Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 16

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Previous Epi: Pinky decides to leave OM.Shivaay throws water on annika’s face. Mahi feeds Shivaay.

Om drops Gouri near office. Gouri open the door and said thnks to him. Om”I will wait for u”. Gouri ”no thanks omkara ji, Anuj ji will drop me”. Gouri went inside without looking back. Om saw Anuj welcomed Gouri and they two went inside. Om feels bad for him. On the way he believed that she would speak but she came quietly. After leaving the car, he hoped that she would talk but she went out, its tested his patience. He angrily starts the car.

Rudra enter his room, already soumya in his room. He back hugged her.Sowmya”Rudr wat dng leave me”.
Rud: no im not, actually I was angry on u. he released her. She turn back to see him. Rudra showed sofa. They sit and having talks
Sow: sry rudr I dnt wnt drouble u. that’s y am sry rudr. If I told u definitely u told shivaay bhaiyya itz create more prblms that’s y I hided from u am sry. Sowmya hold her ears say sorry to him. Rudra melts her actions.
Rud: itz ok sumo. Somehow my sumo is back am very happy. he hold her hand

Sumo plz dnt leave me at any situations. If u near me na I can do anything. U r my strength. i dnt want another separation in my life.
Som: no I never leave u. I also feel the same. I’m always with u my dumbbell oberoi. Their eyes filled with tears. Someone knock the door. Rudra open the door. He saw Jhanvi
Jhan: Soumya ur things are shifted in guest room. Go and take rest
Rud: y mom, sumo will stay with me after all she is my wife
Jha: mammy ji strictly told me Annika, gouri and Sumo stay with guest room for some days. Jhanvi leaves that place. Rudra makes puppy face, Rudra tightly holds Sowmya’s hand. Sumo after giving so much assurance and sweet talks, she leaved that place.

Shivaay finished his works. He waited for Annika but she is not come. He searched her. He saw Annika sleeping with Mannu. He did not disturb them he came to near. He saw their sleeping position smile appeared on his face (Mannu tightly hugged annika) and he covered there with blanket. He kissed Annika’s forehead.he went to sleep.

Only one person gets not proper sleep itz our om. He waited for gouri. Gouri arrived near mrng 3’o clock. She saw Om in living room. Om waited for her to speak something but Gouri without asking anything she goes guest room. Om gets hurt he controlled himself and decided , mrng he will talk with her.

At morning

Gouri comes down she looks very pretty. Anuj enter the house
Anuj: hello gorgeous lady. Looking awesome
Gou: thank u anuj ji
Dadi: arrey gouri anything special, u get ready at early moring
Gou: dadi today big day for us and…..
Jhanvi and om also come that time.
Jhan: and wat special gouri u looking good. Om was speechless. His eyes mesmerized her beauty
Anuj: aunty today we lunch our new designs and we will announce our marriage date too
Om: wat marriage date…….om was shocked in core
Anuj: yaa om today evening I will announce our marriage date. anuj and om looks gouri. Gouri looks down, she didn’t speak anything. Gouri purposefully avoids Om.
Gou: aanuj ji we getting late.Gouri moved to doorside
Anuj: ok maaji bye we will meet evening ok bye.
Gouri gets blessings to elder and leaved

Shivaay reads newspaper and chipped his espresso. Pinky came to meet shivaay
Pin: shivaay I want to say something
Shi: I dnt want hear anything from ur mouth. Just leave already u done lot of me. Is there anything else?
Pin: no shivaay I dnt want to explain anything, I just came to say sry for all my mistakes. I know this is not a right solution, so, I decide to leave this house. I’m going, I never comeback. I am sry for everything if u have little bit of love in corner of ur heart means plz forgive me.
Shi: I think its good decision. Do Whatever u want. Shivaay did not react anything Pinky leaved with tearly eyes. Mahi and Annika hear their conversation. They came to Shivaay

Mahi: shivaay its not good man. Y u hurt her. She is ur mom
Shi: no never ,she is never my mom
Mahi: plz shivaay try to understand her situations. She loves u lot.
Anni: mahi is right she is here only because of u shivaay. 35 year she lived with pain. U didn’t notice her eyes. Plz forgives her

Shi: Annika u said this all. R u mad. Because of her, U and gouri leaved this house. Because of her I almost lost my sister. Because of her u suffered lot.
Anni: I know shivaay but remember one think she raised u as a son. she gave her full love. u know shivaay me and mahi never gets mother’s love. But u r very lucky, u gets mother’s love. We never feel that love in our life. we saw only pains and humiliations. But u gets everything because of her. If she did not accept as her son,then how did u get this life. She is one who raised u as king of this empire. Dnt forget that.
Mahi: kamini never give any love to me. She always taught me, humiliates me. She always blamed me an illegitimate. But u got good mother, because of her I cannot came to this house before. I saw her love on u.
Anni: u know shivaay. u got shot that time I saw her love for u. she believes I’m the reason for everything. After the holi party, she accepts me but u made her opposite me (shivaay confusingly looked annik). U never gives any credits to her. I know u never thought that but U made that situation more difficult. Kamini also enter our house she troubled her. She bear so much pain.Plz give one chance to her.

Annika and mahi leave that place.Pinky packed her things.shakthi, Annika try to stop her but she
adamantly packed her things. She called everyone she says sry to everyone.
Pi: annika I know u still angry on me. Am very sry beta, Its my mistake, I lost everythng. I dnt know wat I said am sorry. I know itz not enough for this. She fold her hand says sorry
Anni: aunty ji not like that. I’m not angry on u. ma does not dothe wrong thing for her son
Dadi, jhanvi keep silent they didn’t say anything to her.they waited for shivaay, pinky drag her luggage to hall she bid bye to everyone. she moved someone hold her hand that’s none other than our shivaay. Shivaay take luggage

Shi: no one goes anywhere.
Pin: shivaay u forgive me
Shi: if u think am easily forget everything.
Pin: then y u stopped me
Shi: ur husband my dad mostly needed u ,not only him ur another son is here he wants mothers love. So I accept for these reasons. One think remember if u do anything wrong I never forgive u. shivaay told everything without seeing her face. Pinky looked shakthi and mahi. Pinky came near to Annika
Pin: I know u 2 change his decision. I feel so low in front of u . Thanks . how to express my feeling dnt know.
Anni: no aunty ji we know how much u love shivaay, forget past.
Mahi: ahhhh forget everything
Pinky: Will u callme Maa. Mahi’s eyes filled with tears. He hugged her and called maaa
Mahi: maa forget everything dnt feel bad, am always here for u and this kanchi ahkho wala scold u na I will scold him.
Anni: o beteki mahi u too fast ahhh. pinky came to annika
Annika takes her bag to go inside.pinky hold her bag
Pinky: if I will stay here n,a I have 3 conditions for u. if u accept I will stay otherwise I will leave.
Everyone looks pinky.

3 conditions if any guess

PRECAP: Whole family searched GouriKara And they saw…..

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