Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 15

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previous part link : Episode 14

Previous epi: OmRu revealed Shakthi’s first marriage truth. Shivaay get to know about his maa.

In shanky’s room

Shak: shivaay is my son not only shivaay, mahi also. they both bhavani’s son. They are my blood. He was delighted with happiness.
Pinky was watching him in tearly eyes. She knows she did big mistake. Shakti saw her he sit near her. He touched her shoulder she looked up.

Pin: am sry shakthi ji because of me so many mistakes happen this house. Am not a good mother, because of my insecurity feelings, I hurt evryone. Am not belived u every time,u explained ur situations but me always hurt not good wife for u. how could I correct all this. She cried. Shakthi held her hand and said” 2mrw we will explain everthing to shivaay dnt worry we should correct our mistake”

Pin: No shakti ji he never believed me. How can I do this to him? I know u r very much happy ur sons are back. Look at me ,i lost my son. Shakti consoled her. Pinky in dilemma. she feels lost everything.

Pinky Pov
I know I did big mistake. I cannot rectify this mistake, I created many problems in everyone’s life. Shivaay and Annika separated because of me. Gouri and omkara separated because of my insecure feelings. She cursed herself. Tomorrow I’m gng to apologies to everyone after I will leave this house. Sorry shakthi ji am not stay here anymore. I can’t see hatred in my shivaay’s eyes. He easily cuts my relation with him. But me, he is the only reason to live life. now I lost my son.i completely lost. She cried and fell asleep.

In Dadi’s room

Dadi, OmRuHi,TejVi was sitting and discussed about just few hours before wat happens. They share their experience.
Rudra: dadi how would bhaiyya knows his birth secrets. We thought he dnt know anything
Om: yeah dadi we get shocked we never thought that
Jha: mummy ji I think u also know this secret before right
Tej: ohhh my god me only the person didn’t know anything. He said with fake angers
Dadi: haaa I know, one day shivaay came to my room. He shows One necklace and asks itz pinky’s necklace. after I conformed that necklace is pinky’s. then he told about nayanthara. So we decides to confront pinky and get to know about whole truth.

Flash back
Dadi: I dnt think pinky falls too low. she really did this
Shi: I’m also shocked dadi. I want to know about if she is the reason for Annika’s changing behavior
Dadi: I dnt get doubt I conformed she is the only reason
Dadi and shivaay decides to confront pinky.they goes her room.that time pinky on kamini’s call

Pin: hello kamini thank u for helping me. Now my route cleared. I send out Annika completely from shivaay’s life
Pin: haaa she is not easily accepts my deal so i told about shivaay’s birth truth. I blackmailed her, If she is not leaving this house i will tell evrthing to him. After she accepts and leaved.
Pin: haa I told everything to her.
Pin: she knows shivaay is shakti ji and ur’s illegal child and also knows mahi is shivaay’s twin brother.
She knows nkk is pride of shivaay if I break this truth in front of him he completely broken so she silently leaved this house.
After hearing this they returned quietly. Shivaay went back to his room Dadi get worried and followed shivaay.

Flashback end

Dadi: I never seen shivaay like that. Shivaay decides to leave this house completely. I dnt know wat to do. So I put one condition to him, that is prinku return our home and OmRu took responsibilities after he will leave this house. I want to divert his attention so I put this condition. He also agreed my condition. That the same time I and jhanvi decides to bring Annika back. that is the best medicine for him. After wat happens everyone knows

Ru: ohh my god my dadi is so brilliant like cool ahhh.
Om: I dnt know wat will happen next
Jha: I think pinky do more drama
Dadi: I dnt think so maybe she asks sorry for whatever she did. We will get know tomorrow, now guys go and have dinner. I want to talk with mahi. Jhanvi send dinner to my room
Jhanvi nods yes. tejvi and OmRu , came out the room. Rudra gng to meet sowmya. Tej,Om leaves their rooms.

