Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 17

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Previous Epi: pinky decides to leave OM. Annika and Mahi requested Shivaay. Shivaay stopped Pinky.

Pinky: if I will stay here, I have 3 conditions for u. if u accepts I will stay otherwise I will leave. pinky told her conditions. After hearing the condition everyone surprisingly looked her.
Pin: my 1st condition is…. annika call me maa not aunty. If u call me Aunty na I will pull your ears
My 2nd condition is …. Shivaay u also fulfill my wish, I want my kanchi eyed grandchild. ShivIika Blushed. Annika shyly nods.
Mahi: ahm…ahm…ahm… guys come to real world yaar.ShivIka glared mahi.
Dadi: what’s ur 3rd condition pinky
Pin: mommyji its not condition its request for Annika . Beta plz dnt say no
Anni: anutyji shhh …. sry…. maaa I do it if I can
Pin: you can that’s y I requested u, I want to sahil to be my son. I want correct my mistakes. Give me a chance to correct my mistakes. These years I have fear to lose my shivaay. That’s y I teach him NKK to protect myself. Now I want live a mother’s life without fear. I know we already have two sons shivaay and Mahi. But Shivaay also suffered lot because of me . And mahi, soon a girl will come in his life. i dnt wat trouble them. I want repent my mistakes. So plz Annika ……Pinky holds Annika’s hand. Shakti also requested Annika.

Sha: Annika beta it’s my request too. I also want to do my duty as a father. I never gave my love to my sons now I also want to live that life. plz give this opportunity to us.
Annika nods yes with tearly eyes. They have very senti moment. Mahi hugged Pinky and Shakti. Shivaay and annika also joined their group hug.
Rud: Oh My Mata, shivaay bhaiyaa u have heavy competition now, one side Mahi bhaiyaa, another side Annika bhabhi soon Sahil also. Now Chotti ma have 2 hera Betas sry 3 hera betas, one Hera Bahu hmmmmm .

Dadi: shup kar. Look their happy family. Heyyy Nazare naa lage. They break their hug. Pinky kissed Annika’s forehead. Annika turn saw shivaay,he turn his face. Mahi touched Annika’s shoulder and sign dnt feel. Annika nods. Annika and mahi takes pinky’s bag and went inside pinky’s room. ShaNky followed them. Shivaay saw Ranveer

Shi: Ranveer Commissioner called me, he will handle that situation. Dnt stressed anything. dnt go anywhere for few days, Because Rathore’s goons searched you everywhere. Ranveer said yes to him.
Shivaay noticed everyone and asks “Where is Om and Gouri”
Jha: Gouri went for work. Om must be in his room.
Dadi: dnt know wat happen to Om. Last few days he looking very sad.
Shi: dnt worry dadi I will talk to him. Shivaay went om’s room. Om’s room was full mess. Shivaay never saw om’s room like this. He saw one little girl’s picture and take it. rudra also came
Shi: these picture how came here?
Rud: yeeh chulbul bhabhi’s childhood picture ye
Shi: gouri’s pic really
Rud: haa bhaiyaa 2 years before o went bareilly to search chulbul bhabhi, that time he got this picture.
Shivaay safely hid that picture to his pockets. Shivaay calls staffs toorder arrange everything perfectly. Shivaay came to Dadi
Shi: dadi I will talk to gouri and make fine, dnt feel
Jha: no shivaay dnt do anything
Shi: but badima om …..
Jha: shivaay I told u na dnt do anything. we already planned and as per our plan everything perfectly happens
Shiv: wat… plan… wat. That time annika also joined them
Anni: haaa shivaay we want Om confess his feeling to gouri.
Shi: but Anuj and Gouri got engaged na
Jha: its just drama shivaay.
Shi: badi ma wat r u saying, that means their engagement……. Jhanvi nods no
Jha: Anuj helped our plan to unite them. Gouri and om does not know this plan. As per plan today Anuj annouce his mariage to gouri. But he dnt announce anything. We just scared om.
Rud: haa bhaiyaa if this plans not worked, I have another plan too.
Shivaay, jhanvi and annika together “shutup rudra”
Rud: guys dnt worry my plan is pakkaa kidikidhod plan. I know u guys never believe me. But am sure my plan 100% work
Jha: rudr dnt do anything stupidly.
Rud: maa believe me this plan never gets failed, believe me. Rudra goes out. Shivaay calls khanna and gave Gouri’s childhood photo him and said”Khanna carefully gets all information about gouri’s childhood. Khanna u know how much important this information ours, so carefull. We will meet Bajaj uncle’s house”. Khanna leaved. Shivaay also leaved his office. Jhanvi explain next plan to everyone.

