Truth (3)

story start with inspector joshep gave neel a detail of mr.ashok and his murdered and he said that we have dought on his girlfriend ragini.
neel:” ok….. i will try.”
then neel leave. the next day, joshep got a news that asok’s sister nikita and her husbend chirag came from mumbai to delhi. joshep urgently went ashok’s house. he saw that nikita was crying. he went near nikita and talked to her.
joshep:” mam, we have feel sorrow that your brother is not alive now but you don’t be emotinal and be practical that some one killed your brother and we have to find the murderer. to find the murderer, we need your help”
nikita:” ok……inspector,i will help you as i do.”
joshep:” do you have dought on any one?”
nikita:”i am not sure but i have dought on naina.”
joshep:” who?????
nikita:” naina, my brother’s x wife”
nikita:” yes, they both get daivorce before 2 years.”
joshep:” may i know the reson of their divorse?”
nikita:” i reallly don’t know but i think that naina has an affair with other man.”
joshep:” do you know that man??”
nikita:” no, i don’t know.”
joshep:” if you have any contact , photo or address of naina then give me.”
nikita:” i have no photo but i have an address of naina, wait 1 minute.
then nikita give the address of naina to joshep. as soon as joshep leaves, some one knocked on the door. nikita opened the door. he saw a man who was come for a clining. that man is no ther man but he was neel with changing his look as a house cleaner.
nikita: “who are you?”
he (neel): “i am home cleanner.”
nikita: “but we do not call you.”
he(neel): “ ok…… mam”
then he was leaving but nikita stoped him.
nikita: “ we wanted a home cleaner. you could work here.”
then neel entered the house and smiled at
joshep. joshep left.
then neel started to clean the house and search for the clue.
on other hand joshep went to naina’s house but house was locked. her neighbours told joshep that the house was locked since 1.5 years approximate. joshep got tensed and returned.
here in ashok’s home, neel claened whole house and tried to search a clue but he did not get any clue. at evening, when he was cleaning the bedsheets, then he got a photo of one lady with ashok. he got that photo and told nikita that he would come the next day. then he went to photostudio and made a copy of that photo and he gave one photo to jooshep and told him to asked about the photo to nikita. the next day neel went to ashok’s home for cleaning house.
joshep called nikita and told him to come to the pollice station.nikita went to the pollice station. joshep asked him about the photo. nikita said that tha lady in a photo was naina.
here, neel tried to find the other clues but he did not get any other clus. so he went from ashok’s house without inform anyone.
at that night joshep give the whole information of ragini to neel. joshep said that ragini was a greedy lady and very oversmart. neel said that i woulld handle her

the next day neel waited for out of ragini’s house. when she came out of his house and going to somewhere he ran his bike after ragini’s car. ragini stop her car near the coffie shop. he went inside the coffie shop, seat there and ordered for a coffie. at that time there was raining heavily. neel got an idea. so he punctured ragini’s car and went inside the coffie shop and. he sit on the table which is infront of ragini’s table and ordered for a coffie. he smiled at ragini. at that time a man came and miss behaved with ragini. ragini try to avoid him but he was continiued miss behaving with ragini. neel saw that and went near ragini. he fights with him and he ran away. ragini thanked neel and neel also went away. in out of coffie house, neel gave some money to that man and thanked him for doing his work. that man went from coffie shop. at that time ragini also came out of coffie shop and she saw that her car was punctured. she called his office and said that she could not come to office on that day. then she saw neel on his bike. neel went near her.
neel: “do you want lift? i can drop you.
ragiini: “no, i can manneged.”
neel: “think second time….. i can help you.”
ragini: “ok……”
neel smiled at her and she set on his bike.ragini gave her an address. they reached at ragini’s home and then ragini thanked him. neel tried to leave.
ragini: “plese come inside my home.”
neel: “next time……”
ragini: “okey……. but today is my birthday and i gave a small party. you have to come at 8 pm on my birthday party.
neel: “ ok….. nut where????”
ragini: “here, at my home.”
neel: “ok….”
they exchange their phone numbers. then neel left.

on other hand inspector joshep try to find naina but he did not get any information about naina.
at night, neel went ant ragini’s birthday party. he entered in her house. at that time ragini talked to some one that dhara was out of city for work for a weak. at that time she saw neel and welcomed him. neel gave her a birthday gift. ragini thanked him. ragini introdues neel to her friends. neel met ragini’s friends.
ragini: “my best friend dhara do not here other. she goes out of city with somework.
neel: “its ok……”
then ragini went to meet her other friends. neet stood at one corner. after sometime, ragini saws him and went near him.
ragini: “would you like to dance with me?”
neel: “yes.”
the music start and people danced in pair. neel and ragini also. ragini and neel got eyelockked. ragini was very happy for dancing with neel. she was falling in love with neel. she smiled at him continiously. after sometime, ragini smiles with sadness and went away from their. neel also went after her.
on the balcony of house, ragini stood alone. neel went there.
neel: “what happened?”
ragini: “nothing.”
neel: “then why do you come here? lets go to party.”
ragini: “no….. i want to leave alone for some time. plese……. i will come after some time.”
neel: “ok……. take care.”
ragini saw stars from the balcony. neel went away. neel turned his face and saw ragini. he saw that ragini continiously saw stars . then he left the party and went his home.

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