Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 13

Hai guys here my next ff. guys pls comment ur opinions. .Plz plz plz ignore my Grammatical mistakes. If i did any error mention me plz. And Big thank u for my readers

Previous epi: Khanna brought ranveer. Prinku is Alive, AniRiYa brought her. PriVeer meets their Daughter Mannu.

Prinku narrates everything to her family”I Could not get out of shock.i thought ranveer is dead. So I am stressed more. That time mahi bhaiyaa and Annika bhabhi takes care for me and mannu. They accept mannu of their daughter. Mahi bhaiyaa supported in every situation .soumya took me to Kerala to cure me. Everyone faced so many issues because of me. I don’t have any words to thank them. annika, gouri and sowmya hugged prinku. They shares group hug.

Rudra:I have a doubt can I ask u guys. Rudra upped his hand
Gouri: hmm ask us rudy bhaiyaa
Ru: after leaving the housegouri bhabhi, u gng to bareli, Annika bhabhi, we dnt know where she go. Before sowmya moved Australia. priveer lives Kolkata, Guys how to know each other.
Ran: thanks to Annika di. Everything happens because of her. Annika smiled back and told how she met everyone
Anni: first I met ranveer at market in kolkata. I got to know that prinku’s pregnancy. So I informed jhanvi aunty. I thought she have full rights to know about her daughter. After Jhanvi aunty informed me about gouri. With help of Anuj, I met her in one marriage function. Unfortunately I met sowmya’s friend at the function .he gave me sowmya’s number. That’s all. Simply finished her little flashback.

Tej: jhanvi why you hided everything from us?
Jhan: how could I say. U guys no one respect ur wifes. U always put me down. Shivaay never realized Annika’s love and her always humiliated gouri. rudra said he never considered his marriage.. but I try to say about prinku….. no one listen my words. all are egoistics, still you are stuck in it. She said angirily.They put heads down. Because jhanvi’s every word its true na.

That time mannu wake ups. She gathered everyone’s attention. She played with everyone. Tej played with her. They never saw this type of tej before. They enjoyed her antics. After the long time they oberoi family have lunch together. They serve each other. Every one feeds prinku. They have oberoi family moment. Annika take mannu she feeds her. shivaay’s eyes surrounded only Annika. Om and gouri avoids each other. Jhanvi and dadi noticed their melodrama. Jhanvi said something to anuj. He noded yes.After the lunch everyone gathered living room. Dadi suggest to priveer take rest.

Anuj: gouri tmrw big day for us. I will pick up u around mrng 6. U knows na have much important for us. Anuj bid bye to everyone, he leaved. AniRi also bid bye. But shivaay stopped them. Shivaay came to some papers
Dadi: shivaay wat r u dng. Dnt do this time.
Shi: dadi I already told u na. These guild eaten up every day, I want end this today itself.

Shivaay gave jewelry box to pinky, she surprised and open the box. she saw the her necklace(guys remember pinky gave her necklace to Nayanthara. that necklace). Pinky looks shivaay
Shivaay turn his face. Pinky got fear.

Jha: pinky this is look like ur necklace.
Shi: badi maa it’s exact her necklace.
Jha: where did u get from?
Shi: Nayanthara
Ru: OMM that fraud. But how?

Flash back

Shivaay talking to phone while driving someone hit his car. He stops the car and get down .he saw nayanthara , some persons try to harm her. He saved her. He takes her to hospital. After she said thank u to him.
Na(Nayanthara): daamaad ji thank u so much. If u not here I dnt know wat happen to me. he gives weird look
Shi: whose they are?
Na: i borrowed them and I could not pay off
Shi: I give u money wat u want. but I want one answer from u
Na: hmm really u gave me. thanku daamad ji. Haaa ask me I will give u perfect answer.
Shi: who brought u to my house? if u lie I will sent u jail permanently remember that
Na: no one… Nobody has brought me. shivaay twisted her hand
Shi: dnt try to lie.
Na: Even if I say you dont believe
Shi: first u say then after I decide
Nan: tumari maa
Shi: I said dnt lie. She cried out with pain.
Nan: meri kasam daamad ji, she want to separate u from ur wife Annika.see I told u na u never believe me
Shi: then prove it. He looked straight
Nayanthara called pinky asks money from her

