Truth (4)

this is the story about the mysterious murders done in new delhi. on the day of velantine, mr ashok patel, a well known buisness man got killed in his car with knife. at 6’o clock in morning, his driver saw him dead in him dead in his car. he direct informed the pollice station and at 7’o clock pollice arrive at his home. mr.ashok killed very badly with knife. inspector joshep got mr.ashok’s case and he startes his investigation. first he called the driver and asked him some questions.
joshep:”where are mr you at last night?”
driver:” i am in sevrent qwarter last night because mr.ashok went for dinner with his girlfriend last night”
joshep:” who?”
driver:” his girlfriend ragini mehta”
joshep:”do you have any contact detail or address of ragiini?”
driver:” no, i have nothing information about her.”
joshep:” ok you can go now.”
inspector joshep ordered his officers to get the details of ragini and check the whole house of mr.ashok properly. finally one officer got the mr.ashok’ contact dairy and there was ragini’s contact number in that dairy. inspector joshep called ragini and ordered her to come in pollice station right now.
on the other hand, ragini cut the phone. she was with her friend dhara.
ragini:” i have to go to pollice station right now.”

dhara:” what happened?”
ragini:” i don’t know but inspector urgently called me at pollice station. i have to go now.
dhara:” ok, but then informed me what happened.”
ragini:” ok”
ragini arrived at pollice station and sit infront of the inspector joshep.
joshep:” where are you at last night?”
ragini:” may i know that why you called me urgently?”
joshep:” what am i asked and what you replied.”
ragini:” i know but first i want to know the answer of my question.”
joshep:” i said give me the answer.”
ragini:” ok fine. i was with mr.ashok mehta. last night in rajmahal hotel for dinner and now may i know what happened.”
joshep:” he was killed last night.”

ragini:” so ……what can i do ?”
joshep:” do you feel sorrow for him?”
ragini:” no, why?”
joshep:” but you both stil in relation with oneother.”
ragini:” yes, you are right but now he is nno more then why i feel sorrow for him. now i am free from this relation.”
joshep:” so…..ok. i direct come to point. we have dought on you that you killed him.”
agini:” what! what you say? i am not mad that i killed the boyfriend like joshep who is very rich………………sorry ….. who was….
joshep:” nice ans but we have to arrest you.”
ragini:” if you have any complaint aginst me? if you have i am ready for arrest but if you don’t have then i like to go.
joshep:” you are oversmart. but remember one thing that if we get any proofs against you we do not leave you.
then ragini leave the polliice station with an evil smile. joshep investigate this case but he did not get any clue but he still continiu his investigate on this case.

after 2 days
inspector joshep was tensed about this case and suddenly he had an idea and he called someone. he asked him to come his home at evning.
at the evning, inspector joshep went his home and he saw that the door of his home was opened. he went inside the home and see a young man set on the sofa. he was smoking at that time. when he saw him than he smiles at inspector joshep.
that man:” how can i help you?”
joshep:” oh karan……nice to meet you again. first seat here then i will explain you everyting.”
that man:” how many times i said you that don’t call me karan. i am neel. you can’t understand that?”

joshep:” ok…..but i have a very important work for you. you have to help me.”
neel:” that ok but why i will help you?”
jooshep:” you don’t forgot that i save you from 2 murdered cases. if i want then i will do something against you.”
neel:” how mamy times i said you that i didn’t attemt that murders. they were only accidents.”
joshep:” ok….leave that topic but you have to help me.”
neel:” ok…. but this is last time.”
joshep:” do you heard the buisnessman mr.ashok’s murder?
neel:” yes i heard”
joshep:” you are a detective and i want that you solve that case and find the murderer.”
neel:” ok….i will try.”
then inspector joshep gave him a detail of mr.ashok and his murdered and he said that we have dought on his girlfriend ragini.
neel:” ok….. i will try.”
then neel leave. the next day, joshep got a news that asok’s sister nikita and her husbend chirag came from mumbai to delhi. joshep urgently went ashok’s house. he saw that nikita was crying. he went near nikita and talked to her.
joshep:” mam, we have feel sorrow that your brother is not alive now but you don’t be emotinal and be practical that some one killed your brother and we have to find the murderer. to find the murderer, we need your help”
nikita:” ok……inspector,i will help you as i can.”

joshep:” do you have dought on any one?”
nikita:”i am not sure but i have dought on naina.”
joshep:” who?????
nikita:” naina, my brother’s x wife”
nikita:” yes, they both get daivorce before 2 years.”
joshep:” may i know the reson of their divorse?”
nikita:” i reallly don’t know but i think that naina has an affair with other man.”
joshep:” do you know that man??”
nikita:” no, i don’t know.”
joshep:” if you have any contact , photo or address of naina then give me.”
nikita:” i have no photo because they divorsed in one month and we also not attend their merrige bcause we were in foraign when they merried and when we came from foraign they both get divorsed. i only saw her on video chat one time .but i have an address of naina, wait 1 minute.
then nikita give the address of naina to joshep. as soon as joshep leaves, some one knocked on the door. nikita opened the door. he saw a man who was come for a clining. that man is no ther man but he was neel with changing his look as a house cleaner.
nikita: “who are you?”
he (neel): “i am home cleanner.”
nikita: “but we do not call you.”
he(neel): “ ok…… mam i think i got wrong address”
then he was leaving but nikita stoped him.

nikita: “ we wanted a home cleaner. you could work here.”
then neel entered the house and smiled at
joshep. joshep left.

then neel started to clean the house and search for the clue.
on other hand joshep went to naina’s house but house was locked. her neighbours told joshep that the house was locked since 1.5 years approximate. joshep got tensed and returned.
here in ashok’s home, neel claened whole house and tried to search a clue but he did not get any clue. at evening, when he was cleaning the bedsheets, then he got a photo of one lady with ashok. he got that photo and told nikita that he would come the next day. then he went to photostudio and made a copy of that photo and he gave one photo to jooshep and told him to asked about the photo to nikita. the next day neel went to ashok’s home for cleaning house.
joshep called nikita and told him to come to the pollice station.nikita went to the pollice station. joshep asked him about the photo. nikita said that tha lady in a photo was naina.
here, neel tried to find the other clues but he did not get any other clus. so he went from ashok’s house without inform anyone.

at that night joshep give the whole information of ragini to neel. joshep said that ragini was a greedy lady and very oversmart. neel said that i would handel her.

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