Gouri was hurrying out jhanvi stopped her and asks what happen
Gou: maaji I have some work I want to leave. Itz very important
Jha: gouri its already late
Gou: maaji Anuj called me. We make some changes in designs so I want leave. I booked taxi. It’s also waiting for me.
Jha: ok wait. she called Om and request to drop gouri at her office
Om: mom y r u calling me?
Jhan: om there r no drivers. Shivaay gave leave to them. Plz om
After Om accept to drop Gouri. Om takes Gouri to her office.

Shivaay’s room
Shivaay talking to the phone he gives instruction to his staffs. Annika enters with food. She knocks the door. Shivaay turn to see her, and he nodes come in. Annika put plate on table

Anni: dadi has send ur food, have it, after take this medicine. She put near plate.
Shivaay hold her hand and twisted her back. ouch shi… shivaay itz paining.
Shi:Y u come here I gave ur passport and offer letter na, gooooo. Y u stayed here. U dnt have any worry about me na. then y u stayed here. U left me alone na? y u comeback. He pushed her. Annika missed her balance suddenly shivaay hold her hand. After she stood straight.

Anni: shiv…. Shivaay I am sorry I dnt …………….SPLASH……… shivaay throws water on Annika’s face. She gets shock. He said I’m very angry with u dnt follow me. He leaved that place. Annika remembers how he throws water on her face. She stood numb. Mahi came to near he called her name numerous times she didn’t respond. Mahi waves his hand. He shook her. Annika came to real world. He gave towel, she wiped her face. Mahi controlled his laughter.

Anni: y r u staring like this
Mahi: nthng wat happen y u wet?
Anni: wooo shivaay welcomed me with his style. she saw he controlled his smile. Itz our regular activities dnt laugh. Annika takes plate mahi stops her and get plate from her
Mahi: Now mannu needs u. i will go to shivaay. He winked eyes. She smiled back and said all the best.

Mahi came to shivaay’s room. Shivaay busy with his files. He feels like someone standing behind, shivaay thinks itz annika
Shi: I told u na dnt follow me
Mahi: when did u say?
Shivaay hears mens voice so he turn back. He saw mahi
Shi: vo vo am sry I thought Annika
Mahi: itz ok shivaay come and eat it
Shiv: no I dnt feel hungry. Mahi knows annika told him itz not easy to convince him so he thinks Do something and make him have food. Shivaay sat opposite to him. They struggle to start first.

Mahi pov:
How can I start? If I speak something he gets angryon me. I know he is still in confusion. So I dnt want talk about kamini and Bhavani ma. I dnt know what to talk about. Am so confused. arrey Mahi say something he also looked constantly. wat to do. He saw mannu’s toys in shivaay’s room
Finally mahi find a way to speak.

Mahi: shivaay u saw mannu
Shi: hmmmm such a sweeet little cutie pie.
Mahi: yaa I always called her angel. She called me maai
Shivaay remembers mannu called him maai.
Shi: I know she also called that name. she thinks u and me are the same person. After shivaay and mahi, both of them spoke lot about mannu. Mahi told mannu’s likes, dislikes. Shivaay involved his talkks. Mahi use this chance, he feeds food to him. Shivaay without his knowledge he ate food. He didn’t notice it because shivaay thoughts were surrounded mannu.

Mahi gave tissue paper to shivaay. Shivaay confusingly looks mahi.
Mahi: wipe ur mouth. He said with smile. Shivaay asks why. Mahi points mirror. He saw his face and he gets tissue paper and he wipes his mouth. How did I eat? Mahi upped his collar. They burst in laugh and hugged each other.
Shi: how? Without my knowledge
Mahi: someone teach me how to feed food to kids. Just I used same formula here. I got good result. He shows plate.
Shi: its annika right. she teach this to u
Mahi nodes yes. And said this empty plate shows how much u hungry. shivaay nods. He takes medicine. Mahi get ups and moved to door, he turns says someone waiting for my answer ok bye, god night.
Shivaay widely smiled and remembered how mahi feeds him. Annika saw everything from far.

PRECAP: Pinky appologies to everyone. Shivaay stopped pinky. Gouri went Om’s secret place.

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