At Night
OF members went AnuRi’s function except Om. He said he is unwell. No one forced him they silently leaved. OF members entered house almost 11’o clock but Gouri not came with. Annika saw om in terrace and loudly said
Anni: Jhanvi aunty I think gouri will came late she is busy with her fiancé. Party was amazing I enjoyed lot. Jhanvi understands
Jhan: haa beta its was awesome. Look mannu is also enjoyed hey naa maanu. mannu nodes yes. Prinku came to Om
Pri: bhaiyaa y r u looking sad. Any prblm?
Om: no prinku nthng, how is ur day?

Pri: hmm too good. U know bhaiyaa after long time I with my family am so happy. I’m the happiest person in the world. Its because of annika bhabhi, gouri bhabhi and sowmya. These three bhabhi’s are my inspiration, I’m very proud to my brothers have strong and beautiful wife’s. bhaiyaa I know u and gouri bhabhi still have some misunderstandings plz bhaiyaa talk to bhabhi and clear ur misunderstandings. I want u and bhabhi Brushed her hair and said “wah my little sister now put condition on me, am so happy to see u like this. I will try my best. Go and sleep good night”. Prinku gave hug to her brother and goes her respective room. Annika takes mannu, who always in half sleep.
om: bhabhi where is shivaay?
ani: shivaay went some meeting . he will come on mrng.
om: ok bhabhi everyone has come? Annika understands “ahhh evryone has come”.
Om: no bhabhi I mean… I mean….
Anni: wat u mean? Annika looks Om.
Om: nthng bhabhi good night. He sadly turn to leave
Anni: aahhh Om, Gouri will came late. Anuj and Gouri went some work so she will came late. I think u got answer na. Om nodes no and leaved.

Near mid night Anuj dropped Gouri near OM. They talked something suddenly Gouri hugged Anuj. Anuj consoled her. Om saw everything with far. He sadly goes his room. Gouri enters the Living room and searched om. She did not saw him. She asked rudra about Om. Rudra told about Om’s secret place, Gouri also went that place.

Next Morning

Shivaay called gouri but no response. He asked about gouri no one knows where is she.
Jha: dnt know Shivaay where is she? I didn’t saw her after the party
Pink: haa jithani ji I also not saw her
Anni: Om also missing? He is not his room?. Everyone confused they searched GouriKara everywhere.
Rud: I know where they
Shi: rudr then y u tell us before
Rud: actually bhaiyaa I dnt know where is they. just is guess
Jha: rudr dnt make confuse where are they?
Rudr: come I will show u. everyone followed Rudra, he went om’s room
Anni: rudra I told u na he is not in room
Rud: bhabhi I know wait.he open their basement and enter that place. he signaled to follow him .they followed rudra. after enter the root they saw, full of Gouri’s different pictures, her chubul pictures also in that place.”I’m sorry” this word Written for every pictures. After they colors scattered everywhere. They asked rudra where is om and gouri. Finally they saw….
Om and Gouri in sleep with hug. Everyone closed their eyes. Pinky’s OH MY MATHA disturbed them. Om slightly open his eyes and blinked. He saw OF members surrounded him. he confused first and said good morning to everyone. But no one responded. He confusingly moved, he realized their strange behavior because he still hugged Gouri. He try to wake up her.
Om: gouri, gouri wake up wake up yaar
Gou: wat happen y u disturb my dream. She tightly hugged om
Om: open ur eyes, ur sleep automatically flied barelly
she opened her eyes ,he signaled turn back. She turns saw everyone .they break their hug and stood straight. evryone burst laugh. They to looks so innocent
Jha: I think we should to something else no one listen our words. Jhanvi hold om’s ear,Pinky holds gouri’s ear.
Om: maam its hurting
Gou: maaji plz.
Shivaay, mahi and rura teased them
Anni: I think Gouri next time u use less lipstick.Annika winked, soumya and annika controlled their smile. Gouri looks Annika confusingly
Gouri: y di,u dnt like this color. Annika signaled to see om. Gouri turn to saw om and understands and cup her mouth”I’m sorry omkara ji”, she run that didn’t understand wats happen

Om: y she run like this, wat happen to her. Shivaay pad his head and showed mirror he saw lipstick marks in his face. Om closed his face with hands.he also run to his room. OF members laughed continuesly. Annika looked shivaay, but shivaay avoid Annika.Shivaay gets Khanna’s call. He leaved.

PRECAP: GouriKara remember of their night. ShivIka have moment.

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