Pin: listen I told u na dnt call me, then y u called me. Shivaay get shocked and signaled to continue. He wants to know how much she involved
Na: samband ji I want money else I will tell all truth to daamadji
Pi: I will not give you any money. I brought u for my purpose but tum meri plan ki OMM kar dhiya.even though I gave u 15lakshs.i dnt gave any money to u.
Na: then no prblm I will tell shivaay
Pi: go tell who cares, he never believe ur words go and try .pinky cut her call.
Shivaay was speechless. he realized Annika’s word about pinky.

Flashback end

Shivaay looked pinky and said I never expect from u. I never believed this befor.i..
I believed u more than me but u proved me am wrong. I thought u understand me without saying anything, but u never understand me. he stopped middle and gave papers to her and said u want to became owner of this hous na keep that papers I transformed everything to u. so leave me I dnt want any relation with u. u snatched my happiness, my life everything because of ur selfish thought . now I want leave. he moved towards Annika.

Pink: haa I brought Nayanthara here. Because I want to throw her in this house and ur life. Because of her u avoid ur mother. she put some blackmagic to u. u only cares her. u forget me. she try to separate us. I know she is full of poisons. After she enter our lives, We get more troubles. U got shot because of her. our lives goes worst because of this cheap middleclass poor girl. Pinky points Annika. Who also in tears.

Shi: not a word Mrs.Pinky sigh oberoi not a word against her, am not bear any more. I already gave u wat u want. U always taught me money power etc etc now I transferred everything to u will rule this house. I dnt want stay back this I will leave. Shivaay throws papers to pinky’s face.
I will end this relation forever to u.

Pinky came to Annika; this is happening because of u. she crushed her with her words.
Annika get fear if pinky told truth to shivaay no I want stop s. I dnt want to see his broken. she interfere it
Anni: aunty ji plz
Pin: hey dnt interfere it else u know me
Shi: else wat will u do? Haa tell me. I want to know about what did you scare her?

Pin: u want answer? kya Annika I will told him.
Anni: no no pinky aunty plz dnt do
Shi: plz Annika let her speak
Ani: shivaay plz leave it I will leave. I dnt want any drama here. She walks to door. Shivaay held annika’s hand if u wanna leave I also come with u. he looked pinky and asks i think u trying to say this na. I am illegitimate child of ur husband and kamini and Mahi is my twin brother, Right. He broke the truth in front of everyone.
Everyone on hell of shock. Annika looked shivaay confusingly. Pinky never except that. She also thought that he breakdown.

Annika pov: I thought after knowing the truth, he would be broken up completely but this shivaay didn’t affect this truth. He looked very strong, composed, his eyes shows pain. But it’s not reflect his face.
Annika looked his face without blinking the eyes

OmRu surprised of his behavior. OmRu felt the situation was bad. They immediately informed mahi. Others felt like watching a silent movie. They do not understand anything.

Shivaay continued u didn’t expect this na. This truth did not effect on my broken heart. After knowing your true face, this not surprised me . I dnt want gave any expltion to u. I am happy that l’m not ur son.

His every word hit her badly. Pinky looked blankly shivaay. That words from his mouth stitched in her heart. How can he say these words? She always She is shivaay’s mother forever. No one took this to her. But Annika took her place and attentions that’s why she throws her out. Now wat happens he throwed his mother in his life. She never want try to hurt him but his every single words badly hurt her. Her plans backfired. Now she is losing herself. She lost her son. She always thinks he is her pride but now he has broken it. Her hera beta hates her. Shakti hold pinky “shivaay plz stop these nonsense, do whatever u want. Not a word against my wife. Just leave here”.

PRECAP: OmRu shows Bhavani’s marriage photo to everyone. Shocking truth awaited

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