Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 19

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Previous epi: elders decide to youngers marriage but youngers want elder’s get married first. Shivaay take care for annika.
Annika puts Mannu Sleep. Shivaay gets Gouri’s mother number. He goes out and talks with gouri’s ma. He collect gouri’s information and he checks the information which he collects. He conformed information’s are true. He gets some relief and some worries. Shivaay gave all detail to Khanna and asks put in safe. he comeback to his room.

He saw Annika sleeps Mannu’s right side. Prinku sleeps mannu’s left side .gouri and soumya slept in coach. OmRu slept in chair. Mahi and Ranveer slept anothe coach.Shivaay wakeup everyone except Annika and mannu. He asks raveer to take prinku to her room. Mahi gets uppeda nd goes his room. Rudra hold soumya’s hand, om hold gouri’s hand and moved that place
Shi: rudr wat r u dng leave sowmya’s hand. Om u also leave Gouri’s hand if dadi looks get angry on u

Rud: bhaiyya plz dnt behave like MOM. plz. Give some privacy to us. We dnt disturb u and bhabhi u also disturb us ok. Good night come sumo . Omru held their partners hand and go their respective rooms. Shivaay feel for annika and did not disturb her. he slept near mannu.

Rudra’s room

Sowmya try to free her hand but he leaves her hand after come to room. He locked doors.
Sow: rudr wat r u dng. Plz open if maa ji saw us like this she gets upset.
Rud: no I can’t, I want some quality time spend with u

Sow: we already talked much
Rud: but that’s not enough for me. Rudra pulled her closer. They shares eyelock. then RuMya sat near the window. Rudra get close to her. Sowmya leaned over rudra’s chest. Rudra put his arm around her neck. They forget everything live new world.

Om’s Room

Gou: omkaraji leave my hand if someone saw our like this
Om: ohhh k no prblm. Om leaves gouri’s hand. Gouri get little upset because she never want om leaves her hand. Gouri stepped her lift gouri. He goes his room. He locks room. Gouri start screams. Om puts his finger on her lips .they lost each other in their eyes.
Om: u r my wife I have full rights to bring my wife to my room. No one stop me. Gouri bites his finger.

Om: oouch r u mad gouri?. I will…. Gouri ran around his room. Om try to catch her. Gouri escaped from his hand, finally he catches couri. They felt bed and burst in laugh. then they busy with their talks.

Priveer’s room

Prinku helps ranveer to lied on bed. His injuries are slowly healed. Prinku gives medicine to ranveer. he takes and going to sleep quickly because of medicines effect. prinku brushed ranveers hair. She kissed his forehead. Prinku switched off lights and closed the door. Prinku came to mahi’s room. She knocked ,mahi open the door he saw prinku

Mahi: prinku ???? if any emergency ranveer ……,
Prinku: no bhaiyya no(prinku hold mahi’s hand) he Is slepping I just came to talk to u
Mahi: come, come insight. Mahi opens door fully. Prinku sat couch, mahi sit on bed
Prinku:bhaiyya o… o…

Mahi: prinku come on if any prblm
Prinku: ohhh bhaiyya if rathore knows ranveer’s place I get scared
Mahi: prinku dnt get scared ur brothers are here na we will handle this dnt worry ok. Shivaay also takes step to confuse rathore.

Prinku: I understand bhaiyaa but I feel little uncomfortable
Mahi: dnt think too much ok we will handle this. I promise u nthng happensto ranveer ok.prinku nods yes.
Mahi: that’s not fair I want my little sister smile come on smile. Prinku smiled.
Mahi: accha I want to ask u something

Prinku: haah bhaiyya

Mahi: wat u thinks about annika and mannu’s bnding. Mahi wants to know her answer. if she feels happy or anger.
Prinku: sometime I feel bhabhi is mannu’s real mother. its amazing bonding between them like ma and daugter. I feel happy I got carring bhaiyaa’s and bhabhi’s.
Mahi: u never feel awkward na

Prinku : no bhaiyaa nthng like happy. Mahi cares her hair.
Mahi: go and sleep its almost late go good night
Prinku: I think am disturbing u na bhaiyya
Mahi: no no no not like that
Prinku: bhaiyaa I know u busy with ur……..
Mahi: shut up go and sleep

Prinku: okk am gng u continue and tell my bhabhi I want to meet her. ok bye . prinku closed the door and goes.mahi takes his phone and saw message good night. He kissed his phone. then he goes to sleep.


ShivOmRu busy with kitchen they make breakfast to everyone. Mahi also join them. They pulls leg eachother and enjoyed kitchen moment. Shivaay gets call, mahi gets call,and the same time ranveer came to them. Shivaay, mahi and ranveer looks each other. Omru confused their acts

Mahi: shivaay I think u got information right
Shi: yaa I got
Ranv: I think we should do something
Shi: no ranveer I will manage. Plz u stay here ur health still week and also prinku worried for u. I will manage

Mahi: haa ranveer we will manage. Mahi touch shivaay’s shoulder
Ru: excuse me wats happening here, we dnt understand
Ran: actually we collect the evidence against rathore and submitted to the commissioner.
Ru: this is good news. Rathore gets handcuffed soon.
Mhi: no rudr rathore’s persons set fire to the commissioner office. Evidence got erased.
Om: wat They have burnt the whole house for a file
Shi: exactly om he burnt everything. we want do something. Shivaay control his anger and leaves , mahi also leaves.

Ranveer talks to his teammates planned something.

Shivaay meets Mr.Bajaj.shivaay discussed with him. Ranveer called shivaay and informed about Rathore’s secret was in some other place. shivaay decides to go that place get everything about rathore. Its important for him and his annika. He wants to protect her at any cost.

PRECAP: OmRuHi confronts shivaay. Shivaay shares Annika’s past to them

Iam sry guys due to my health problem unable to upload my ff continuously. I will try my best.

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