Truth (6)

part 3: in last part se saw that neel and ragini were in love
now story start with some one atraked on nikita.

on the other hand……..
nikita set on sofa. some one comming wearing mask and try to kill her with knife. but nikita saw her reflection in mirror and shout. he ran away. nikita frightened. the servents came. but at that time that man ran away from house. servents gave her a water. then asked her what happened.
nikita: “some one try to kill me. please call the inspector joshep now.”
one servent call the inspector joshep from nikita’s moobile. inpector joshep heard and shoked. he left his house and went to nikita’s house.
inspector joshep came at ashok/nikita’s house and gave the other officers to check the whole house and the nearby areas.
joshep: “do you see his face????”
nikita: “no i don’t see his face.”
inspector: “do you remember his look?”
nikita: “yes……he is tall. he wear mask and white shoes.”
joshep: “any thing else?”
nikita: “no, i was so frightened at that time.”
joshep: “ok…..i place two officers out of your house.”
nikita: “thanks inspector.”
inspector joshep was tensed. other officers came there and said that there was nothig in the house and nearby areas. joshep was silent.
neel went to his home try to sleep but he could not sleep. he thougt only for ragiini. he thought that he apologized to ragini. he called her but she can not recived the call.
neel got tensed and recognised that time which he spent with ragini. he thoght that he had to say the truth to ragini.

next morning…. neel was going to meet ragini but he met inspector joshep out of ragini’s house.
joshep: “do you came here to meet ragini?”
neel: “that is none of your buisness.”
joshep: “remember one thing, if you tried to cheat me, then i will tell ragini about her perent’s murder.”
neel: “don’t worry, i also think that i will tell her about her perent’s murder and i hope she will understand me that it was an accident.”
joshep smiled and went from their.

neel went to ragini’s house and rang the bell. ragini came and opened the door. ragini was very tired at that time. she saw neel and emotionally huged him.
ragini: “thank you so much to come here.”
neel: “i love you.”
ragini: “i also love you.”
ragini took him inside the house.
ragini: “i am so happy.”
neel: “one minute, i want to ask something to you.”
ragini: “what?”
neel: “about your perent’s death.”
ragini: “i don’t want to talk on that topic.”
neel: “do you love me?”
ragini: “yes…….”
neel: “then tell me how do you know your perent’s death was an murder?”
ragini: “why are you asking me this question?”
neel: “because i heard that that was an accident, not murder.”
ragini: “because i was also in that car.”
neel: “what?”
ragini: “yes. our car was attecked two times with other car so it was no an accident.”
neel: “two times?”
ragini: “yes, first it attecked by a white car some distance away from the high way and then our car was attecked by an a same car . so it was not an accident. it was full proof murde plan. i was also in that car but at the time of accident, the back door of car was opened and i was kiked out from the car and then car was blast.”
neel silently heard.
ragini: “when first time it was attecked, i saw a face of car driver. he was ashok patel.”
neel: “ashok patel…..who was killed few days ago?”
ragini: “yes he was the murderer of my perents.”
neel: “if you was killed him?”
ragini: “no……… tried to kill him but someone killed him before me.”
neel: “what?”
ragini: “yes……..i have to get revange from him so i trapped him in my plane. first, i got job in his compny, then i alwys tried to impress him and i was success in my plan. we have a relation and i wanted to kill him at velentine night when we went to dinner. i killed him by a knife after a dinner. i put knife in my purse and my purse was in his car. when we finished our dinner and went to car we saw that car was not their. it was stllen. and my knife was also in that car, so my plan got waste. then we call the mr. joshep’s driver. then driver drop me in my house and mr. joshep and driver leave.”
neel : ” sorry for hurt you feelings”
ragini : ” no its ok and you said me that not to say sprry”
then they both hugged. at that time neel feel that someone watching them from window. neel suddenly try to catch that person but he ran away. then he came to ragini again. ragini got tensed.
ragini : who is he? why he watching us secretly? i get scared
neel : i dont know. but dont get scared , i am with you.
then both hugged again. neel then left.

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