Truth (5)

part 2 : the story start witb neel waited out of ragini’s house secretly

the next day neel waited for out of ragini’s house. when she came out of his house and going to somewhere he ran his bike after ragini’s car. ragini stop her car near the coffie shop. he went inside the coffie shop, seat there and ordered for a coffie. at that time there was raining heavily. neel got an idea. so he punctured ragini’s car and went inside the coffie shop and. he sit on the table which is infront of ragini’s table and ordered for a coffie. he smiled at ragini. at that time a man came and miss behaved with ragini. ragini try to avoid him but he was continiued miss behaving with ragini. neel saw that and went near ragini. he fights with him and he ran away. ragini thanked neel and neel also went away. in out of coffie house, neel gave some money to that man and thanked him for doing his work. that man went from coffie shop. at that time ragini also came out of coffie shop and she saw that her car was punctured. she called his office and said that she could not come to office on that day. then she saw neel on his bike. neel went near her. at that time rain was stopped.

neel: “do you want lift? i can drop you.
ragiini: “no, i can manneged.”
neel: “think second time….. i can help you.”
ragini: “ok……”
neel smiled at her and she set on his bike.ragini gave her an address. they reached at ragini’s home and then ragini thanked him. neel tried to leave.
ragini: “plese come inside my home.”
neel: “next time……”
ragini: “okey……. but today is my birthday and i gave a small party. you have to come at 8 pm on my birthday party.
neel: “ ok….. but where????”

ragini: “here, at my home.”
neel: “ok….”
they exchange their phone numbers. then neel left.
on other hand inspector joshep try to find naina but he did not get any information about naina.
at night, neel went ant ragini’s birthday party. he entered in her house. at that time ragini talked to some one that dhara was out of city for work for a weak. at that time she saw neel and welcomed him. neel gave her a birthday gift. ragini thanked him. ragini introdues neel to her friends. neel met ragini’s friends.
ragini: “my best friend dhara do not here other otherwise i wiĺ meet you with her. she goes out of city with somework.
neel: “its ok……”
then ragini went to meet her other friends. neet stood at one corner. after sometime, ragini saws him and went near him.
ragini: “would you like to dance with me?”
neel: “yes.”
the music start and people danced in pair. neel and ragini also. ragini and neel got eyelockked. ragini was very happy for dancing with neel. she was falling in love with neel. she smiled at him continiously. after sometime, ragini smiles with sadness and went away from their. neel also went after her.
on the balcony of house, ragini stood alone. neel went there.
neel: “what happened?”

ragini: “nothing.”
neel: “then why do you come here? lets go to party.”
ragini: “no….. i want to leave alone for some time. plese……. i will come after some time.”
neel: “ok……. take care.”
ragini saw stars from the balcony. neel went away. neel turned his face and saw ragini. he saw that ragini continiously seeing the stars. then he move away and left party and went to his house.
next day…….
neel wakes up and saw the 8 misscalls of ragini. he called her.
neel: “what happened?”
ragini: “why did you go away from pary????”
neel: “nothing…..i was getting boared…. and no one knew me at your pary. so i went away.”
ragini: “sorry…’s my mistake….. i had not leave party for some time…..i am really sorry.”
neel: “no….. don’t say sorry…..we are friends….. so no sorry again.…”
ragini: “ok…. then meet me. i want to talk with you.”
neel: “why????”
ragini: “why….what……i will give you answer latter……meet me at that coffie at night when we met first time……”
neel: “ok…..”
neel cut the phone. he saw that inspector joshep stood infront of him.
neel: “what are you doing here????”
joshep: “nothing….but i want to see that how work is going on????”
neel: “i am trying to get the clue.”
joshep: “do fast your work, i have no time for this case.”

neel: “i told you that i amng doi my work then why you tou torches me again???? remember one thing, i am doing my work. when i will get any clue then i will inform you. do you get that???”
joshep: “don’t talk me in this voice again; otherwise i will open your secret of those murderers on 15 january 2011 near highway.
neel: “i told you that i did’t kill them. that was just an accident.
joshep: “don’t be oversmart. you killed that couple with your car. don’t called it an accident.”
neel: “that was an accident. now go from here.”
joshep: “ok but focus on your work…..”
joshep went. neel got upset.

at evening.
in coffieshop, ragini waited for neel. neel comes and set with her.
ragini: “how are you?”
neel: “fine….but why you call me here?”
ragini: “noothing……but i want to say something to you.”
neel: “what will you say?”
ragini: “not here…….in a garden….come we have to go now.”
neel: “but…….”
ragini: “no…..dont excusses….lets go”
neel: “ok.”
they left coffishop and then they went to rose garden. they reached the rose garden and went inside garden. ragini ran in the garden. then she stood at one corner and saw the stars. neel went near him.
neel: “why you often look at stars?”
ragini (upset face): because it connect with my perents. one day, they bought packet of terrese stars for me. and on that day……….
ragini crying……
neel: “what……what….. on that day?????”

ragini: “they both killed by some one”
ragini cried and huged neel. neel got tennsed and remember accident of couple which was done by him.
neel: “do you remember that day”
ragini: “yes. 15 january 2011 near high way.”
neel got shoked. ragini cried. neel got upset.
ragini: “some one killed them.
neel: “killed?????”
ragini: “yes…….that was not an accident. that was murdered.
he left ragini and try to leave her. he saprete from ragini and try to leave. ragni hold his hand and said that she loves him. neel got shoked again. neel said nothing and left. ragini cried with heartbrocken.she ran after him. neel started his bike and told ragini to sit. ragini set after neel and they left. neel droped her at his home and left. ragini saw neel and got upset.
neel directly went joshep’s house. joshep opened the door and welcomed him.
joshep: “so…….do you get any clue?”
neel: “they both are ragini’s perents.”
joshep: “who both?”
neel: “they both whose were dead in accident which is done by me on 15 january 2011 near highway.”
joshep: “what????”
neel: “yes.”
neel: “please, give me water.”
joshep went to take water. suddenly neel saw a picture of joshep and a girl on the table. he took a picture. joshep came and give him water. neel took water and put the glass on table.
neel: who is this girl????”
joshep: “she was my wife……..maya.”
neel: “was????”

joshep: “yes…..she is dead.”
neel: “i am sorry.”
neel put that picture.
neel: “i don’t think that ragini is a murderer.”
joshep: “how can you say that?”
neel: “because i saw her truth. she is simple and emotional girl. i observed her and i do not think that she is murderer.”
joshep: “what are you saying? do you get mad? i think she is doing drama. you are trapped in her plan. don’t saw her innocent face but saw her brillient mind. she is missguides you.
neel (angrilly): “don’t say anything wrong about her ”
joshep (angrilly): “why are you so tensed for her? what is the relation between you and her?”
neel (angrillly): “i love her.”
neel fall on sofa and got upset.

joshep: “what……. what are you saying?”
neel replied nothing and ran away.

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