Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 14

Hai guys here my next ff. guys pls comment ur opinions. .Plz plz plz ignore my Grammatical mistakes. If i did any error mention me plz. And Big thank u for my readers

Previous epi: Pinky threaten Annika Shivaay stopped Pinky and told he knows his birth secret.

Shakti broke the awkward situation he drag pinky on their room. Shivaay came to near Annika, he gave her passport and offer letter(she glared at him). he walked though main door. Annika followed shivaay in teary eyes. Shivaay starting to leave that place but OmRu stops them.

OM: chote pappa, chotimaa,shivaay,bhabhi we want to talk about something
Shak: plz om not know
Pinky: Already shivaay broke my heart saying that I am not your son. 35 years before my husband broke my trust. Now what left? pinky’s face shows how much she hurt inside. Om came to pinky hold her hand and said “no chotti ma we dnt want hurt u. we try to prove some truth in front of u that’s all”
Pinky sadly smiled and said”There is nothing left to hurt me anymore”
Ru: no chotti ma not like that
Shi: plz omRu am already tired I want some rest. I want leave this place first.
Ru: bhaiyya u dnt want know about ur maa and her name
Shi: this not a big deal Rudr, everyone knows kamini is my maa. I dnt want talk about her. He said at irritated voice
Omru: no bhaiyya/shivaay she is not ur mother, someone else.
Shi: guys this is not the time to joke. plz dnt make me more irritating. He holds his head. om takes long breath
OM: it’s nt a joke shivaay,we serious. Kamini is not ur’s mother not mahi’s mother. she fooled us. Ur mom died 34 years before.
Shak: wat…shvi…. shivaay’s mother died?
Om: whatever we said. We have a proof. He shows some papers in his hand
Pin: how is it possible Shakthi ji what is happening? Pinky glared at Shakti
Ru: chotti maa plz calm down. Kamini want to take revenge of our family so she used u for her revenge.
Pin:but om. Om stops pinky in middle and said
Om: plz chotti maa believe us. We dnt lied u. we were trying to fix everything fine.

Pin: no I can’t believe this. U all are trying to deceive me. Shivaay is Shakti ji’s beta I have proof. Dnt lie me ok. She go to her room take some papers and showed everyone. This is the proof om, Shakti ji and shivaay’s dna test reports. Shakthi checks report he looked at her with shock.

Shak: how it’s possible. I dnt have any such relation with her, plz pinky try to understand. U know pinky after she left Mumbai I met her in the hospital. How is it possible?. Pinky and shakti gets argument.
Om: ooohhhhh plz stop both of u. First understand what we are saying. We just told about kamini is not shivaay’s maa. We didn’t say anything about chotti pappa. First listen then react. Om almost shouted.
Dadi: arrey kottiya tell us clearly don’t make more tension.

Om narrates everything
How they know about shivaay’s maa and their meeting with Mahi. How Bhavani meets Kamini and her sister. Bhavani’s death. Ranveer maa’s decision, How kamini sold Shivaay to Shakti. Kamini’s motivation. How she blackmailed pinky. He said everything but he did not say Bhavani’s name.

Sha: wha… what is her
Bhavani Rathore A voice coming from behind. They saw Mahi stood that place. he entered and said
Her name is Bhavani Rathore. Who gave birth to us.

Sha:Bhav bhavani rathhhhore. his voice puzzled.

Om: yeah chotti pappa she is the one
Shak: but She died in Accident. Shakthi still unbelieves om words.

Om: we told u na Chitti pappa kamini saved her from the accident

Mahi: y Shakti ji u dnt belive. u wanna proof. He give disgusting look to him.
Om: shivaay she is ur Mother Bhavani. Bhavani Rathore. she is the one who gave birth to you and Mahi
Shivaay saw first time his maa’s photo. Om gave some pictures to shivaay. He just looked in teary eyes

Mahi shows some picture to shakthi and pinky. Which is big shock for Shakti. He hold the pictures his hands were shivered, pinky came to near she touched his shoulder he turn to saw pinky he showed pictures to her. She said sry to him,Sry Shakti ji I never believed u. I believed kamini’s words sorry shakti ji. He wiped her tears and hugged her.
OmRu takes some photos and showed everyone. That was Shakti and Bhavani’s wedding photo.

OmRu confronts Shakthi but pinky answers every questions behalf of him. They surprised and asks chotti maa u know everyting

Shak: Haa om she knows everything from the beginning. Me and bhavani love each other. Bhavani was very afraid for evrything, she mostly scared for her brother. So I decide to say first in my family. but bhavani not allowed me because she scared. So we decided to first we get married, after we announced to our family. we get married At Shimla. That time dad fixed my marriage with pinky. i met pinky personally, I told everything to her. She supports me. After I told everything to my dad. He also accepts my marriage and asked me to bring her here. That time we got news bavani died at accident.

Pinky: After Bhavani di’s death.Shakti ji completely broken inside so your dadaji request to me to marry shaktiji. Because of dadaji we get married. But shakti ji annoyed me. After shivaay comes our life he changed lot.

Shak: later I got information about Bhavani’s accident. bhavani’s brother got to know about our marriage so he planned to kill bhavani. He planned that accident. After knowing this I feel guild. But pinky always there for me. She supports me lot. I decides to give her happiness unfortunately pinky’s child died before born. That time daima told about kamini’s decision. So i took her help. I brought shivaay form her. Every time she blackmailed me, she takes advantage. Shakti closed his eyes gets long breath

Shak: i’m not able to talk before. I dnt hav any courage to open my bitter past. Now I got relief. I dnt know wat to say, but only one think I want say sorry for pinky, shivaay and mahi. I never have been good husband, not a good father. I am very sorry. He folded his hand in front of everyone. I know I did big mistake.
Only one person saw everything didn’t give any reaction that was shivaay. OmRu shook him they try to bring real world but still stood like statue.

Dadi looked everyone and said stop stop enough too much drama in our house now everyone leave. Shivaay stands and moved to door mechanically. dadi shouts shivaay where r u gng now everyhing in crystal clear na. Annika take him his room. Dadi knows now everyone in confused state so she gave some time to them understands that situation. After Dadi asks OmRuHi to come her room.

Shakthi and pinky looks shivaay and Mahi. Dadi asks”plz evryone will go to their rooms we will talk morning plz leave”. Everyone leaved their respective rooms.

PRECAP: Sleepless night for Oberoi’s. Shivaay throwed water to Annika. Mahi feeds shivaay

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