnt waste ur time come we will go and get Roshini for sangeet.
Ru: ok iwill inform bhabhi’s and soumya
Shi: no we will give surprise them ok.mahi came on men ithink u dnt want meet roshini
Mahi: no imean I want to say sry first , really miss her.
ShivOmRu: awwww. They hugged mahi.

In evening

ShivOmRuHi landed Kolkata. They went hotel for freshen up. Mahi called Roshini but her phone was switched off. Mahi worried ShivOmRu consoled him. they decides to meet Roshini at her home.
Ru: bhaiyya it’s only way to meet bhabhi. mahi nodded yes
Mahi: wat to do. Her phone was switched off. Ok guys u all are wait here. Mahi caught the pipe and climbed up. OmRu looked shivaay
Om: shivaay u seriously want this
Shi: ofcourse we want to help mahi so….. ShivOmRu followed Mahi. Mahi entered terrace and find Roshini’s room. Mahi knock some room doors and hide. Someone put hand on mahi’s shoulder. Mahi turn to saw the person
Mahi: rosh… roshini
Rosh: wat r u dng here? U came to scold me?
Mahi: no actually me … i…. actually…..i
Rosh: u wat . Roshini saw ShivOmRu get shocked
Rosh: Shivaay…. om… rudra….
Shi: yaa roshini we want to talk to u
Rosh: ya ok.
Ru: Bhabhi …I mean roshini di if someone saw us… so better we will go for some other place
Roshi: ohh yaa came. Roshini patted his head. She brought them to her room. Roshini gave water to them. After they struggled to speak. Mini competition runs, who talk first. Mahi broke the silent

Mahi: roshini I want to say sorry for my behavior am so sry
Roshi: ok I accept then….
Mahi: then… I want to say something I … i… shivaay I cant. Mahi try to leave. om stops
Om: roshini I know u get hurt we sorry for that. we are the reason for his behavior that day. He loves u so much. He want to protect Annika and gouri that’s y he rudely behaved u. he thinks if he accept his love Rathore will get close to our family.
Roshi: wait wat’s the connection between Annika, gouri and Mr.Rathore
Shi: yehhh they two were gupta’s daughters.
Roshi: wat? u mean they are alive. Roshini looks mahi , he nodes yes. Shivomru looks each other

Om: I think we should leave shivaay rudr come. mahi will explain u everything. Mahi all the best. They said all the best for mahi and leaved. After few minitues mahi came and joined them.
Ru: bhaiyya u came so early wat happen
Mahi: she accept to come with us
Shi: we think u gng to propose her
Mahi: haa shivaay but not here tmrw I gng to propose her in front of our family.
ShivOmRu: ohhhhhhhhh
Mahi smiles shyly. roshini in her room pack her things

In other hand rathore’s goons find some clues for property papers.

PRECAP: Sangeet function. Roshini try saw the pictures in rathore’s room

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